A for a work in progress

We are now all free to carry on with our lives. And we will incorporate the fat little potbelly into the life of the farmy where he will live happily ever after.  Though still in a lot of pain it looks like he is going to be OK.

Just before the vet arrived yesterday morning Wai went outside and moved his bowels. Isn’t that just like a pig. So A OK in that department and nothing more needs to be said about the poor pigs toilet habits.

The vet said his skin is improving though he was surprised at how hard the plates are that cover the little pig in this terrible armour. We know it will be a very slow process.

Three times a day : Exercise and Emollient.  Wait for the skin to peel away before snipping. This will go on for a very long time. Keep the high fiber diet.

And  I had not fully processed that there will be no summer grazing for Wai – only evening and early mornings – his skin will not take the sun at all not for months and possibly a year. So putting him with Tima and Tane will not work.  He has to stay inside in the day time. Anyway – we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Here is Wai a week ago – the day he arrived.  Funny how what we thought was really awful last Monday raises no eyebrows today. We have become desensitised which is probably a good thing.

So I have new instructions for some areas but a Well Done over all. He will have pumpkin and prunes for breakfast for the rest of his life though – I don’t want him going through that again.

Thanks Gods.

The rest of the day I worked in the gardens, tying up tomatoes, weeding, hoeing. I was worn out by the end of the day.

I hope you have a lovely day.


Weather – decreasing cloudiness – that sounds odd – you would think the clouds would be INcreasing.

Decreasing cloudiness and windy. High around 85F. Winds S at 20 to 30 mph.

Wednesday Night 06/2850% / 0.05 inMostly cloudy during the evening then windy with a few scattered thunderstorms overnight. Low 71F. Winds SSW at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

33 Comments on “A for a work in progress

  1. It’s amazing how much better Wai looks everyday. No doubt the bowel movement must have brought him considerable relief too. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable he must have felt!

  2. Absolutely fantastic result ….l am really proud of you Miss C…somehow, even though you have no guide book, you aleays do the right thing…lots ofmlove

  3. Wai is looking better. Good work Celi! You tomatoes are huge! We are just at the beginning here, lots of flowers, and tiny tiny tomatoes!

  4. As for “the poor pig’s toilet habits”, everyone heave a great sigh of relief… seriously. lol That is such a serious matter it could have resulted in the very worst outcome. After that, pat yourself on the back, Ms C. So, by the sounds of it, you’ve upgraded Wai’s position in the household from foster kid to adoptee — I bet you the pig rescue lady knew this would happen. Are you expecting help any time soon? With Rosy gone and this added responsibility, I’m sure you could really use an extra hand or two.
    Hope you have a lovely day too. ~ Mame 🙂

  5. The wondrous power of Miss C and her watermelon/prune sandwiches! His skin looks amazingly improved after all your topiary efforts, even the armour appears a little softer and more matt. As for the lovely BM, I can only imagine the bliss it must have been to ‘go’ at last. Hopefully the fact that he’s evacuating at last will mean he’ll get his appetite back and will start paying attention to the lovely stuff you put in front of him.

  6. You deserve your A+ 🙂 Wai certainly is looking sooo much better, but there is no way his previous treatment can ever be excused or dismissed. Why aren’t people that are so cruel to animals not prosecuted??? Laura

    • @recyclersa, I have wondered the same thing! If his previous owner intentionally overfed him with food containing rat poison and somehow was responsible for these horrific burns to his entire body, why has no one pressed charges? One pig rescued is a wonderful thing, thanks to Ms. C., but there must be so many others suffering at this very moment.

      • At this point in time the rat poison has been ruled out by the vets. Rat poison is an anti coagulant – it does not result in skin damage like this. He would have bled to death. We simply do not know – but I am still trying to get his story.

    • I think this is more of a case of neglect rather than willful cruelty. Sometimes suppositions are repeated and read as fact. We need to be careful about these things until I know for sure. I suspect this damage came from an allergic reaction to a treatment he received after he was taken from his home. But once again until I get the full story we can only guess. c

  7. I am so happy and relieved that Wai is doing so much better-especially in the pooping …yippee! He looks so much better already- you are amazing! Three cheers!

  8. It has been clear just how much Wai is improving in every photo you post Miss C. Your determination is evident and this pig is lucky to have you taking care of him.

  9. Squeals with piggy excitement. Wai looks so much better! I know he has to feel better and he has to feel the love you are giving him. What a sweetheart you are – but we are already knew that about you. Sending you bunches of hogs and snout kisses sweet friend ❤ XOXO – Bacon

  10. His skin does look so much better. What a relief that will be when the “helmet” comes away : )

  11. Happy for you here, Miss C, and proud to be (a tiny) part of this big project, this place where all life is honored and nurtured and shared.

  12. Visions of fried green tomatoes are making my mouth water….. I know – you want red ones so you can’t eat the green ones…. the struggle is real….

    I’m happy for Wei. His armor does look much better and smaller.

  13. Such a labour of love. Another lucky animal rescue. Good work Miss Celi. May he continue down the path of recovery. How’s the nanny Boo working out?

  14. This is GREAT news! So relieved he is doing better. You could probably hear the collective sigh of relief around the world as folks read your blog posting this morning. Looking forward to continued and wonderful progress!!!

  15. Wai looks much, much better! So happy for him and for you. Still, though, I’m a bit confused about the images. What is that blue patch that looks like something sticking into his head in the first photo? Further down it looks like a plug of chopped grass? What is that?? The gardens are beautiful. I would be lousy help…I’d pick things off the vine and eat them before they even got to the kitchen. x

  16. In your wildest dreams, Cecilia, did you ever think you’d become an ER doctor wrestling hopeless cases from the jaws of death? Of course, raising 5 kids gives you plenty of hands-on experience, but still! Nothing like an armored pig.
    Even though you’ve said we are now to go about our usual day, I hope you will please relate signs from Wai that he appreciates and loves you…like when he “rose up” to greet you yesterday. Or when he attempted to follow you, though slowly.

  17. Thanks for posting updates about Wai’s health, and I’m so glad he is improving, and glad that he has a forever home. 🙂

  18. Hooray that he’s doing so much better! Are those San Marzino paste tomatoes I see? Our indoor raised tomatoes (bellstars) got a lot of wilt and died but the San Marzinos left so many seeds all over the back yard last year from the dratted groundhog eating half a tomato here and half of one there that I ended up with some 60 volunteer tomato plants in the end despite all the bad! Looks like I’ll be growing the San Marzinos again this year, whether I like it or not!

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