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Hi There,

I’m Rosy, C’s farm helper for the week! Today is my last day here so I wanted to say a quick hello before I left. I’ve heard so much about you! I love the supportive community you have all built here.

I’d like to share some of my favorite moments on the farm but first I’ll tell you how I got here… I started a company ( a few years back that makes toys and activities for kids that gets them off the iPad. My sister and I were inspired to start the company from memories of our own childhood. Our dad is an artist so we grew up in a very creative home. Shortly after starting the company we appeared on national television on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. At the time it was just Donna and myself so it was quite the whirlwind. We got over 500 emails from viewers overnight! Fast forward to today and we’ve successfully brought to market over 50+ products for kids, have offices in Washington DC, grown the team, brought on Shark Kevin O’Leary as our investor, and are launching in retail stores this year! Taking a week off to go live on a farm is certainly not part of the equation.

I’ve felt for a while that I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone and push myself to grow. I’ve always wanted to live on a farm especially one with a focus on food (I love to cook!). Fate helped me find C, and her farm, seemed like just the right mix of everything I was looking for.

Living here and working with C was so special. She is such a patient and kind teacher. So very, very wise too! I want to share a few of the lessons I learned from her with you.

1. “Think like a chicken to know how to deal with a chicken.” I was having such a hard time getting chickens to move so I could collect their eggs. Once I started thinking like a chicken and moving like one it became so much easier. This is also good to remember in life when dealing with anyone that thinks differently from you.

2. “Fear of failure is the worst.” Don’t be afraid to fail or you won’t learn anything.

3. How to make bread, butter, yogurt, labneh, pastry dough, Apple tarte tatine, Chicago John Pasta, pickles, and so much more.

4. Relentless determination. She has taken such amazing care of the rescue pig Wai. Taking him on walks every hour, feeding him, putting ointment on him, and putting so much effort into seeing him get better.

5. To not be afraid to try new things. I cared for the chicks for days without holding one. Then C came with me one day and told me to pick one up. I was shocked “I didn’t know I could do that?! What if it bites me?”. It didn’t bite and holding that little chick was one my favorite parts of the trip.

6. How to care for piglets, chickens, a rescue pig (poor Wai!), chicks, peacocks, kunekunes, dogs, cats, and cows.

7. “Take a step back to look at the bigger picture.” I was planting lavender and parsley and was trying so hard to plant in a straight line. But I learned you can’t plant in a straight line if you’re sitting on the ground, you have to get up, walk away and then look at it from a distance.

8. “When building anything new you must create a good foundation”. This is called the friendly monster. Then as you continue to work hard on it, the monster takes over and runs with it and you become just a small part of the bigger whole.”

I could go on and on with the lessons I’ve learned! Thank you for being part of my trip to the farm. It was an unforgettable experience that I’ll be repeating time and time again.

I’ll be replying to all your comments so leave me a line! Hope to talk to you soon!



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84 Comments on “Guest writer: Rosy

  1. Rosy – thank you for sharing your lessons learned this week and for being there ti help Miss C out with Wai and the other animals of the farmy. Sounds like you and your sister are bright determined young women who are going far. Thank you for designing items that gets kids off the computer – much needed! Glad to meet you this week and hope to see you again

    • Thanks for the sweet note! It was so nicebeing able to help care for the animals. Lots of joy comes from that! Hope to be back soon! 🙂

  2. Dear girl, you are the object of huge envy amongst the Farmy Fellowship! So many of us would love to do what you’ve spent the last week doing, and it’s lovely to hear what you’ve learned and what you’ve been doing. You’re right, Miss C is very wise, very compassionate and incredibly hard working. Congratulations on seizing the opportunity to learn about the important things the Farmy has to teach. 🙂 xx

    • Hi Manic Mumdays, (Love the username!) Thank you for the sweet wishes! 🙂

  3. Hi Rosy, thank for sharing and good luck with your business. Getting out of our comfort zones will help us grow . Love and compassion for her animals and the environment is what makes Ms. C so special.

