So cool

This morning it is 54F (12C). Not cold in wintery terms but downright chilly in the language of a midwest summer. 

All the animals are more than happy about it though. Except the wee chicks. It is very good for the meat chickens who are nearing their butchering weight. 

The compost is almost completely combined and turned. This is Michael’s job this week, doing a good job and he is enjoying working on the tractor.

Corn almost as high as an elephants eye. This GM maize grows super fast.

Wai walks with me all the way down to see the chickens in their chicken tractor. Then all the way back. He walks quietly without obviously following me but is never far behind.

He likes me to take the lead, fretting slightly if I get behind him.

And Ton is always on his tail which Wai has learnt to ignore.

Tane has been wandering about a lot more too. he is doing much better now that i seperate him from Tima in the daytime. 

He gets to eat all his food and though he complains about it I have been giving him a couple of brushings a day with some light oil, to try and get his coat growing back before winter. His skin is very dry.

I hope you have a lovely day. It is Saturday which means I have no help on the farm but also means I can determine my own schedule.

Yesterday I bottled a huge batch of  tomato sauce  or ketchup and a tiny batch of tomat conserva.  The tomato sauce (we call Ketchup tomato sauce in NZ) was adapted from this one that Tanya found. The tomat conserva using a forgot-about-it method in the crockpot.

So i will see you later at mmy solitary second breakfast.

Much love


Weather: Cool. Jake tells me to get my fall crops in during this cool break in the weather so today I will sow some lettuce and spring onions. We have no visitors booked for the fall so we only need a little food.

Saturday 08/05 0% / 0 inSunny to partly cloudy. High 78F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph.

Saturday Night 08/0560% / 0.03 inPartly cloudy this evening followed by increasing clouds with showers developing after midnight. Low 59F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 60%.


42 Comments on “So cool

  1. I can imagine the animals must enjoy the coolness. Cool here too for August, only 20 degrees today.

  2. I think Wai must enjoy being able to leave his coat off for a change. Ton is such an attentive and conscientious watcher for all the creatures. And Tane! He’s still so slender, it makes his lovely furry ears seem huge!

  3. Are your women wwoofers keen to have a turn on the tractor too? There is a huge improvement in Wai’s skin from belly up, there is hope for his left side too. Our high today is 20C, so we are heading toward spring at last 🙂 Laura

  4. Happy memories of making ketchup! Not enough good flavoured and cheap tomatoes available for us here though. Waiting looks so much better, although I know he still has a very long road ahead. Have a happy day!

  5. I do believe that you are Wai’s BFF. And for Mr Tane, brewers yeast tablets. I don’t now recall the tablet strength but my 45 lb. dog had two per day and after three months his coat grew in thick and with a shine never before seen on him. The reason for him taking the brewers yeast was to keep the fleas away and it worked amazingly well too, but the added benefits to his skin and coat were stunning. Have a great day. — Mame 🙃

    • We’ve always bought our brewer’s yeast by the 22kg/50lb bag from the Co-op/FeedStore (again to deter fleas: ) and I never connected the side-effect for coat (but the boys certainly do reflect that, now that you mention it!; )

      • I’ve not heard of brewer’s yeast as an anti-flea medicine! I have been researching how to get rid of fleas from our dogs (and cats) and found something about raw garlic. I will look into brewer’s yeast. Deb, how much of the dry yeast do you give your dog daily? I’m guessing the large bag would be cheaper than the tablets in the long run.

        • We’ve been feeding the Br. Yeast and raw garlic combo for over 30 years and I heartily recommend it: ) They get 1 tbsp every meal (so twice daily) but it’s an accumulative thing, not an immediate effect – so, if you start now (and assuming we’re both in the same hemisphere; ) you should definitely see results for next year’s flea season: )

            • Thank you so much Deb!!! I will try it! I’ve recently started mixing DE (diatomaceous earth) into both dog and cat foods as a preventative for worms, so I will throw in the Br. yeast too. Do yours also get a tbsp on garlic twice a day as well?

              • I usually split a large clove – mince it up between the two of them – once a day. If I happen to get low on fresh, I will add about 1/2- 1 tsp of the dry instead.
                And, now that you’ve mentioned it, I also add DE into Kitty’s food canister when I add the garlic powder and give it a good shake to coat the bits. She doesn’t seem to mind when it’s done with “subtlety”, lol.

