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The Rooster on the Porch

Roosters have their own territories, especially roosters who do not have a flock of chickens. And often (here on the Farmy) a lone rooster will attach itself to an animal. At least to the area that a particular animal lives in and the promise… Continue Reading “The Rooster on the Porch”

Tima’s Summer Diet

Tima will share her diet with you! She swears by it and at it, sometimes! Timatanga Moana (we call her Tima for short) is a kunekune pig. And kunekune pigs can put on the wrong kind of weight if they are fed the wrong… Continue Reading “Tima’s Summer Diet”

Spring Sounds

As Gracie and I worked, yesterday morning, hauling out fork-fulls of winter bedding and spreading it across the corridor field,  flock after flock of geese flew overhead, crying out with their distinctive melancholic call. But they were flying North.  No need for melancholy.  They… Continue Reading “Spring Sounds”