How not to panic when your Draft Blog Post Disappears!

Blogging is not always plain sailing. My daily blog post was almost finished and just perfect.

🐞 Then winked out.

In fact I am sure it was AWARD WINNING! The pictures were beautiful. All the images were optimised and had alt-text and the SMO was still deeply confusing but I was feeling really good about it. It was balanced and well researched – and has no draft anywhere else.

It was the internet.

Just as the post was saving, the internet went down.

When it came back up .

The . Blog . Post . Was . Gone

Here is what it was all about:

Laundry Liquid in a stainless steel bowl with lid and ladle to the side

The recipe and process to save the world by making home made laundry liquid.

But – to make a long story short.

I still cannot find it. In fact I am going to get busy right now and remake it!

And manually save often.

Posts never disappear like that, because they are automatically saved as I go along! But the wheels are falling off this proverbial bus.

But enough of that. It does not do to panic. That achieves nothing. Or to fall into a fury. Nothing.


That achieves nothing either.

I went outside to think about things.

Threw more straw to Free Bee because Jude had taken over the whole sunbed.

Popped in to see Nelson.

Brushed and applied lotion to Wai’s back. Found Mr Flowers in Full Feather. (He snapped his tail closed the moment he saw me). Still not forgiven.

Here is last nights sunset.

Sunset over a field of waterllogged wheat.

Now I must away and begin the Laundry Liquid post again. It is important to me that everyone has the information they need to avoid huge plastic jugs, at extraordinary prices and microplastic pollution.

Anyway this is why I was late posting today!

Have a great afternoon.


22 Comments on “How not to panic when your Draft Blog Post Disappears!

  1. Great Mr Flowers and duck picture. I hope he’s forgiven you now!
    I have had the disappearing post thing in the past. As you said, normally there is a saved revision and all or most of it can be recovered. These days I save often, once I’ve stuck some pictures into the Media Library and added Tags. I imagine you get a lot more internet drop outs on the farmy than in the city. I did miraculously find a blog post draft in Firefox’s History once, but it was fluke or a miracle….

    • That must have been such a relief.

      Yes. I am rewriting the list now and saving as I go. Can’t trust auto save!

      And yes – lately we are losing internet a lot. No one seems to know why our signal is so low!

      • The signal strength is relative to the distance from the telephone exchange – which these days is a junction box, probably in the nearest town or crossroads. You will always get a better connection if you plug your computer into the internet box in your home, as opposed to using wifi. You can get little electric plugs, which go into the wall socket next to the box and route the internet around your electricity cables to a corresponding box in another room to use an ethernet cable and wifi. They are fairly cheap and 100% reliable. I recommend TP Link. I bought a set of 2, about 7 years ago and recently added a third, which I got second hand from eBay.

        • Such a good idea. Our signal comes from a tower and we are at the very last gasp of that tower- plus our home tower needs maintenance. (Trees)

          I will ask if we can move the router to my office so I can plug in there. That is a good idea.

  2. Beautiful sunset picture! Still lots of water in the fields I see. Slowly drying out? The tale of Mr. Flowers was an amazing one. Well done getting off the string! In some time, no doubt, he will forgive you, but not right away. 🙂

    • No. He does not trust me now. It will take a while: though he has never been a particularly cuddly peacock!

      The fields are still awash. And MORE rain in the forecast!

  3. I used to do my posts in a word processing program (Word, Open Office, etc.) then just copied and pasted into Word Press. It worked very well, I always had a copy of what I was doing and there were minimal corrections after the pasting before posting. I haven’t posted in a long time, too much insanity with my living conditions and more, but that method might still work well.

    • Yes – it is a good method. I am very spatially triggered – I have tried writing in other spaces but it never works because those spaces belong to some other writing.

      Isn’t that weird!?

      For the longest time I could only write posts on my phone!!

      I don’t have word but my Google docs belongs to The Sustainable Home now:

      The there is a Notion.

      Often I have them all open at the same time and flick back and forth as I think of something.

      Nuts! Next I am going to take on substack and write my short stories in there. God knows what screen I will use for that.

  4. As others have mentioned I have taken to writing posts in Google docs then when edited and ready to go just place them in WP and add pics or whatever. I normally wouldn’t do this but have taken on writing for a second blog that is not my own- managed by me but others- and would rather keep my words to my own head until they are ready. My personal blog is so random that if I lose a post it’s no big deal. You on the other hand are putting a lot into the new site so the loss of a post would be major bad news I think. Is Nelson adjusting to her new home?

    • Ghost writing? That’s cool.

      Nelson has started to move out into the other rooms of her new apartment.

      I am off out to check her again soon.

      She is a bit grumpy to tell the truth.

      • Not ghost writing, but a collaborative effort among a group of bloggers- I contribute but it was not my brain-child…thankfully! I think Nelson is a house bunny 😉

  5. Nothing much to add except that now I do write on Word and copy it onto my blog. In the past I have lost drives into the ether and determined it would never happen again.

  6. I have that happened and it just makes a person sick. Like you, if I think it is very important I make a hard copy first. Sigh

  7. Looks like you scored a hit with your post about the troubles with Mr. Flowers and Nelson. If Mr. Flowers is mad at you, he trusts you enough to show you he’s mad. And Nelson sounds like he’s adjusting. And spring really is coming.

  8. How horrible after all your hard work. Look forward to laundry soap recipe. Beautiful pictures. Glad that Nelson is making herself at home and Mr Flowers trusts you really and he knows that you musn’t “bite the hand that feeds you”!

  9. I’ve never had it happen to me, or at least, not yet. I used to compose in Word and then paste in, but I stopped doing that when I realised that I preferred to edit text so that it sits nicely around my photos. I don’t always want a big central photo, and text needs to run in a tidy column on the right around photos on the left, etc. So now I write directly into WP, and I fart about with line breaks and so on till I like the way it looks on preview. (Still using Classic, obviously!). But I feel your pain; losing something you’ve laboured hard over and that you’re really happy with is painful and feels futile and depressing. I’m glad you were able to pick yourself up and recreate something for us all to enjoy.

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