    • Hi Gerlinde, I completely agree! The challenge is finding new ways to get out of our comfort zones in our daily lives! I’ve started a list of a few ideas. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  4. Wow! You are quite an inspiration. Best of luck with your company and thanks for taking that week out of your busy schedule to help out at the farm.

    • Hi Nadia! Love your photo. Beautiful kitchen! Thanks for the thoughtful comment. It was my absolute pleasure to help out! Such a special place!

  5. Isn’t learning and having totally new experiences just fabulous?!? To actually pick food from the garden and under hens and prepare it and eat it? So rewarding! No doubt you will look at life in new ways now, and take your wonderful farm experience and knowledge that Celi has shared with you as you go forward. Wishing you happiness always!

    • Hi Dianeandjack! Yes, exactly! The idea of getting to pick everything needed to make a delicious meal is so satisfying. Thanks for writing in! 🙂

  6. Hi Rosy! So pleased to meet you! Glad you had a lovely week- I would certainly follow suit if I didn’t live so far away (Greece) 🌺

    • Hi M.L. Greece is so lovely! It’s one of my favorite places I’ve had the chance the visit. Such welcoming and loving people. Thanks for reading and following along! 🙂

  7. Good morning, Rosy. I’m sure it’s been great for Miss C to have you there as well. And I agree with Kate; you are much envied. With there being so much to do on the farm, I would imagine the time just disappears way too quickly. One more mind now open to new possibilities. I’m sure you shared new perspective as well. Wishing you all the very best in your ventures to get kids moving again. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we all had a farm to go visit for a bit. Hope you get to come back again soon. Marlene in Oregon

    • Hi Marlene! It’s like you read my mind. C and I were saying that everyone (especially kids) need to have a farm they can visit. There’s so much to be seen and learned. We’re going to have to create a farm activity kit for kids! Thank you for your sweet comment! 🙂

  8. Good Morning Rosy! Thank you for spending a week helping Celie when she really needed you. It struck me that you all found a Soul Sister in each other. I believe your week with her will inspire you in your own enterprises & creations. And that you will become one of us in the Fellowship of The Farmy. And thank you for beginning by sharing with us today. Judith in NC.

    • Hi Judith, This is exactly how I felt about C! Our shared love of butter confirmed this. 😉 I was lucky enough to make butter and bring some back with me to Washington, DC! I’m looking forward to the ideas this week will spark. Hearing from all of you has been so lovely and inspiring. Thanks for reading!

  9. wow Rosy that was wonderful..thank you so much. L live in Bulgaria so the chance of me ever getting to USA and meeting Miss C are about the same odds as flying to the moon and back. This is why I am a follower so that I can at least read about what is happening. You have done a wonderful job whilst you have been there and I know that Miss C appreciates it…not only that but you have learnt a lot and that shows by your remarks. Remember those points and they will make a difference to the way you see other people and the way you live your life.  You are already succesful in your own field and now you have added love and experience of live animals….Thank you once again for all your help and may God always be with you and be there to guide you….adios and muchos besos  

    Sent: Sunday, June 25, 2017 at 1:37 PM

    • Hi Patrecia! Thank you for your touching comment. I really appreciate the kind words. Your sincerity signs through. I hope to visit Bulgaria one day and enjoy your famous delicious cheese! We ate it a lot growing up with mixed with dried mint, tomatoes, and olive oil. 🙂

  10. Thank you for sharing your journey. It really is nice to connect on different levels with this amazing world we have.

    • Hi Kathy, I agree. It’s so special that this amazing place allows us to connect on a personal level. Thank you for reading!

  11. HI Rosy, I like others never miss my daily visit to The Farmy and C. So pleased you enjoyed your experience, and will maybe include a piggy or a calf or even a big Fat Pig in your future endeavours. Waving to you Miss C . Laura (South Africa)

    • Hi Laura! Thanks for visiting from South Africa! I haven’t had the chance to come visit your beautiful country yet. But I look forward to it! Would love to have a piggy in the future. For now, I am trying to get a garden lot in the city! 🙂

  12. Congrats on your business moves. I hope it goes well in the future. Glad you are having a good time down on the farm.

