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A Surprise for The Matriarch

I kept this a secret from everyone until The Matriarch came home because I wanted it to be a surprise. (And she reads the blog every day so i could not even whisper it) So after we picked her up from the airport and… Continue Reading “A Surprise for The Matriarch”

Piglets leave home and Day One of the Home Grown September Challenge.

Today, Red Hat Matt,  one of the American builders who worked on The Coupe, is coming back to pick up his two piglets. He has bought the gilt (female) and one of the little barrows (castrated male) as company for her. So I am… Continue Reading “Piglets leave home and Day One of the Home Grown September Challenge.”

The Kiwi has Landed and so has a new Moggie

The roof on The Coupe, the most beautiful little apartment being built for The Matriarchs retirement that will be a guest house until she gets old,  (which is not yet) has finally been finished, every gutter, every cap, every little bit of every little… Continue Reading “The Kiwi has Landed and so has a new Moggie”

Gentle mornings

When I said good morning to you yesterday, this was the dawn I was seeing (above). Worth being a header I think?  After I had quietly fed Charlotte, visited Sheila, fed the chickens and moved the sheep to a new pasture,  and checked the… Continue Reading “Gentle mornings”

The Fight of the Frisbee

TonTon and Blue. Dogs playing with a frisbee. Or is it really play? Bugger. Says Ton.  The boy never gives up. The unDaily View. Good morning. I hope you all have some loveliness in store for you today. It is pretty windy out here… Continue Reading “The Fight of the Frisbee”

The scents of spring help soften the hard decisions.

Thing One on the walk, ruffed by the wind. Tulips. Mia and two Murphys.  It is going to be a short year for pasture, we are still recovering from two dry years. And to be truly sustainable I can only run a very small… Continue Reading “The scents of spring help soften the hard decisions.”

Blue takes it upon himself to work the sheep.

This week, all things being equal, we shall have a roof and the siding done on The Coupe. I hope! I am trying SO HARD to be patient. Blue has been very carefully helping Ton put the naughty Murphy back in his paddock each… Continue Reading “Blue takes it upon himself to work the sheep.”

Leghorns Liberated

The leghorns have been liberated from their warm basement home and are now out in the small pen in the corner of the big chook house. The small pen is called Fort Knox because it is absolutely predator proof, one year rats killed about… Continue Reading “Leghorns Liberated”

My Wind Socks.

It was windy yesterday. Bendy tree windy.  Trouble standing up windy. 40 mph (65 kph) It was like living on a ridge in Wellington! You guys in Chicago must have had a wild day. After I took this shot I struggled back inside so… Continue Reading “My Wind Socks.”

Red door

This is what the kiwi builder was up to. He and John put in the first of the red doors (there are three)… the inside of the door is red too so when it stands open all summer the colour is still present. The… Continue Reading “Red door”