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Notes on bottle feeding lambs.

Mia made it through another night. In fact she took herself out to sleep in the snow last night and this morning she was in at the feeder calling quietly for food.                        … Continue Reading “Notes on bottle feeding lambs.”

Walky about the Farmy

The barn is quiet once more.  The wind is down. Everyone was resting yesterday including Mia, she did not have a good morning,  so once again I let them out into the forbidden field where it is clean.  We are supposed to be letting… Continue Reading “Walky about the Farmy”

Sometimes the news will not be good.

When working with animals things do not always go the way we want them to. Mia has presented with a nasty prolapse. I will not go into details here. There are plenty of sites that will give you those kinds of grisly pictures.  … Continue Reading “Sometimes the news will not be good.”

Frisky on the Farmy

Walking the fences as the sun went down, yesterday evening. Mia toddled out of the barn.  What are you up to Mia?  I wonder.  Nothin’. She says. c