A Tiny Tour through the Tiny House

These shots of The Matriarchs Coupe were taken to send to the man who we hope will plaster our dry wall. This is a very specialised job, not for the faint of heart.   I thought you may be interested in the rough shots as well. They are boney and raw.   And I hope you can ignore the bad mannered advertising on the builders paper.

You are entering from the corridor. Lets walk down there. Look past the window. Around to your right is the door that leads into the cloakroom of the main house. So walk to the end of this corridor and turn completely around, putting your back to that wall.walls-009

Now look back towards the goldilocks windows facing the sunrise.


On your right will be a door to the South Patio. And on your left is the bathroom. Keep walking. Your eye is better than my camera at wide angle but once you get to the middle of the room look straight up to the beautiful ceiling.


If you run your eye down the right of the tallest of the goldilocks windows to the floor – that is where the first tall barn beam pole will be. (I know this is hard to visualise).

Eyes up still and look across to the South and see those windows right across the top, they will catch all of the winter sun and only a whisper of the high summer heat. They will open in the summer to let heat out of the building.


Now keep looking up and turn to your right 190 degrees and lets see the mezzanine.

That open area  on the right is waiting for coloured glass. It will be back lit by windows (see above far right) to the South leading in much needed winter colour and the bathroom lights.


Even though this house is a tiny house I do not think Tiny!


Now look down and back to the south, see that join in the green timber along the mezzanine, that is where the second of the barn beams will go, it will reach straight to the ceiling.  And running south of this barn pole will be the free standing double sided shelves with more coloured glass. See that window to your right, it faces the sunset, and the light will come through there then through the interior stained glass window and straight across the foot of the bed which will be situated to the left of that ladder.

Behind you are the open french doors to the North verandah, but we will look out that way another day. Yesterday was gray and cold, snowy and rainy and windy. A breathtakingly dreadful day.

Good morning. The windows and doors come at the end of this month, yes they open outwards and yes the doors are baked-on RED (of course).

So, soon the changes will be fast and brilliant.

You all have a lovely day, we have another windy and cold one. (sigh)


65 Comments on “A Tiny Tour through the Tiny House

  1. Top of the morning to you Celi very nice explanation of the coupe, pics great job you didn’t say anything about insulation and you know that’s got to go on before the drywall just a thought have a great day SAINTS

    • Oh yes the insulation. We have made extra deep walls and we are going to spray in a very efficient insulation. As well as keeping the walls air tight cutting down on heating yet again, it serves to strengthen the structure as well. win win!! morning saints.. c

  2. I’m impressed – coupe actually looks bigger inside than it does from outside. Celi, did you ever tell us what the mezzanine floor will become/be used for? Can’t wait to see it finished and furnished now. Laura

    • Maybe we should call it The Tadus. The mezzanine is for visiting children, mixing old people and young people is always a winner! Plus some storage area. Remember the shelves will reach right across a third of that creating a lovely kids hidey nook.

  3. I’m sorry to hear your weather is so miserable – still! It really has been a very long winter. Spring must surely be on its way. It must be so exciting to see the house taking shape xx

    • The weather today is dreadful and I have to admit that it is starting to get to me, just one nice day now and then would be such a treat, we need some light and some warmth.. desperately.. ah well. no use in complaining, it will come.. c

  4. Now I’m impressed beyond expectations… the outside photos made it look quite small, but the inner make it look big and cosy… man I think its wonderful…

    • It is great to see a plan come together.. I am more than happy so far.. lots of decisions to go though! c

  5. It’s looking really good, Celi. So much progress has been made. The concrete was poured barely 3 months ago and it’s not like you’ve got a team of builders working on the place. I hope you can find a good dry wall installer. They’re worth their weight in gold.
    Sun is out and I’ve got some yard work to get started. Have a great day, Celi!

  6. Its strange as it doesn’t seem tiny with all those big beams. An dI do get kind of dizzy looking upwards, but I’m imagining different coloured glass to give me colour and light. Its blimping brrr here too!

  7. A lovely wee tour! It’s so light and airy. I think you’d be claustophobic here at Garybuie as when this style of house was built in the 1930s, the windows were kept small and mean to keep out the inclement Scottish weather! (Thank goodness for the conservatory!) We’re lucky though as the house style prior to that (called Black Houses because of the blackness caused by peat burning) was one-storey, thatch-roofed and housed the animals at one end for added warmth! Of course modern builds are much better insulated and can have huge windows to enjoy Skye views!

    • Your views are so beautiful, and I imagine you spend a lot of time in your conservatory, I certainly would.. as you have guessed i need lots of space above my head! c

  8. Thanks for the tour. Is this insulation a mushy foam that hardens to a firm texture after a few hours? Sort of like the stuff that amazon UK puts in boxes as packing material. Kind of like styrofoam but not really? That’s what Andy-the-builder has filled our new walls with. What colours are your thinking for the walls?

