The Goldilocks Windows

Designing and building a tiny self contained house disguised as a wing, with a chicken coop as its influence,  has been both a challenge and a delight.  Of course I am not doing the actual building. I was speaking metaphorically. The Kiwi Builder is doing all the building with a sure input to the structural logic of some of my designs too. One conversation had him telling me if I put a window that big in another wall the whole thing will fall on my head. Oh.

Here you can see the Goldilocks Windows. These will not fall on our heads. I designed the goldilocks windows to collect the first rays of the sun rising into the morning, and also allow that morning sunlight to come in these windows, out through the patio doors then drift straight into the main house during the winter.  barn-033

There is another rectangular window in this east wall too which will light the bed. (Not too big)You will see that later on. All the windows are framed but still boarded up so the Kiwi Builder can work in all weathers. barn-034

These are South facing walls.  More invisible windows here too. The recycled glasshouse will  lean onto the main house, that little window you see on the left will be turned into a door – magic. The glass house will create the third wall of a South facing patio. I read that in the winter if you leave the interior glasshouse door open the glasshouse will help heat your house. That would be nice.

We began our vegetable study today. barn-002

Below is a shot of stage two of the draft free pen. The babies tuck in there and Mama sleeps in the entrance watching over them.  Eliminating any draft at all. They are now sleeping without their light. I have stopped it for two reasons. The fire risk being the main one. The second reason is that I think a heat lamp makes the lambs sleepy and lethargic. Now that  it is off for most of the day they are up feeding from their mother much more often.

Today I opened the lambs door halfway so they could all get into the big middle pen.   Mama had to  get out. She started to call to get out of the little pen this morning.  Her babies are getting all bouncy and excited and they need room to move, so would I. Mama and I are so much alike.

Did I tell you that I hate pigeons. Pigeons are messier than peacocks. barn-010

The loft where all the hay was stored is starting to look frighteningly empty.  I have more hay coming in three weeks, we just need to muddle through until then.  The little lambs are already chewing on hay, good little lambies.


Kupa likes to perch under the big barn light. I know he is there to collect a tiny bit of warmth from the bulb but it really does look like he is hogging the spot light. barn-016

Good morning.

We had a little storm in the night with a drop of snow, a howling wind and as I was going back to bed after midnight it started to rain ice. So the last feeding session was a slippery affair!

I am off out again now. It is 5.30 am. I have overslept by an hour. I never use an alarm. I just ensure last thing that I tell my brain how many hours sleep I can have. After the last feed I took off my inside out clothes, (clothes are always inside out or right way round in a rolling sequence through the night as I pull them off, lay them down in order and put them back on in the dark 4 hours later.) Anyway I forgot to tell myself to wake up in four hours and count the hours on my fingers (this is how I set my brain alarm) so  simply slept until my normal wake up time.

It is an unusual talent.

So off I go now.  I will need a hammer to break free the frozen door to the barn! My bottle of warm milk for the lambs sitting in the bucket of warm water for Mama and my hand warmers. Then I will come back in to rouse the milking assistant and gather the milking paraphernalia and we will proceed with the morning.

Have a lovely day.


63 Comments on “The Goldilocks Windows

  1. Brrrrrr. You can feel the cold in the pictures. I’m not sure why. Maybe the quality of the light. The very dark darkness of the shadows in the barn. Or the oh-so-gray sky. You and your animals are quite a warm though…so winter will be dealt with in the best way possible. Take care. Love your blog as always.

