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Mopping Up the Details

It might take a while to get you all up to date! Let’s hope I can stay the course a bit longer this time. Though we will be drifting into bread baking a bit more often – this being a huge focus in my… Continue Reading “Mopping Up the Details”



Tane, the miracle boar

You will remember that for almost a year now Tane has not been able to walk very well. During last winter he slowed down so badly, that I was asked on a number of occasions whether it would not be kinder to put him… Continue Reading “Tane, the miracle boar”

Goodbye Pictures

Lots of them! First the inhabitants in and around the Home Barn. Egoli trying to stop Geraldine from pecking at his haunches.  That is one mean peahen when she wants to be. Tima and Tane. I have just realised I forgot to shut their… Continue Reading “Goodbye Pictures”

Rooster Mohawk

No sun yesterday but I was still emotionally topped up on the abundant sunshine from the day before so we had a good day. In the night I put on my rooster gloves and went into the chook house and caught the last three… Continue Reading “Rooster Mohawk”

Big Birds in Barns

The barn is heaving with birds at the moment, not only the big domestic birds- all the homeless roosters that are not allowed to live with the hens, the peahens and the two oldest guinea fowl on the planet, and Mr Flowers the peacock,… Continue Reading “Big Birds in Barns”

Yesterday I lost one of Poppy’s piglets. She looked a bit off on Friday evening, stopped eating on Saturday, did not respond to the usual treatments and died yesterday morning. I don’t know. I take these things hard. She had no symptoms at all. No… Continue Reading “”

Gorgeous and Gorging

Are they related?  Gorging and Gorgeous. This mob(all these hungry piglets) gorge on their food until they are stuffed like deer heads on the wall and they are rather gorgeous as well. Maybe we gorge on their good looks. Geraldine, like the dogs, is never… Continue Reading “Gorgeous and Gorging”

Have Feathers will Travel

Geraldine the hand raised peahen frequently sits in the bed of the truck and has to be evicted when it is time to drive over to the other barn. I have always wondered what she would do if I just drove off and left her… Continue Reading “Have Feathers will Travel”

Barn Beds

The kittens are dealing with the cold by lying about in my washing, playing in the fruit bowl, sneaking into the cupboards and their table manners are dreadful. Boo still loves them though. The barn was still yesterday. Still and quiet.   Cold. The birds… Continue Reading “Barn Beds”