Rocks in the fields

The kunekune in their little field. They looked like rocks didn’t they. 

Poppy  (in heat) broke out of her field and into the kune field the night before last looking for a boar. Poor Tane hid in his little house again and Poppy was escorted back to the rat house paddock  (she whined and cried and carried on the whole way) and I put her behind an electric fence. She always hunts down poor old Tane when she is in heat. She terrifies him.  Tima hid behind a tree.

Piglets eating the branch of a mulberry tree – they grow like weeds here.

I let the young trees get to a certain height then chop them down  (leaving the stumps to grow again for next years pigs) and drag them into the pigs pen. Mulberry leaves have a surprisingly high protein count.  Very soon this lot will be able to get out into the field then it will be even more fun.

In the garden I have begun picking pickling cucumbers.

John heeded the advice from the Lounge of Comments and bolted my young walnut together though the ratchet straps will stay for a while to help it along. These things take time for John as he only has one day on the farm a week but it is a good start. The leaves on the tree are still green and perky. 

I found Alex lying flat out on her side this morning and thought she was dead! I hate it when they do that!

I cannot say that Wai is doing well.  He still gets up for a walk every hour of so when forced to, he never voluntarily leaves his bed –  I have to coax him up.  But he has to walk to get better.  And I am very strict about his routine.  Exercise is Number One for a myriad of ailments. He did nothing but lay on his side for weeks which is really bad for a fat animal.  Any animal actually. He does eat ( a little pumpkin and prunes) and drinks lots of water, he does pee but is still constipated.

When I put on his vetercyn and bag balm I also massage his belly – I think this may help. At least he does not try to bite me when I do this part.

I will continue with his routine and hope the vet can come soon.

Off I go to cut up prunes and make sandwiches of them with watermelon slices- I hand feed him these morsels, letting him sniff the uppermost watermelon first or he rejects the prunes. He loves the pumpkin though.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

Don’t read this next paragraph if you have a weak stomach. 

A pigs colon is like a corkscrew so if there is a blockage in there he is probably not going to recover from this. It honestly seems to me that the treatment from the sunburn has caused way more problems than the sunburn. Though I have no proof for this feeling yet. And am still waiting for his notes from the first Vet.

Poor fella. He is still as belligerent and bad tempered as ever though and I take this as a good sign but he must be in pain. Also,  some of the hardened rubbery skin on his rear end is lifting from him rubbing it and taking the skin and much of the lower layers of tissue with it. I can see the fat layers. He is exposing holes in his back. They are treated and covered and I am also covering him with fabric while he is sleeping. Flies are everywhere now. So once again we will see what my vet says – hopefully he can come today.

Maybe today Waimarie will take a turn for the better – you never know. He needs some of that luck.


Weather – chilly but in a good way.

Monday 06/26 50% / 0.1 in Partly cloudy early. Scattered thunderstorms developing in the afternoon. High 72F. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

 Monday Night 06/26 20% / 0 in Clear skies. Low around 50F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.


33 Comments on “Rocks in the fields

  1. my heart bleeds for you both – him for his misery, and you for all the extra painstaking work helping him involves. If love can help, it’s on its way… do you want some manukau honey still- I haven’t got your physical address, but can send when I hear… and love to the darling kune kune’s …

  2. A pox on those who let Wai get to this state. Thank yo for caring for him Miss C. I will be adding more prayers today for Wai.

  3. Aue, poaka tawhito rawakore… He’s so vulnerable right now, with open wounds, not eating properly, things backing up inside him. I hope his compulsory walkies will help to get his insides moving too. And the watermelon/prune sandwiches are inspired!

  4. That Poppy really is a 'tart'  chasing the men all over the place and them having to hide away from her demanding advances..

    I am sorry that Wai is not doing as well as you expected but being constipated cannot help very much either..I thought he was going to have an enema….get rid of all that rubbish and he might be more ;ile;y to go walkies..but whatever happens you have done more than your best


    Sent: Monday, June 26, 2017 at 1:24 PM

  5. I wonder if all the medications he’s been given prior to you taking charge – have possibly killed all his gut flora – which might cause not only considerably discomfort and an inability to digest things properly. If you are milking…..I would suggest clabbering some milk and offering it to him – whey and all. I feed clabber to my pigs every day. It might repopulate his gut flora. Just a thought.

      • Hmmmm. Pig headed 😄
        I keep a pile of those large syringes on hand (inch wide/six inches length) that I snip the ends off of for the odd time I have to ‘insist’ on dosing……might be worth a try to fill one with yogurt and simply work in in between his teeth and plunge away. It works well for cows and pigs too.

  6. Maybe the vet can give him some nutritional support…injectable vitamins to keep him going while he heals. The skin peeling away sounds pretty grim though. 🙁

  7. ” flat out on her side this morning” – my beagles will do that out in the SUN and HEAT – and it makes my heart leap in fear!

    So a massage therapist once told me that if I was constipated – to have someone rub deeply into my calves. That it triggers the colon to work. It has worked for me a time or two – but I wouldn’t know if this would work on a pig or not – and would he let you massage his legs!?!?! Good luck dear….. I think this community understands that a short loving end sometimes is the merciful thing, but with your tenacity – you will know if it is time or if you can help him more.

  8. Pumpkin and watermelon will probably digest down to water and unless he is eating grain and greens he will have very little fibre, making more pee than anything solid to pass. glad to see the walnut pinned together. When we were kids every self respecting kid had a shoe box of silk worms, which were then fed mulberry leaves till they spun their cocoons 🙂 Laura

    • He has had this problem for weeks – it started way before he came here – and of course he is offered other foods as well in small quantities – that was his breakfast – he is grazing as well.. he eats fruit too but is VERY PICKY

  9. Pat R. says it well. I hope Rosy had time to pick some mulberries for your smoothies. Your new phone takes good pics. I tried to mow the lawn yesterday, but was interrupted by light rain so I rolled the mower under Wilhemina, the cypress tree, since it’s electric. It stopped and I started again, but then the rain started to really come down, so I had to drape the mower in plastic bags and roll it to safety. We ended up getting a good drenching so will have to finish when it dries out. I’ve always wanted to make pickles. Have a good day C.

  10. Heartsick here. Only hope seems his crankiness. Meaning he hasn’t given up. I sure hope vet comes ASAP and can help him as he was able to Lady Astor so dramatically.

  11. Poor fellow, if, like us humans, skin is a major organ…the condition it is in is enough to reek havock. He certainly is in understanding and helpful hands
    and as we have all come to learn sometimes its just not enough. There is so much info that you are not privy too having come in on Act 2, 3 or 4..
    Darn it. Bless you and your efforts and all the farmy squad as we hold good thoughts.

  12. Pursued by a very large person making grunting sounds–not exactly anyone’s dream, man or woman. I would hide too, Tane.

  13. oh my poor Wai- I can only imagine how he must feel and then not seeing well…..may karma come down like a ton of bricks on those bad humans who did this to him.

  14. If Wai won’t eat the yogurt, could you sneak some powdered probiotic into his food? Also, magnesium is good for smoothing bowel and other muscles in the body… xx

  15. Americas Cup, LeMans, Indycars, All Blacks…..just tell Wai he is a Kiwi winning piggy now.
    I don’t really pray, but I have thought of him off and on all day. I hope the magic rubs off onto him.
    Māngaringari Wai, kia kaha!

    • I had to look up and translate what you wrote – thank you for that — Be Strong Wai!

  16. I’m so sad for Wai. I think right now your loving hands are what comforts him the most. Thank you, sweet C for showing him what he needs most. Love.

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