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  Yesterday we were fencing. The weather was fine and cool. The ground is getting hard fast but other than that putting up an electric fence is not a hard job. And in this weather it is actually pretty satisfying to put in a… Continue Reading “FENCING COWS IN AND PUSHING DUCKS OUT.”

So cool

This morning it is 54F (12C). Not cold in wintery terms but downright chilly in the language of a midwest summer.  All the animals are more than happy about it though. Except the wee chicks. It is very good for the meat chickens who… Continue Reading “So cool”

Chook Steps

Mr Pink fascinates me, she has come out of her creep and is the gentlest little chicken I have ever known.  And now that she gets food in her own little hidey hole  she is growing very fast. She likes to be stroked and is the… Continue Reading “Chook Steps”

Notes on bottle feeding lambs.

Mia made it through another night. In fact she took herself out to sleep in the snow last night and this morning she was in at the feeder calling quietly for food.                        … Continue Reading “Notes on bottle feeding lambs.”

The 7 Links Challenge is well met

I have been writing in the world of Blog since July 4, 2011. So you can imagine my surprise when I was asked to join the illustrious cast of the 7 Links Challenge and have a go myself.  It is really hard to describe… Continue Reading “The 7 Links Challenge is well met”

sex on the farmy

So let’s have a wander through the developing sustainable, self sufficient, old fashioned farm then. I will take you with me while I do my early morning chores. I jabbed Daisy on Monday with her hormone injection, the first of three. (We are trying… Continue Reading “sex on the farmy”