    • We have done very well this winter really, no major destruction from the weather and all is well in the barn. So far so good. Just another few weeks to go and it will begin to break.. fingers crossed. And you are right it is still very cold.. c

  2. The building is coming along so nicely C – can’t wait to see it all finished and furnished.
    I feel like I need a nap after reading how incredibly busy you always are – guess you get used it after a while. I really have to try your “alarm” – wonder if it would work for me too?
    Have a beautiful weekend and here’s wishing you all some warm weather – I can confirm it is on it’s way as it started leaving here day before yesterday.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  3. Wow, the Coupe is coming along famously!!! I think the Matriarch must be thrilled! Hang in there with the weather as Spring just MUST be around the corner! The schools here have been canceled for the second day in a row today. I must admit I’m thrilled, as I was scheduled to sub! 🙂 How fun I’m still so happy about snow days!!! Although both days here have been ice days! I’m thinking that our Winter Storm Q is moving up your way. Sure do hope you have enough firewood to keep you all warm and toasty!!! Sending warmth your way!!! XO

    • Oh I am sure it will blow out before it gets here.. you poor Missouri people seem to be getting a rough time .. my brother in law has 2 inches of ice on his farm, crunchy ice. And he is milking a big herd of cows! c

      • I’m thinking we must be right over the border from him. We are in North Central Arkansas, right over Missouri’s southern border in the Ozarks. Arkansas’ name is The Natural State, and it is! We have forests, mountain, lakes and rivers. It is lovely here. Would love for you to pop in when you visit your brother-in-law next!!!

        • I am always left behind to mind the farm when they go down there, and you are in the same boat, we should be like snails and load our farms onto our backs and off we go!! how is you pregnant sow looking?. c

  4. Very interesting photos of the ongoing build, particularly since we’re living in the midst of renovations here ourselves. Yesterday we lost all heating and hot water, and then discovered later in the day that an air lock kept the system from running. It was cold last night; snowed – still snowing. So I can certainly empathise with your icy barn, hammers and wintry conditions. I do hope that you’ll expand on your vegetable studies. 🙂 Wishing you a bit of warmth, c, and a lovely day to the new arrivals at the farmie.

  5. Oh my goodness, Cecilia, I do exactly the same thing to wake myself up! Or at least I did until my son was born and I got so desperately sleep-deprived…I would count on my fingers to tell my brain how many hours it had, and voila!
    The build looks beautiful…I also envy you the smell of wooden construction…

  6. Your building project seems to be coming along nicely. I’m like you…never use an alarm unless I am catching an early morning flight. Stay warm!

  7. Celia, Very much liked the plan on your addition and the fact that you are going to also put in a greenhouse. Did you say you were going to tack on a hen house to that to take advantage of the warmth from the sun and the carbon dioxide from the chickens (and chickpoo) for the plants? That is pure Permaculture Design magic. Love the pictures. Does Kupa give you any products besides being beautiful? Do you use his feathers for any art crafts?

    • Morning Diann, we already have a big hen house so there is no shortage of chicken poo for the compost. Yes, Kupa is only kept around because he is beautiful and if they do breed then i will sell the chicks. his feathers are rather gorgeous, I give them away as gifts! c

  8. What a perfect name for that trio of windows. I cannot wait to see the finished wee house.

    Weather report: Perhaps five inches of snow here in southeastern Minnesota and still snowing with a noticeable wind. And no school here for the kids, not that I have any at home to send anymore.

    • It seems that the storm was absorbed by other poor souls before it got to us.. we only have a tiny episode.. no cancelled school around here!.. just icy roads.. c

  9. The house is really taking shape! Your kiwi builder is a trouper to continue in such chilly conditions; our contractors would not be as consistent!
    Sleeping in is 5:30? I would not do well.

    • The Kiwi Builder has only missed one work day since he started, except for holidays of course, he has worked right through the winter.. lucky us!! c

      • Yes, that’s very lucky indeed. When we had our reno in 2007 (adding 100 square feet to our kitchen and basement) our lead carpenter would miss days for any reason…and HE LIKED US. I had asked him to come in on a weekend and do the back splash in the kitchen and I would pay him cash. He missed 6 Saturdays and finally he came in on the seventh and was surprised that I bet my husband against him coming in that day. Go figure. I’m surprised if they call me to say they can’t make it in; yes it’s that bad.