                • It’s so funny to watch Dolly, the one with the ACL injury, lately since I’ve been adding all these different things to her food….. two DGP anti inflammatory tablets, DE, garlic, kefir, and fish oil. She usually just woofs her food down, but now acts as though she’s not quite sure about it! 🙂

                    • Great idea! I will! Crushing them to put in with food takes even more time! With peanut butter on them, she’ll inhale them!!! Thank You!!!!

                    • LOL, it’s my secret weapon with the dogs; )
                      (Kitty & the garlic, on the other hand, took a very gradual “convincing” over a r e a l l y long time : )

        • Hi Diane and Jack….my dog had a real allergy to fleas and vet wanted to give him shots to kill the fleas, but that stuff is so toxic, A home remedy book I had suggested the Brewers yeast and their comment on it was that Brewers yeast didn’t kill the fleas but apparently caused the dog’s skin to give off a scent that grossed the fleas out and they just went away, which suited me fine, This scent was completely unnoticed by humans. My experience with it was immediate success re fleas, The added benefit of a rich and luxurious glossy coat (that had previously been very dry and brittle hairs) became noticeable about three months after starting the Brewers yeast,

  6. Some summers these are the Dog Days of extreme heat & drought. This summer in the Blue Ridge Mtns. of WNC it’s cooler – 60 at night, 82 in the day – with sunshine & enough showers. It seems lovely for all of us, people and dogs, & all creatures. Giving thanks. And for your good times too, Celie, even if it’s a bit chillier & damper up there.

  7. Wai is looking great! That GMO corn is always a startling sight. Sad sight, really. Glad you are having a chance to get in your cooler weather veggies. Enjoy the day!

  8. Wai is looking so much better. Creams and treatments and tlc. I imagine the land around your farm is in much the same state. Your little area of healthy and vast areas of sludge and GM vegetation. I’m glad you are putting up a fight and teaching so many people with your blog,woofer help and visitors. Thank you.

  9. So there’s a question answered: Wei is only slightly shorter than a Border Collie and a few inches taller than the height of Alfalfa… Although it’s still not in flower at this point, so he may actually be about the same height as Alfalfa? Great comparisons for scale, thank you! Interesting that he doesn’t really mind being tailed by a dog, but humans following bother him… Another clue to his past treatment? It is very cool here as well, since this system blew in last night and appears to be here for a week(?) with overnight lows in the mid-teens and never above mid-twenties °C. *sigh* This has been such a strange summer… ):

    • I agree– those photos of Wai & Ton, and the one in the alfalfa, is it?– now I feel even closer to the little guy; impressed with his durability too. About his walking preferences, can’t fault him for wanting a leader who gives him lots of space., especially when that leader is also a kind of angel and talks nice to him.

  10. It is amazing to say Was walking around without his plates of armor. How is he? Is he out of the woods? Dear pig. The photos are so beautiful. There is a certain light. The first two almost look like stage sets.

  11. Now that cool weather is just NUTS!! Glad the animals are happy – and that you can put in your fall crops.
    And how about you preparing and bottling a huge amount of ‘ketchup’. As I always tell you – you just AMAZE me!! ; o )

  12. Oh, I do not believe it! No way!! Went to look for your ‘tomat conserva’ recipe, found the blog had been posted in July 2012 . . . . and half the ‘gang’ was there 🙂 !! No way has it been five years for me surely . . . . oh, shall put the recipe aside for 4-5 months down the track, but . . . . I know the Old Codger moved to California and the TTT, now longer a teenager now, entered the army: how on earth has he been . . . and is that Sheila ? 🙂 !!! . . . fabulous memories . . .

  13. Wai looks great!! Been too busy in my own garden to comment lately! Am waiting here in Albuquerque for my tomatoes to ripe! A very strange summer weather wise. I appreciate the ravioli recipe

  14. Tell me again – I thought Wai was male, but in one of the photos today of his pot belly, it looks like a row of teats? Do male pigs also have teats? Regardless, he is looking much better, and his daily walks with you must be doing him a world of good.

  15. I wonder if Tane’s teeth are bothering him at all? He’s got such grand tusks now. I know when horses’ teeth get too long, they need to be floated or else they cannot eat right. That’s a wild a$$ guess, as you know, I know nothing about the ways of pigs. xoxo

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