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Breaking all the Rules of Carpentry

While we have been farming, my friend the cabinet maker has been building the shelves/ cabinets for the Coupe.  The Coupe is a Tiny House being built adjoining our Home.  Our Johns Mother  will live there when she is ready to retire. Until then… Continue Reading “Breaking all the Rules of Carpentry”

The Fight of the Frisbee

TonTon and Blue. Dogs playing with a frisbee. Or is it really play? Bugger. Says Ton.  The boy never gives up. The unDaily View. Good morning. I hope you all have some loveliness in store for you today. It is pretty windy out here… Continue Reading “The Fight of the Frisbee”

How to choose the Colours for your walls

It is time to start thinking about the walls in The Coupe. The backdrop. The canvas. The first step is the fun step. Make a chart of your favourite colours. Using everything you see that takes your fancy. In the old days I would… Continue Reading “How to choose the Colours for your walls”

A Tiny Tour through the Tiny House

These shots of The Matriarchs Coupe were taken to send to the man who we hope will plaster our dry wall. This is a very specialised job, not for the faint of heart.   I thought you may be interested in the rough shots… Continue Reading “A Tiny Tour through the Tiny House”

The Goldilocks Windows

Designing and building a tiny self contained house disguised as a wing, with a chicken coop as its influence,  has been both a challenge and a delight.  Of course I am not doing the actual building. I was speaking metaphorically. The Kiwi Builder is… Continue Reading “The Goldilocks Windows”

The Coupe Rises and a Wee Walkabout (Part One)

Yesterday was a very big day in the project to build a self contained cabin attached to the house. It is called the Coupe because I styled it on the old chicken coops that used to be in the farmyards of every farm around… Continue Reading “The Coupe Rises and a Wee Walkabout (Part One)”

The Tiny House – First Drawings

The Kiwi Builder and I have been spending a lot of time arranging and rearranging walls and condensing, decanting and extending ideas. The pea hens watch us at work from the verandah.  In fact yesterday the doors were left wide open, because it was… Continue Reading “The Tiny House – First Drawings”

An exciting development

We had all these plans for yesterday. I even made a list. Silly me.  Three things intervened.  Firstly it rained. Hard.   An inch fell. I am not complaining about that.  Then  the milking parlour pump spat the dummy. It did a proper job… Continue Reading “An exciting development”