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Tima and The Beast

I suspect these cows of grooming Tima. Their long rough tongues must feel good on her back. And she is not choosy. She is getting much more comfortable with the cows being in ‘her’ field. But lying down behind them to wait for her… Continue Reading “Tima and The Beast”

Blogging is a Little Like Playing Chopped

Blogging is a little like that television/Netflix program: Chopped? Did you every see Chopped? A bunch of chefs would line up and they each had a basket with weird ingredients in it and then, with the clock ticking and random badly behaved judges, (there… Continue Reading “Blogging is a Little Like Playing Chopped”

How not to panic when your Draft Blog Post Disappears!

Blogging is not always plain sailing. My daily blog post was almost finished and just perfect. šŸž Then winked out. In fact I am sure it was AWARD WINNING! The pictures were beautiful. All the images were optimised and had alt-text and the SMO… Continue Reading “How not to panic when your Draft Blog Post Disappears!”

Tima’s Summer Diet

Tima will share her diet with you! She swears by it and at it, sometimes! Timatanga Moana (we call her Tima for short) is a kunekune pig. And kunekune pigs can put on the wrong kind of weight if they are fed the wrong… Continue Reading “Tima’s Summer Diet”

The Kitchens Garden has…

Many gardens .. Some I never even get around to showing you. I will try – but not today. I can’t seem to find my rhythm this summer – not so far anyway. I love the long necks on cows. We have a savage… Continue Reading “The Kitchens Garden has…”

Letter from Pat

Today we are back on the road to take Pat to the train. As well Ā as her calm support, PatĀ has helped us enormously, firstly being the farmers wifeĀ and secondly being the Piglet Mother while I do chores inĀ the morning and afternoons so Lurch will… Continue Reading “Letter from Pat”

Sheila is a tall girl

Sheila is 72 inches long ( 6 foot, 182cm) and her girth is 68 inches ( 172cm). She is 34 inches high at the highest point of her back and when I measured her girth I could not reach all the way around her,… Continue Reading “Sheila is a tall girl”

Up Close. Very Close.

And personal. Always. Up close and personal. Ā Both the turkeys and their ever present associate and ringleader Geraldine the pea hen. As I dole out the feed into separate bowls for the pigs, they have their heads in theĀ pigs bowls, as I lean in… Continue Reading “Up Close. Very Close.”

Mr Flowers and his Tail

Wonderful isn’t it. You would think that carrying that lengthĀ of tail Ā around would be a bother but I suppose feathers do not weigh much. And it will keep growing yet.Ā  Last night the temperatures dipped down as low as -7F (-21C) . With wind.… Continue Reading “Mr Flowers and his Tail”

Do you ever feel …

… like you are living the same thing each year? Ā Over and over again. The same progression. I almost called this post Blowing Snow. I must have called twenty posts Blowing Snow in the last four or so years that we have been writing… Continue Reading “Do you ever feel …”