        • What a nightmare! I hate it when they don’t turn up. My electrician seems to be this kind of person and it is such a bore when you have to stay home to wait for them.. c

  10. Must be something in the air, I slept in until 8:00. I know, that’s like you sleeping til noon but Max normally gets me up by 6:00. We probably got about 5 inches of snow overnight. I’ll get out there as soon as I finish my coffee. The coupe is looking great! It’s really coming together nicely.
    Love the “hug a pig” sign in the barn. I didn’t know Sheila could write, let along spell. Have a great day!

    • Sheila is good at her spelling but we are still in single syllables.. FIVE inches, we might have got half an inch. John said to tell you he put the plough back on, which is probably why we did not get the snow! c

  11. good morning Celi well the trick to setting your internal alarm is when! it has been my joy and curse since the seventy’s if I had an alarm i would always wake before it went off whats the point?
    have a blessed day SAINTS

  12. I love seeing the house grow. What a wonderful home. And there is nothing more tender and dear than new lambs. “Little Lamb, who made thee?”

  13. Just love the “Coupe” – you and the Kiwi builder have done a brilliant job. That’s a lovely living space that fits perfectly with the Farm. ( I can’t say Farmy, as diminutives make me want to throw up. Footballers, another of my dislikes, always add a “y” to each others names.)

    • I know you hate the farmy thing, actually it makes me laugh that you hate it! Ok I am off to take the dogs walkies!! (laugh).. c

  14. What a Beautiful Addition – love the windows just makes it pop! Love Kupa and his “Spotlight” – one handsome dude indeed:) Happy Friday on the Farmy

  15. It is wonderful seeing the coupe taking shape. How exciting when the windows go in. Each step a voyage of building discovery. . Happy warm wishes for a lovely week-end Celi. V.

  16. I can do that also…just before I totally drift off to sleep I say to myself, I want to get up at 11:30, which I then do, and then I proceed to go and check on all things living, then I slide back into bed and tell myself I want to get up at 3:30 am and bong I do. After that I say…wake up for the day at 5:30! And my brain does. I then do all the morning things, get breakfast ready and wake up Terry to start his day. I have always been able to do this all of my life, even as a child. I wonder if I will still be able to do in the nursing home….ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Let’s not even THINK about the nursing home…I’m NOT EVER GOING THERE…I hope!

    *♥´¨) ¸.-´¸.-♥´¨) ¸.-♥¨) (¸.-´ (¸.-` ♥♥´¨

  17. You’ll have to march sheep past the Goldilocks Windows!
    Pigeon taste very good (not that far off pheasant). I’m not sure about America, but in Britain they are classed as vermin, so they can be shot all year round. Obviously you only want to eat wood pigeon – town pigeon really are vermin 😉

  18. Huh! Lambs 72 hours old on solids! And not even mush out of a Heinz tin 😉 ! Love the look the coupe is taking – it may be small but the design features seem just perfect! Full of light and am looking forwards to the glass house and espaliered apple trees . . . And don’t complain about your weather – flood rains coming down here again and it blew up to 135 Kms/hr up north yesterday!!

  19. I’ve done the countdown, too, on days I need to be up earlier than normal. It does work. The Coupe is really coming along!

  20. Hope things warm up around there in due course . . . and that you enjoy a fireside read or two over the weekend.

  21. It’s the early morning starts in the freezing weather that would finish me off. The Coupe looks as if it will provide extra insulation and shelter to the house in winter. I rather like its hair-skin shirt (some form of insulation??)

  22. It may well be that Kupa is hogging the spot light for warmth but it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him performing in it, plumage on display, strutting his beautiful stuff 🙂

  23. long johns on here – I don’t think I would survive in your climate – I would want to be a bear and hibernate, maybe in that rather gorgeous looking house you are building…. xx

  24. IN Wales there is a wonderful place called the Centre for Alternative Technology and there they are working on all these important building techniques and various other green technological advances and you may like to explore the web site… they have an excellent web site and book store.

  25. I use what you call a “brain alarm” too — I just tell myself when I need to wake up and I will wake then. It works unless I’m excessively tired or sick. I hate alarm clocks, hate ’em: so jarring. I’m sure any warmth you can pull into your house in winter will be welcome. Gorgeous full moon tonight.

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