Chook Steps

Mr Pink fascinates me, she has come out of her creep and is the gentlest little chicken I have ever known.  And now that she gets food in her own little hidey hole  she is growing very fast.


She likes to be stroked and is the perfect chicken for visiting children.sneezle-038

Did you see her feet though, she has pan pajamas and these wild feathery feet. I have no idea what kind of bird she is but I do hope she is a she.

sneezle-031Some one needs to boss this lot around!sneezle-003

Does your dog sleep like this?I have never had a dog who does this. sneezle-054

Daisy has finally started eating again.Her condition is only slightly improved but I will take any improvement at all. Little chook steps. To get the muck out of the mastitis quarter I massage it down with a mixture of olive and oregano oil. My hands are looking wonderful and my muscles ache, but we are making small advances every time. sneezle-058

Aunty Del is over her dehorning and back to her usual noisy self.sneezle-005I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy


32 Comments on “Chook Steps

  1. Mr pink is a very special chicken and needs lots of love. Good news about Daisy small steps one day at s time

  2. I’m convinced Mr Pink is a Black Pekin, maybe a bantam if s(he) is smaller than the others? If true, she’ll be gentle and friendly, a barnyard character.

  3. Mr Pink looks like a Bantam to me – not sure which type. I am so pleased Daisy is getting better. Happy Sunday on the farmy. Laura

  4. We had a Cochin Bantam who looked like Mr. Pink. We called her Polita, then changed the name to Polito, when it turned out she was a he! He was sweet and quiet, a “second rooster” to the one we called “Dot” who turned out to be “Danny”. With two roosters in the house, it was funny how each one had a different crow, and you could tell who it was without even seeing!

  5. I’m crossing my fingers for Daisy, hoping she be well soon. I’m back home but I think we might have a chicken like that on the farm in Germany.

  6. Maybe your Mr Pink is going to be a Big Gal like our Big Fella – he has feathery chaps if you remember!

  7. Wonderful images today, like always. Mr. Pink is so cute. Her little feathery feet look so soft. Boo is well, Boo. 🙂 I’m so glad Daisy is eating again, I know you are worried about her as we all are. Hoping, hoping, hoping for her recovery. I’ve said it before, but Aunty Del is such a beautiful creature and she has filled out so much since last we saw her. Your flowers look so pretty. With 100 degree days here and water restrictions in place, my plants have hunkered down into survival mode and look a little wan. We need rain badly. Have a good Sunday, C. Hugs to you and all the critters.

  8. mr pinklooks like cochin bantam, they are good setters and good with chicks, very calm . i have one that is close to 10 yrs old. has raised many broods of chickens and guineas. the really funky ones are the frizzel cochins, look like got a electric shock, feathers stick up in every direction

  9. For the first time in my life, I saw a chicken with furry/feathery feet…just yesterday! I didn’t think to look at the type. I believe it was black as well. I’m in France…is she a French chicken peut-etre? So good to see Daisy in the field.

  10. Oh she’s very cute, I looked up Cochin bantams too. Pretty feet! Dothe people who “supplied” her know?
    Yes, my border collie Blackjack used to lie like that. I loved to study his upside down mouth. Endlessly fascinating to me.
    Poor Daisy! She’s just got to get better.

  11. I think maybe a Cochin, too. Our rooster, Boots, looked like that as a chick. Soft, fluffy feathers and very gentle. Maybe a bantam. Glad Daisy is doing better….seems to be a cycle with her.

  12. Our dog does that pose all of the time. Don’t know what breed Mr. Pink is but she is cute. Have you ever written about how your animals get their names? Aunty Del? Mr. Pink?

  13. I remember in my childhood that there was a great Aussie oarsman, Stuart Mackenzie, who won the Diamond Sculls at Henley 6 times….the point of this is that he was/is a chicken sexer which is what you’re looking for:)

  14. Three cheers for the chooky steps Daisy is taking towards recovery. Our golden retriever used to sleep like Boo sometimes – total relaxation. I love the pictures of Mister Pink. You may have to rechristen him/her to Miss Pink. Jock has almost finished another chain – beech this time, and it’s three metres long! He’s a sucker for punishment.

  15. I was thinking Mr.Pink might be a Black Langshan, but as others have said, Cochin Bantam is also a big possibility 😉

  16. Molly, my Springer, sleeps just like Boo! Always has, even as a puppy. Good evening, c, the best of the day to the farmy!

  17. Lots of dogs sleep like that but I was going to say maybe he’s been watching Marmalade too much – at least all my CATS sleep like that.

  18. My Lab sleeps like that! I think it screams ‘lazy adolescent man child’ to me {In our Jack’s case anyhow 😉 }
    And Mr Pink looks like a Bantam to me too. They make the best children’s/pet chooks. Such gentle souls! 🙂

  19. Mr Pink is a lady for sure: just look at that gorgeous hipline from the back! Would go with her character also 🙂 ! Since dogs know their bellies to be their most vulnerable part, Boo’s sleeping position is one of complete trust in his surrounds . . . . all of mine seemed to adopt the lying on a side nose practically curved into tail position . . . . love the flower photo at the end – perhaps you feel just a tad more relaxed . . .

  20. Mr. Pink does resemble a Bantam! I hope she is a she too, what a cutie pahtootie! Oh, I do love these daily photographs. They kind of set things right for my Sunday evening. Thank you sweet Celi!

  21. I love that little chicken (Bantam?) How the kids will love those pantaloons.
    Molly sleeps like that – on the couch, under the fan. We thought it was just a Husky/Malamute thing or it was cooler with her thick double coat – none of our other dogs slept like that when grown

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