The Pig Vet is coming very early to see Wai this morning. So your story today is in pictures.  And I am not proofing. I will be back in later. 

He was brighter yesterday, rising up to greet me each time I came in and in the afternoon he let me trim more of the dead skin off his body.  The skin left now is like big hard sharp  tectonic plates glued with super glue to the next level of epidermis, when I am able to trim through a strait that stretches two together the relief for the poor fellow is immense.  He literally sighs.  As the skin dried up it shrunk of course, pulling down  and across into his body. This process needs escalating somehow as the skin under the dead skin is turning yellow and pocky from lack of air.  But what I have exposed is cleaning up. We will see what the Vet says today.

I have  new emollients and sprays recommended by the show pig people. Especially designed for pig skin – I hope these help. But this is a very expensive process, so thank you so much for all your help in that department. 

I stroke his belly with one hand and trim the flapping skin with the other, millimeter by millimeter with my little bandage scissors. It is painstaking.

You know that exercise when one hand goes round and round on your tummy and you pat your head with the other hand. It is a lot like that! 

I need to milk the cow before the vet comes so I must fly. 

I hope you have a lovely day.


Weather – It POURED down yesterday. Still no hope of getting into the hay field. More of the very cool temps today.

esday 06/27 0% / 0 inSunny. High 77F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph.

Tuesday Night 06/27 0% / 0 inA few passing clouds. Low 58F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.


47 Comments on “Fast

  1. J > Thinking of the problem of dead skin from an engineering perspective, I would say that the priority should be to relieve the stresses across the surface of the pig’s live skin, and that can be best done by inducing cracks across the ‘plates’. Provided that can be done safely, that will help greatly. The more frequent the cracks, the greater the relief, the more air can get in, and the more likely that some of the dead skin will be thrown off naturally.

    • Good morning – yes i have thought of this too, in fact scoring the top layer were my words, however the rock like plates are attached to the dermis, and this needs to be protected while it is creating a new skin then sheds the top layer in its own time. It will be a very slow process and has to be slow lest we rip down into the deeper layers and opening his body up to more infection.

  2. I had a really bizarre thought when I read that the hard plates are dragging on his skin and giving him pain. You know Stryker saws, the things they cut through plaster casts with? They vibrate and it is this that separates, rather than sharp blades or rotation, so you can’t harm the skin under the plaster cast. I wonder if something like that could be used to part the plates more to ease the pressure on his skin underneath, exactly like scoring the skin on a joint of pork (sorry, Wai!) before you cook it, so it turns into crackling. It’s probably too extreme… I’m crossing everything for a hopeful outcome from the vet’s visit.

    • The vet and I discussed that last time we met and decided against it – this process cannot be hurried. Today the Vet was pleased with his though, his skin is slowly slowly coming off he is pleased with my ministrations. so far

      • Each week I say something here that I never expected or thought of: BUT I AM HAPPY A PIG POOPED!!!! Not sure what kind of dance I can do that reflects this excitement….. There would have to be some grunting pig sounds for sure. 🙂 Love this page!!! and Love the work that you are doing!

  3. What a turning point, Wai seeing you as friend not foe, the fortitude of both of you, pig and farmer, paying off in a small but significant way. I hope the vet has something positive to add today, it must be overwhelming sometimes trying to figure this out as you go.

    • It was becoming overwhelming – you are right – so it was good for me AND Wai to have the vet check him over and offer advice. But he is doing ok for a pig who has had what the vet thinks are third degree burns over his whole body.

      • Oh my third degree burns over his whole body…what misery! You are doing an excellent job, he is starting to look so much better.

  4. I wonder if he would tolerate bandages? If you could cover his middle in balm and than cover it with bandages it would soften better and maybe? come off a bit more? I can see that you really can’t do that on all parts of him and probably not on his middle if he won’t tolerate it.
    I thought of a long soaking bath too, but that seems even more impractical than the bandages. sigh. Poor old Wai.

    • He was pleased with his progress so far – but is still mystified by the actual condition. Plus how hard the plates are that are attached to his body.. c

  5. waiting to hear what the vet says.

    Just asking…but could he be injected with something to make him sleep and then cut the hardened bits off


    Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 1:31 PM

  6. Poor Wai, poor you! This must be so distressing for you both and my thoughts are with you, for all that’s worth; not much, I know. Wish I could offer some sage advice but, given that I can’t, I am so glad your vet is coming out to see him. Just know we’re all rooting for you both. ~ Mame 🙂

  7. We are waiting anxiously to hear back from you later about the vet’s prognosis of Wai. And St. Francis’ ears are burning.

  8. oh my such an ordeal for Wai….hopefully the vet will have useful and helpful ideas and suggestions. I do think he is beginning to realize your are his buddy!
    Have a lovely day …looking forward to reading what the vet says. Cheers.

  9. The vet was equal parts appalled by the pig and happy with his recovery – he said it will take a long time and to keep ding what i am doing. Good news really

  10. Thank Heaven for the BM and that Wai seems to understand you are helping him. Thank you Miss C for your hard work too. Who knows how he got 3rd degree burns, but I am so glad you are helping him through this!

  11. Just reading through the updates here in the lounge – sounds like things are moving along nicely, both inside and out! 🙂 Excellent news! We all just need to be patient, no rushing this healing. Wai is one lucky pig – now! I just knew that he would come around to liking you.

  12. That’s good that the vet is pleased with his progress and very good that he has gone to the loo! One more hurdle overcome.

  13. Please remind me how to contribute financially to the running of the farm? I think it was through Paypal but I can’t find anything on your website… 🙂

  14. I hope the pumpkin helped the process. I read that canned pumpkin has a much higher concentrate of fiber than fresh. Little by little, steady as she goes… Glad the vet was supportive and agreed with what you have been doing so far.

  15. I’m so glad you got some reassurance from the vet. I know how confusing it is when it feels like you’re operating in the dark, by guess and by gosh. Isn’t it amazing how focused animal owners are on elimination? It can make or break your day! My PB was a kind of crabby guy but he did love me, I’m sure Wai will end up loving you to pieces. Roosevelt would regularly come by, lay his cheek (jowl?) against my leg with quiet little grunts and then go on his way. Pig love for sure.

  16. I would never ever have thought I would be happy a jolly pig half the world away pooped 🙂 !!! And the photo of Wai amongst green stuff is just delightful! Glad the vet has ‘passed’ him to go on going on !!!

  17. Here it i 9:12 p.m. and I finally realize you have been updating us since a little after 11:00 a.m.! I was looking and checking periodically for a new post!! Oh I’m just so glad for the straight poop on both counts. Wonderful news! I’m sure Waitlist feels like we all do–after a great shit!

  18. I loved following along the day’s comments and your updates. It’s a drama with just the right amount of comic relief. The nice thing is that the actors and the audience don’t know the ending and can have an influence on its outcome . (It looks to me like even Boo is caught up in the story) Here’s hoping….

  19. He’s looking more and more “piggy” every day C. Great job!
    I’m thinking that as he loses that extra weight there will be more slack skin and perhaps slightly easier to perform your excision?
    Perhaps a dilute spray containing Lavender EO and some other things might help with healing/ sloughing off as well?

  20. I have lost touch with bloggers for awhile now due to illness but I think about you and your farm a lot, Celi. Much love

  21. I do know that pat your head and rub your belly. Good boy Wai .. you can do it with Celi’s help. Beautiful images of your garden and Boo!

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