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Mum said …

When I was a very young mother (and I was very young indeed.. I married ridiculously young to a perfectly nice boy ) My  mother  said to me.. OK, you have proved you are a really good housekeeper, now you have a baby – so  just… Continue Reading “Mum said …”

The Rising of the Ark

Not the 2 x 2 Ark we have had no rain for a while but the 47 Chickens On Grass Ark.  Scrapper is unimpressed. Kupa is just not the bird he used to be.  But my vase of peacock feathers is glorious. Don’t worry… Continue Reading “The Rising of the Ark”

Walky about the Farmy

The barn is quiet once more.  The wind is down. Everyone was resting yesterday including Mia, she did not have a good morning,  so once again I let them out into the forbidden field where it is clean.  We are supposed to be letting… Continue Reading “Walky about the Farmy”