    • Hi Jim, Thanks for your kind words! Yes, had such a lovely time! I have been telling everyone I know to do the same. 🙂

  13. I think Miss C. should make it a requirement for all farm guest workers to leave a few lines like this (my favorite is the one about stepping back to get the overall view but the chicken one is also great, and deeper than it sounds). We Faithful Readers can only occasionally get a clear glimpse of her wisdom, despite all the photographic evidence. Thank you for being there this week!

    • Hi Liffster! That’s a great idea! Would be so fun to read everyone’s experience on the farm. I’m glad the chicken lesson was your favorite. That’s mine too! Hope to be back soon! Thanks for reading. 🙂

  14. Thanks for sharing Rosy, it gives us a chance to visit without the labour😀 Good luck in your business venture. It sounds like a wonderful enterprise. I remember being on the farm as a small child, never bored. Safe trip home.

    • Hi Moonwatcher! I love that you got to be on a farm as a child. I am sure that had such positive influence into your adult life. Thank you for the warm wishes! Hope to stay in touch. 🙂

  15. Rosy, the week goes by so fast, doesn’t it? I was the chicken wrangler for the last two years and understand facing down Miss C’s chickens, they are very intimidating. But the most amazing thing on the farm? Miss C! Her knowledge, and amazing energy, right? Glad you enjoyed your stay and thanks for sharing. Pat NM

    • Hi Pat! So great to connect with a fellow chicken wrangler! 🙂 Yes, her energy is contagious! And her positive spirit! Hope to stay in touch.

  16. Hello again, Rosy! My favorite photo is of the huge smile you have while you’re holding the baby chick. That’s a classic and should be framed! I was lucky and have lived on or near farms all of my life – I was from rural Oregon – my relatives all being loggers and farmers. But, I’ve had my share of the big city life too, and you’ll find that whenever things get too ‘squirrely’ in the everyday, a thought back of your week with Miss C or even another trip back to the Farmy to rejuvenate will do wonders for your stamina and psyche. I love watching Shark Tank – glad you were on and have Kevin as a backer, Enjoy your life and all it has to bring! Sky diving next? — Hugs, Sunny in the mountains of Yosemite.

    • Hi Sunny! Your comment made me smile! I will especially keep in mind your point about looking back at this week in those “ahh” moments. Sky diving huh! Have you done it? I could be convinced! I also haven’t been to Yosemite yet. I’ve heard such amazing things and watched a few documentaries on it. I will have to make it trip there soon. Hugs, Rosy

    • Btw have you camped there before or just visited for day trips? (I am already planning my next adventure it seems. Inspired by you!)

  17. Hi Rosy!
    Thanks for sharing your background and experiences! I love your business and hope it continues to thrive! I’m a big fan of less screen time and more art and more play time and more life! ( mother of an 11 and 4 yr olds). Thank you also for sharing what you’ve learned on the farm. You have a great writing voice. It is lovely to see the farm through you and find out what you loved and learned. Best of luck with your company! I’ll be looking for your products. Come back soon.

    • Hi Allison! Great to connect! Thank you for your kind words. Such a lovely comment you left me. It’s always nice to hear from parents especially ones of kids within our age group. Love your approach to parenting “more life”! Looking forward to staying in touch. My email is if you ever want to talk more about your awesome parenting style! 🙂

  18. Hi Rosy, Great idea that you and Donna had about kids & toys! And your taking time off to live and work on a farm (instead of, say, going to the beach) shows that you are not a one-world person, married to your career like so many. That photograph of you and Ton and Wai and the grass and fence posts and the sun sums it up: everyday is a beautiful morning — I’m guessing that’s a sunrise, but if not that’s what it is in my mind– and the mystery of life’s changes can leave us bending over with awe, joy, and a great smile. You left us feeling a bit that way too. And for me it’s that way at the farmy almost each day. Isn’t Celi something! Best to you. . . .

