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Lady walked onto the trailer very cheerfully and dismounted exactly the same way. Moving forward in her bovine bubble. And so ends another chapter. A good chapter too, she did well for the years she lived here and I think was managed well. So… Continue Reading “DAWN AGAIN”

The Goldilocks Windows

Designing and building a tiny self contained house disguised as a wing, with a chicken coop as its influence,  has been both a challenge and a delight.  Of course I am not doing the actual building. I was speaking metaphorically. The Kiwi Builder is… Continue Reading “The Goldilocks Windows”

The Land of Milk and Honey

Good morning everyone.  We spent almost all morning in the garden yesterday, weeding and gathering for our vegan feast.  The young people were entranced by the Duke of Kupa, who spent a lot of time sashaying about looking gorgeous.  His tail sways as he… Continue Reading “The Land of Milk and Honey”