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Building fences with BooBoo

Fencing is my least favourite job. But BooBoo is always happiest outside with me. Ton is not fond of fencing because he hates loud noises (especially when I am driving in the fencing posts with the post bommy-knocker thingy) and he will always race… Continue Reading “Building fences with BooBoo”


  Yesterday we were fencing. The weather was fine and cool. The ground is getting hard fast but other than that putting up an electric fence is not a hard job. And in this weather it is actually pretty satisfying to put in a… Continue Reading “FENCING COWS IN AND PUSHING DUCKS OUT.”


Yes, with two very good cameras at my disposal sometimes I just take pictures with my phone.

Sometimes a Little

We are still fencing.  The Fencer and I. Missing Berit. Gracie has the weekend off so she went shopping with The Matriarch so they could work some more on improving her English. (Grace’s objective is to improve her spoken English in preparation for studying… Continue Reading “Sometimes a Little”

The professor

Do you see The Professor doing his high wire act? I love his new name. I wonder what he calls himself.  Grace my woofer/farm hand from Korea told me that her mother is worried about her travelling around America by herself. So though I… Continue Reading “The professor”

Gentle mornings

When I said good morning to you yesterday, this was the dawn I was seeing (above). Worth being a header I think?  After I had quietly fed Charlotte, visited Sheila, fed the chickens and moved the sheep to a new pasture,  and checked the… Continue Reading “Gentle mornings”

One and a half fences

I worked like crazy yesterday, successfully fencing in those naughty wandering lambs, I started another fence but did not have enough time to finish it as I had to get on to the evening  chores and milking the cow. When I was done I… Continue Reading “One and a half fences”

We usually have break outs…

…not break INS. I know this is hard to see but at the end of the pig sty is .. well WAS a fence..  The Shush sisters have been loitering in their summer fields, and hanging out in the sun-room on the South side… Continue Reading “We usually have break outs…”

Pig escape Thwarted by Heifer

Well, all my plans for a couple of  hours off, yesterday afternoon, were in vain.  The farmy had other plans.  Hairy Maclairy decided to stage a break in into the Milking Parlour.  A space he is not allowed to visit.   The Shush Sisters… Continue Reading “Pig escape Thwarted by Heifer”