    • Hi Albert, thanks for your comment. It was so beautifully written. I especially loved this sentence: and the mystery of life’s changes can leave us bending over with awe, joy, and a great smile. So true and something we should remind ourselves of often. 🙂

  19. You’re one of those bright young stars that gives hope to us baby boomers! Hope your business continues to thrive. Glad you found investors for such a great, much-needed idea.

    • Hi Violet! Thank you for the words of encouragement and support. We’re very excited to be doing something we love that helps foster the next generation. 🙂

  20. Hi there Rosy!
    You are the perfect example of what all young adults should strive for: thinking outside the box, following through with your plans and not being afraid to
    try new things. I envy you your time with Cecilia- she is a treasure! Have a lovely last day and don’t forget to always look on the bright side and have fun
    while working! Best wishes !

    • HI Kathe, I love your comment! It made me smile. In speaking to a number of successful people, one thing I heard time and time again is to always have fun! Seems like that is the secret formula to success. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  21. Thank you for your synopsis of all you learned on the farm in just one week. May your business continue to have great success and thanks for putting something positive on the market to get kiddos off so much electronic connectivity.

    • Hi Kristin, Thanks for reading and for your sweet comment! I really appreciate the support for Surprise Ride! Hope to be back to the farm soon. 🙂

  22. Like everyone else here in the Fellowship, I am deeply impressed with you, Rosy—and of course, I have also long been a devoted fan of Celi’s for obvious reasons.

    Your smashing successes in both your business and your visit to the farm make me think perhaps you and your sister are the perfect people to develop the next-gen iteration of that old and wonderful alt-summer-camp experience of taking city kids to the farm in summertime. Perhaps a youth-to-farm connection where the work is real but the pleasures equally hands-on could be a great outgrowth of your intent to unplug kids and fill them with more tangible joys?

    Just a thought from an old daydreamer and artist who loves animals and once had ambitious and delightful gardening adventures but has a very indoor life these days as a transplanted Seattleite living in an apartment in Texas. Life takes us such interesting places, doesn’t it! I’m so happy that you seem to be plunging into your life without fear of finding the great places those paths take you.

    All best!

    • HI Kathryn, thank you for your beautiful comment! I would love giving kids the gift of unplugging through farm experiences. Adults would love to join in the fun too! After my trip to the farm it’s been so interesting to see how many friends now want to do the same… I live in an apartment as well! I hope you’ve found ways to bring the gardening indoors. I’m still working on it. 🙂

  23. Hello Rosy! What an inspiration you are, and kudos to you for helping the kids get off the interwebz and gaming toys. And another kudos to you for stepping outside your comfort zone to go live on a farm for a week with your busy entrepreneurial schedule! I know Miss C is quite fond of you, and thank you for helping out around the farmy. 🙂 p.s. Greetings from Bend, Oregon!

    • Hi Kathryn! You have a new follower on your blog! Excited to try some of your yummy recipes. Thanks for reading and for commenting. Hope to stay in touch! 🙂

      • Why thank you Rosy! My posts aren’t as often as I used to do with my new business, but I’ve got over six years of recipes to look through!

  24. I wish you and your sister every success in bringing creativity and the joy of accomplishment to children with your toys. And congratulations on being an enormous help to Cecilia. Well done, Rosy!

    • Hi There, thank you for reading and for the warm wishes! I’m glad I could be a help to Cecilia during a tricky time with poor Wai coming to live at the farm. It was meant to be! 🙂

  25. Thank you for sharing about you and about your take-a-ways from your week with Celi. You sound like someone that will always strive to grow and change and impact lives. I hope we have not heard the last from you. Best wishes!

    • Hi There! Thank you for your sweet comment and warm wishes. I hope to be back to the farm soon and will of course report back to the group! 🙂

  26. Hi rosy, I must admit I’m jealous of your experiences, I would love to visit the Farmy. Good luck in all you do in the future. 😊

    • Hi Janet! Thanks for reading. You know I’ve been hearing that from a lot of folks! 🙂 It’s great to know all the love people have for the farmy. Such a special place! Hope to be back soon and I’ll be sure to report back!

