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This old rooster. He is positively ancient. He is so scrawny that he is able to hide from the big young roosters, keeping out of trouble. Mainly though he just hangs out in the feed shed tucked in behind the bags. In fact he… Continue Reading “RAGGLE TAGGLE”

Rooster Mohawk

No sun yesterday but I was still emotionally topped up on the abundant sunshine from the day before so we had a good day. In the night I put on my rooster gloves and went into the chook house and caught the last three… Continue Reading “Rooster Mohawk”

Golden Fall

Autumn has come.  It came on fast actually.  The leaves held their green for as long as they could in this wet warm autumn. Now finally the trees have begun to turn their coats and the leaves to release their tenuous hold on life and… Continue Reading “Golden Fall”

Poppy Comes Home

I THINK. (Emphasis on the Think) – that Poppy is indeed pregnant.  Her first due date was actually yesterday but her udder might be changing and I think I felt a piglet kick from within her belly. So I took advantage of having my… Continue Reading “Poppy Comes Home”

Chicken Dances

Rooster at the West Barn, enters Stage Left. Tough audience. Cattle Call auditions. I hate them.   Though I believe this particular audition was called by the cattle. I knew a guy once, when I was running in such circles, who actually wrote his thesis… Continue Reading “Chicken Dances”

Who is looking in your door?

I am a very lucky girl. A. because I love to have Tima looking through my door and B. because Tane cannot climb the steps – yet! Anyway he is too busy in the frog garden, he has discovered some unharvested beets and has a… Continue Reading “Who is looking in your door?”

Come with me

To the West Barn across the way and back again. Just pictures. You know all the names. I hope you all have a lovely day. Your friend on the farmy, miss c  

Books and Chicks

The Books are Here! (Well, Half the books are here due to a wee mix up at the printers but I  am sure they will do their best to fix up this error today and hopefully send them asap.  Melissa my copilot is onto… Continue Reading “Books and Chicks”

Queenie Plays Possum

Poor Old Queenie is so big and so round and so short the only way she can get comfortable is to lie like that. It terrifies me. I’m fine, she says. I’m fine. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. (Expectant mothers hate fussing.)… Continue Reading “Queenie Plays Possum”

Your voice echoes when there is snow in the clouds

Yesterday it snowed again. But it was a gentle sweet silent snow that did not last too long. But the clouds sat heavy. Heavy clouds breathing light snow. Like kind gods. A benevolent uncle kind of snow. I set about trapping and catching the… Continue Reading “Your voice echoes when there is snow in the clouds”