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Breaking all the Rules of Carpentry

While we have been farming, my friend the cabinet maker has been building the shelves/ cabinets for the Coupe.  The Coupe is a Tiny House being built adjoining our Home.  Our Johns Mother  will live there when she is ready to retire. Until then… Continue Reading “Breaking all the Rules of Carpentry”

Cleopatra is enthroned

She had a rather low key arrival on the passenger seat of a rusty white courier van. Rather weirdly (and this happens to me so often I don’t often think about it anymore) I decided to walk the dogs to the end of the… Continue Reading “Cleopatra is enthroned”

A Tiny Tour through the Tiny House

These shots of The Matriarchs Coupe were taken to send to the man who we hope will plaster our dry wall. This is a very specialised job, not for the faint of heart.   I thought you may be interested in the rough shots… Continue Reading “A Tiny Tour through the Tiny House”

The Goldilocks Windows

Designing and building a tiny self contained house disguised as a wing, with a chicken coop as its influence,  has been both a challenge and a delight.  Of course I am not doing the actual building. I was speaking metaphorically. The Kiwi Builder is… Continue Reading “The Goldilocks Windows”

Sheila gets miss c all to herself

Anytime I was outside yesterday, puddling about with the children, Sheila the Hereford pig was attached to my leg  like a limpit, a really big limpit. Literally leaning on my leg as we walked about. She chatted and shared secrets, and followed me everywhere.  Gossiping… Continue Reading “Sheila gets miss c all to herself”

Rain and Ice, Ice and Rain

Yesterday, tiny crystals of cold jaggedy ice rained down out of the sky, clattering through the trees and onto the ground, tinkling like the harnesses of a hundred prancing celestial horses. It was a curious sound. As they fell they packed into each other… Continue Reading “Rain and Ice, Ice and Rain”

“Have you seen my wives?” says The Duke.

Working in the barn yesterday I heard a rustling and looked out the door.  This is what I saw. “Kupa.”  I said.  “How are you darling?”  “Have you seen Tui or Pania?” he asked, in his polite peacock voice. “I have lost my wives.”… Continue Reading ““Have you seen my wives?” says The Duke.”