  27. Rosy, my dearest TP. Reading through all these comments brought tears to my eyes. You do not only continue to surprise me, each time you take on a task, you are in fact showing me, beyond any doubt, your great love for life in a new creative way. You keep making me prouder father time after time. Chappeau bas to miss C. With all my love. Dad

    • Thank you Rosie’s Dad. you have a startling, intelligent, and beautiful daughter who is full of laughter- it was a real pleasure and an honor to meet her and work with her. You and your lovely wife must be immensly proud. c

    • Hi TP, I couldn’t ask for a better example to teach me how to be creative. Thanks for all your support during this week. Love, Rose

      • I have been reading, smiling and nodding along with all of the lovely comments and best wishes here; but this one had tears form in the corners of my eyes. Thank you for being there to help out at just the right time. Thank you for being you: )

        • Hi Deb! Thank you for your sweet comment. It touched me. Very special that you read this comment that is so dear to me. 🙂

  28. Hello Rosy, loved reading your story, and also the snippets of Celi’s wonderful practical wisdom. Your business sounds inspired, what a great idea, and obviously from your success, its time has come! Congratulations… hope you come back to Celi;s little paradise, good wishes from New Zealand.

    • Hi Valerie! Great to hear from you! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about New Zealand from Celi. I need to make a trip there soon. Thanks for reading and hope to be back soon. 🙂

  29. Thank you Rosy for telling us about your life and endeavours: what fascinating people do end up helping ‘our Celi’ on the farmy!! And I agree – every wwoofer arriving on the scene henceforth should leave a ‘footprint’ we can look up and remember! Wish you could have stayed longer, especially to help with poor Wai . . . but the best with your company: an interesting idea and so worthwhile . . .

    • Hi Eha! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I appreciate it. I would have loved to stay longer. Time on the farm seemed to weirdly fly by. Hope to be back soon and continue to share that journey with you all. 🙂

  30. What wonderful life lessons to learn and then pass on. Thank you, Rosy, and best of luck in all your endeavors. Penny

    • Hi Penny! Thank you for reading. I checked out your blog. You have gained a new follower! I’m excited to continue to follow along. 🙂

  31. Dear Rosy, you are an inspiration for sure! On top of everything you do in your life, you’re now a farmer too… or at least have some experience as a farmer. You’re so right about Ms C’s wisdom and wonderful of you to spell it out so well. You will be missed, I am sure; you came along at the exact moment you were so needed. I checked out your website and saved it to look closer at it later. I did find it inspiring and have a grand child that I am sure could benefit from what you’re offering. Do you ship to Canada? Have a safe trip home and fare well. ~ Mame 🙂

    • Hi Mame, Thanks for reading! It did seem like I got there right at the perfect time! How special. Glad you checked out Surprise Ride! We don’t currently offer shipping to Canada but get a lot of requests too. We are working on it! I was born in Canada so we need to make that happen. 😉 Please do let me know if there’s anything else I can help with. Hope to stay in touch!

  32. A very insightful post, Rosy, thank you. Very best wishes with your business and your life. Hooroo from Australia!

    • Hi Ardys! Thanks for reading! I’m happy to hear you found the post insightful. It was a wonderful experience. 🙂

  33. Your company is so neat! I think I did see that episode of shark tank! Keep doing good and getting kids off those devices! Safe travels home

    • Hi Pat, thanks for the sweet comment! Glad to hear you caught our episode on Shark Tank! Hope to stay in touch. 🙂

  34. Sorry to have missed you, Rosy. I think it wonderful that your company aims to get kids active again and away from the gaming and app worlds. Much success to you and your sister!
    You can take the wwoofer out of the farmy but you can’t take the farmy out of the wwoofer. I think that Miss C and the farmy will be with you for a very long time. Frankly, you couldn’t ask for better company. Good luck to you in all of your endeavors.
    PS Thanks for the shout out. That pasta recipe has served me well and I know it will do the same for you. Mom wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

    • Hi John, thanks for reading and commenting! It’s so wonderful to meet you. I hope on my next visit we’ll get to cook together. So special that your mom’s dish is now a favorite dish in other families! So special. 🙂

    • Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. Looking forward to checking out your site. 🙂

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