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Mopping Up the Details

It might take a while to get you all up to date! Let’s hope I can stay the course a bit longer this time. Though we will be drifting into bread baking a bit more often – this being a huge focus in my… Continue Reading “Mopping Up the Details”


Lady walked onto the trailer very cheerfully and dismounted exactly the same way. Moving forward in her bovine bubble. And so ends another chapter. A good chapter too, she did well for the years she lived here and I think was managed well. So… Continue Reading “DAWN AGAIN”


The vet comes today to perform two procedures on two calves. Firstly Aunty Del’s Bobette needs her horns removed and another calf needs to be castrated (this was the calf who only had one testicle dropped last time we tried so we had to… Continue Reading “VET DAY”


This winter has been up and down and up and down in temperatures. And the varuation is so vast that the animals no sooner get used to hunkering down than it is warm again then cold again. Well, one of the three little pigs… Continue Reading “SICK PIG”


We worked in the grim cold and blowing though inconsequential snow all day then at the moment the sun committed to dropping below the horizon, to begin her journey to visit my children, she turned her fleeting lights on me. Suddenly and very briefly, sepia… Continue Reading “LAST LIGHT”

The new wild gardens

The new wild gardens down the back are about to burst out in full bloom The most dramatic being the sunflowers.  I have the list of seeds somewhere I must find it for you. I will leave it in the comments later this morning. … Continue Reading “The new wild gardens”

Rooster Mohawk

No sun yesterday but I was still emotionally topped up on the abundant sunshine from the day before so we had a good day. In the night I put on my rooster gloves and went into the chook house and caught the last three… Continue Reading “Rooster Mohawk”

A Flying Focus

Thank you for visiting today. Sunday is always a very quiet day in my blog world. What is your best day? I always get the most readers on Monday morning at 7am my time. Most readers are from the United States. Below is Pania… Continue Reading “A Flying Focus”

Bedrest for Boo

Yesterday it rained all day long – just a light drizzle really but a persistent one. The plonkers loved it. Rain means mud and easy digging. And it was not cold. Geraldine wears the rain with much more elegance. Can you see the raindrops… Continue Reading “Bedrest for Boo”


We never got the piglets new fence finished yesterday but maybe tomorrow. Farm work has a delightful endlessness,  there is always more to do but when you don’t quite finish every job it does not really matter – there is always tomorrow. The important… Continue Reading “Creeps”