Sheila gets miss c all to herself

Anytime I was outside yesterday, puddling about with the children,stu-021 Sheila the Hereford pig was attached to my leg  like a limpit, a really big limpit. Literally leaning on my leg as we walked about. She chatted and shared secrets, and followed me everywhere.  Gossiping like a lonely country woman left too long  in the hills. stu-031

Mama let her have her day.


And LouLou looked on.


But no matter where we went that little/big pig just talked and talked and talked. And when I had to be inside the house or elsewhere she just laid at the gate with Hairy MacLairy and watched for movement. Though she did spend part of the day grooming and chastising Hairy as he had all kinds of hay stuck in his fleece and she does like things to be clean.


Today the Home-schooled children and I are going to have a go at making our candles and tomorrow The Matriarch and I are catching the train  up to the city for a shopping extravagansa with our Guide ChgJohn.  We will be going to his favourite markets, to find  delicious baggage to lug home.


I hope to visit Chicago a few times and catch up with a few more of you before the spring lambs. Once the lambs are born leaving the farm is impossible for a while because next there will be chicks and in a few months maybe piglets! Then you will all have to come and visit me.

Mama has promised to watch the others for me for the day. stu-024

Good morning.  I am going up to warp speed. Come on! Keep up!

Have a lovely day.


34 Comments on “Sheila gets miss c all to herself

  1. Poor Sheila. I knew she’d be bereft without Charlotte. Up to warp speed is beyond me just now, but I admire your energy enormously – and envy you! Saw specialist today, and I must continue to take disagreeing meds and no salt or blah blah blah. But I will have a nice gossip with my sewing ladies this afternoon, with shop eclairs as I haven’t had the oomph for baking.

    Enjoy Chicago, and Chicago John, and don’t buy more than you can carry!

  2. Poor darling Sheila is feeling lost without her sister to keep her company.
    How very exciting, a day out with John – can’t wait to read all about it and would you look at how well the Coupe is coming along!
    Have a super day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  3. Naughty charlotte for not phoning home to tell you she is ok – having too much fun! 🙂 Enjoy your candle making and visit with Chicago John. Will you be meeting Max too? Laura

  4. Seems you make a fine Subsitute Piggy in Shiela’s estimation 🙂
    I’m totally jealous that you guys are doing a meet-up. Have a wonderful time, and take LOTS of photos!

  5. I was too late to comment yesterday but I laughed out loud when I saw Freddie, for some reason he really reminds me of a British tabloid journalist, you know the type, wears a raincoat, carries the form guide and always has a ciggie hanging out of his mouth, he probably has an East End accent and always orders a double scotch when someone else is paying. OK enough with the anthropomorphising, enjoy your day out in the big city.

  6. OMG! I can’t believe how beautifully The Coupe is coming along!!! That NZ builder certainly does know his stuff!!! It will be gorgeous!!! I just know you and The Martriarch and Chicago John will have a fabulous time in The Big City tomorrow!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it and see the pictures!!! xo

  7. Seems you make a fine substitute for Charlotte. Looking forward to your reports from Chicago. I was in Chicago once, for a journalism convention while in college many decades ago. I spent a lot of time in some tall building listening to speakers drone on and on. That is all I really recall of Chicago. I expect you will have a much more exciting time.

  8. How adorable that the little/big pig followed you around, so sweet. It’s a testament to the happiness of the residents of farmy. Lucky you C that you get to meet Chgo John! We want pictures and details for sure!

  9. Oh C….did you call the swineherd and ask him how Charlotte was doing on her first day and night away…I was worried about her missing the Farmy!! How fun you get to go and meet Chg. John and go to some fabulous markets. He doesn’t know me but I’m a fellow (es) Italian, so give him a kiss on both cheeks for me!! 🙂 Love the progress of the Coupe and those lovely windows up top!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all the lovelies on the Farmy!!

  10. The new “roost” is coming along so nicely! And I am eager to hear how the candle making comes along, too. What a fun project. So much going on, I’m sure you’re running in top shape! 🙂

  11. Poor, Sheila. Her day will come, one way or another.
    Well, the cat’s out of the bag now! Everything’s all set and you’re both in for a good time tomorrow. Enjoy the train ride!

  12. I’m thinking poor Sheila too, but at least she has you.
    I hope you have a great trip to Chicago – you and John need to work on the venison smuggling plan 😉

  13. Oh my, wouldn’t I love to be a birdie on your shoulder tomorrow 🙂 ! Give my ‘love’ to Chicago John: hmmm, I’m still getting over the fact that he let me go on forever about Sydney et al when the dear guy had been here . . . very funny!!! Sure you are going to have a fabulouys day – hope the weather plays along!

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