Today my new farm worker arrives.  If all goes well she will stay a few months which will be nice.  She has been working on a goat farm so I look forward to hearing her story.

We all have a story.   Many of us have more than one. If you only had one word to describe yourself what would it be.

I have thought about this often and for me the word has always been ECLECTIC. I also like how the word feels when you say it out loud. It has a Click.  It feels Well Read.

Of course there are two Yous. The You that you see and the You that they think they See. 

Above is a common scene here. All the young ones laying down and Lady Astor standing above them. Ready to give them a good smack if they get up from their nap too early.

There is a face inside that face.  I cannot cut off that patch of loose skin on his cheek, he takes a swipe at me if I move my bandage scissors too close to his ear.  We will have to wait on that one. 

My table of potions.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

Weather Report. Thunderstorms? Really? AGAIN!


Thursday 06/29 60% / 0.21 in
Mixed clouds and sun with scattered thunderstorms. A few storms may be severe. High 87F. Winds SW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

Thursday Night 06/29 80% / 0.66 in
Scattered thunderstorms in the evening, then mainly cloudy overnight with thunderstorms likely. A few storms may be severe. Low 69F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 80%.


63 Comments on “Eclectic

  1. I was thinking about the Armadillo yesterday and wondered if an awning or gazebo might give him a little access to the outside and protection from the sun…

    • I’ve been trying to brainstorm something like that too – maybe a pig hut outside near his inside space with a tarp shading the hut and the space outside. Not sure how it would work best but I’m sure Miss C could figure something out!

    • He is loving these overcast days – he can go in and out at will though he honestly prefers to sleep in his corner of the barn. He has two corners actually depending on his mood..

      • I saw a film tonight, called The Zookeeper’s Wife – it reminded me of you, especially when they brought in some pigs.

  2. I have another word for you: WISE. My word for me? MAKER.
    I’m reassured by the sight of Wai going for a walk without having to be herded about. That rear view of him with Ton reminds me very strongly of a hippopotamus or rhinoceros because of the colour and texture of that skin. Poor Wai, he’s a zoological marvel…

    • That was my thought, too, Kate! Hippo, rhino—or perhaps a leather zeppelin. 😉 Mostly, I’m just amazed at his survival skills. I suspect he’ll be one devoted, if not doting, follower of Miss C by the time her magical ministrations have helped him heal as far as he’s able.

      That shot, btw, was a particularly good one of Ton’s handsome coat as well.

      Happy days to all!

        • Hey even I’d look thin if you took a picture of me next to Wai!

          • Wouldn’t we all! Perhaps we should line up for portraits with Wai if we want assurance of our slinkiness. 😉 Ton does look lanky right now, but I’d say attitude tells more than weight or shape—if he’s not moving with his usual alacrity or showing his normal cleverness and spark, that’s another thing entirely. Hope he’s just ‘leaning’ into his maturity in fine fettle. He’s a favorite of mine on the farmy, you know.

  3. I am glad that Wai has a friend with whom to walk. Isn’t he looking so much better and even a little happier. I like the idea of a pig hut/gazebo but as I am a certfied townie, what do I know about pigs?

    • The problem is that it would still have to have sides because the sun slants in under a tarp. So the big barn is a good place I think. Lots going on in there – You have been reading for a while Judith – I bet you know more about pigs than you think..

  4. I have found that whenever I have an unexpected animal patient, it allows a different part of my brain and heart to get a workout. Often times I am re-energized for the changeup, which carries into other parts of my life. Even if the outcome isn’t favorable, it helps me to feel more balanced and I appreciate the mental challenge. Wai’s little skin patches remind me of continents on the map. Perhaps you should name them?

  5. This is going to sound pathetic but I cannot think of a word for me. I too am a MAKER. I am also very defined right now by MOTHER. But there is still something missing. This is going to NAG at me.

    • NAG – well a nag you are not! ha ha ha .. The Mother thing has a bad habit of masking us doesn’t it. My mother used to say that Lady Di used to “clasp her children to her like brooches”. She hid behind them for such a long time. I guess we have to be careful not to allow our children to define us – yet our children orbit the heart of our universe. I will think about your word too now.. c

    • It is a very good question Jim. Once many years ago a man sat next to me and said he had to apologise, what for, I said. Well, he said, I always thought you were one of the beautiful people but I just met your kids and you are much more than that aren’t you. I was stunned really – a) that someone would think I was one of the beautiful people and that b) completely without my knowledge this person had thought about it and watched me and my family and come to a different conclusion about me. I am still a little flummoxed by it. Also, of course, i would not have minded being one of the beautiful people – laughter!!

  6. How wonderful to have a new farm worker coming, and staying for a while! Especially now with the gardens producing and so much happening on the farmy!