    • the man is coming out this week so I shall ask him your very technical questions!! (laughter) but i think that is the stuff, As to colour: the ceilings and two of the walls will be a heavy butter cream. Colour will be used to denote spaces within the spaces,eg the small kitchen area, the bedroom, etc.So the cream will deepen or lighten to help create areas. In fact a lot of it will hinge on the red of the doors. You can pick a colour from a colour chart but it will arrive looking quite different i am sure. That red will decide the family of colours that I will work within. One thing i know for sure is that it will be warm. The winters here are long and grey, colourless, so we need warm colour in our houses.. c

      • I like the idea of colour moving from one room to another. My kitchen colours are cool, chalk white and dove grey with light grey granite. It faces due south I wanted it to feel cool even when the oven is raging hot. The dining room will move into creams, the hall darker cream, and living room (facing west) light cream. All the floors are light oak. I’m still uncertain about kitchen accessory colours though. Red perhaps, although I don’t know.

  9. it is looking great! i would take small rooms with high ceilings over large rooms with low ceilings any day!

  10. That is a fabulous house. Very clever, and very important, consideration of daylight and colour. This place is going to generate the most wonderful ambience. Very sensitive piece of work.

    • Thank you Roger, and every window will frame a view too so the planting around the coupe will be a piece of work in itself! c

    • The floor of the’ big’ room is 300 square feet and the corridor is about 75 square feet with the bathroom being about the same.. so it is not very big, this is why I have kept a lot of space and air in the room. Although it will be a summer house and guest suite for a while, eventually it will be a retirement cottage for an elderly woman, and as her last home it needs to be the most beautiful.. c

  11. A thrilling tour of a well thought out living space. It will be an extraordinary living space. So much thought and love have gone into this coupe. How absolutely lovely. V.

  12. So if I’m not mistaken, one can travel between houses through the cloakroom? Like Narnia?! *L* Or is a cloakroom like a mudroom?

    • the cloakroom is a small bedroom that I have always called the cloakroom as this is where we sling our coats, in fact it has Cloaks stencilled in gold on the door! It will be kitted out as a wardrobe for all, so Yes! I guess we are going to enter our other world through the wardrobe.. How clever! I love it! c

  13. Thank you for the tour C, it is indeed going to be a lovely little house. Will there be a small kitchen? My husband convinced me to get a red front door, and now I love it.

    • There will be a little bench with a window and a sink with plugs for the toaster and coffee machine and a fridge underneath.. it is on the west side of the free standing shelves.. using that side of the shelves to store white cups and bowls etc.. c

  14. Wonderful! It’s going to be fantastic! Love those south windows.

  15. It’s beautiful, C! Can’t wait to see more photos of the progress and as you breathe life into it! 🙂

  16. do you adopt? love the building; actually we live in enchanting, pool house 2 rooms high ceiling; so it goes; life beyond the fringe

  17. This is so exciting to see it come together. What great design elements you’ve added.

  18. I so love imagining what will be! When we were house-hunting years ago, I was ready to buy every one we visited, much to my husband’s befuddlement, because I immediately decorated or redecorated them in my head.

    • And i have to pop over and see you again soon and look up the secret to your dads rice, was it a teaspoon of olive oil? I have forgotton.. life is like that at the moment!.. c

      • Tablespoon of oil, two cups water, teaspoon salt…bring to a boil, add rice, cook away water, cover and cook on low for 20 minutes! There! As much as I love my visits, I’ve saved you a trip!

  19. From the time I was 5 I was drawing houseplans on every piece of scrap paper I could find [somehow found out about the ‘look-down’ approach!] and SO wanted to be an architect. Not practical enough said post-war emigree parent! Doctor or dentist! Could not bear to look into people’s mouths, so medicine, always ‘second-best’ in my mind!! But what joy to picture this kind of enterprise to the nth degree. You and your Kiwi builder have done well: it’ll be a delightful jewel box – thank you for ‘visiting rights’!!

  20. I loved the tour but no matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t see one farmy resident in the photos… not a cat, a chicken, a peahen or even a Ton 😉 Has this ever happened before, I wonder.

  21. Oh how positively lovely C! I had to quickly pop in and see how things are coming along – very exciting!
    I do hope that you weather starts improving soon, cold weather is horrid.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  22. Thank you for the lovely tour. I will look again when I am home. Do you have enough insulation? If we need 10″ thick in Europe, however much will keep out Illinois extremes?
    Have a lovely day.

  23. Years ago we were doing extensive work on our house and we had a large tree at the front of the property and people walking past would hide behind the tree to watch what we were doing thinking we couldn’t see them! So thank you for letting me see inside from the comfort of my home! I admit I have no shame I am nosey but would draw the line at hiding behind a tree.

  24. it may be tiny but the height, the windows and all the love make it feel very spacious.

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