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So cool

This morning it is 54F (12C). Not cold in wintery terms but downright chilly in the language of a midwest summer.  All the animals are more than happy about it though. Except the wee chicks. It is very good for the meat chickens who… Continue Reading “So cool”

Never Enough Flowers

I cannot get enough of this field of wild flowers.  It is so rare to get such a perfect stand. I have a feeling it will be one of a kind. And this year will be its best year. A little gift for us… Continue Reading “Never Enough Flowers”

Wag the Tail

Very basically skin consists of three layers. The epidermis (the top), the dermis (next layer) and the subcutaneous layer. I found a page for you to read about it if you have forgotton what you learnt in school. When Wai came he could not… Continue Reading “Wag the Tail”

A for a work in progress

We are now all free to carry on with our lives. And we will incorporate the fat little potbelly into the life of the farmy where he will live happily ever after.  Though still in a lot of pain it looks like he is… Continue Reading “A for a work in progress”

The farm adjusts

Wai The Armadillo Pig and I are getting into a rhythm of procedures three times a day and a walk around the field three times a day. He is getting to learn a few Sheila commands “Go to Bed”, “Off for a walk”, “Where’s… Continue Reading “The farm adjusts”

The Armadillo

Our rescue pot belly pig Wai is being affectionately called The Armadillo. He honestly looks like he is wearing an armoured jacket. Today I am giving you pictures of yesterdays storm in between the pictures of Wai the Armadillo pig . We have to… Continue Reading “The Armadillo”