  7. Teacher is my word for you….. Teachers are there to help us all grow in knowledge and kindness.

    The word for me – oh that is tough – Hubby says my word is Sweet which for some reason I took offense too. Why would sweet make me think weak? My word for myself has to be Thinker. I over think many things – some in a good way or some in a bad way. But I ponder things for a long time before any words exit from me. But once I’m done thinking – the word changes to determined. Maybe my husband doesn’t see that in me because I am so quiet – he is the exact opposite there. He is quite extroverted while I am very introverted. Oui Vei…. I have to go to work now too.

    Happy Thursday!

    • Oh I forgot – Does Wai let you rub the area near his ear without the scissors? I’m thinking it is the flash he can see from his little eye that causes the reaction. If he will let you rub there – keep working on that rubbing and put a small towel over that side of his face. Had to do this with trimming the dogs nails. They would let me rub all day, but bring out the trimmer and OMG! So I reverted to rubbing with a blanket lightly laid over their head – after a week or so of doing this – nails could be trimmed. Only one foot at a time though.

  8. Halfway into my life a local newspaper reporter called me tenacious in an off-handed way. The story is long, but, I won the election in which I was a long-shot and realized that although I am on the shy side, I am, indeed, tenacious – and the word has actually served me well. Have a good day – wild weather up here last night.

  9. The picture of Wai and Ton off for a walk both with straw in their mouths is so heartening 🙂 Laura

  10. I like that Wai has fight and won’t let you do stuff, it bodes well for his future.

  11. Ton Ton makes me laugh, he always has something in his mouth. Wai looks so much better. I suppose I would call myself easygoing, mostly 😀

  12. I see a spring in Wai’s step now…..he must be feeling loads better after that poo! 🙂

  13. I guess my word would be flotsam since it came to mind first. I know it is a marine term and means floating pieces, parts, etc., from a ship that has been wrecked and alas that is how I think my life has been. I seem to have very little control of it myself. Sometimes I feel like I am just along for the ride and must weather it as well as possible. Not a very strong word at all, but a surviving as cheerfully as possible word.

  14. Ha! For all you who feel you’re ‘detemined’… I recall my dad always saying he wasn’t at all ‘stubborn’, simply ‘determined’! And, Pat, I don’t think of someone sweet as being weak at all. Stronger, in fact, to be able to rise above the nasty aspects of this life to remind us of a kinder, gentler side.
    Wai does appear to be rising above his original sad state too. That last photo of him really is encouraging. And your new wwoofer today, it would be wonderful, if she does work out, to have someone for a few months. A real opportunity to connect.
    Hope you have a lovely day too. ~ Mame 🙂

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  16. hmmmm maybe my word would be “busy” or it could be “gregarious”. Poor Wai- I wonder if he is lonesome for a pig friend?
    Of course Boo is lovely company. I am amazed how much better Wai is already. Your diligence is paying off! Have a wonderful day.

  17. Do I see 👀 on Wai? This is so fantastic! And TonTon! What gen he is to make friends with him.
    I sure hope the new woofer is a worker and someone easy to like. Two months is a l-o-n-g time otherwise.
    Here are two words to describe you Cecilia– resourceful/ resilient.

  18. I’m Watchful. I take it all in and sift it around and chew on it like a piece of straw, and that should change to watchful and active! Wai is improving in every shot. What a
    comfortable body you are giving him. I hope our new helper is a help to you.

  19. am pleased that the goat lady is coming to help you for a few months..

  20. I think Wai might be thinking, along with Mr. Prufrock:

    “There will be time, there will be time
    To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet;”

  21. It seems to me that Wai’s belly is not hanging down as far and he is moving more easily and confidently. The walking is working! Is he reacting at all to the herefords in the barn yet? A goat farm worker…how exciting, well, for me, anyway. ha

    • Every time i get to snip and create a canal between two continents he walks better – he must feel like he is on a straitjacket.. and no he completely ignores the other pigs and the dogs.. he is not a very social pig yet..

      • I once had a dog who had lived wild for a while, she was in a pretty bad state when i got her. Even when all of her needs were taken care of she still took a long time to become social and dog like as she had spent so long in survival mode.

  22. One word to describe myself: I’m afraid ‘eclectic’ is my word also . . . and always has been . . . and the older I get the more ‘impulsive’ comes into the scenario 🙂 ! Nothing really to lose and perchance something to gain ? Fun!! Oh yes, Wai looks better day by day . . . I’ll go for series of cloudy days so he can get out!!

  23. Wai is looking much better! That tight skin must be akin to having the hair at the nape of your neck get stuck in your zipper only much much worse. My word for me has always been invisible but I think for others it might be capable.

  24. I’ve been pondering this word thing. I feel LUCKY. I often am not, but I stubbornly see things that way anyway. And I’ve noticed that even when things are not going particularly well, I still feel, deep inside, HAPPY and OPTIMISTIC. Both of which are probably off shoots of feeling lucky. So I’m gonna go with that. Sounds like a dog’s name, but oh well.

  25. The other offshoot of feeling lucky is being grateful. Sorry for rambling, but I needed to add that. I feel grateful all the time.

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