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I made a cake

A walnut, cranberry – apple cake. But it was awful. Dry. The pictures are pretty though. See how it says Moist? Well it wasn’t.. so I  don’t think you need the recipe.  Or I just left it in the oven too long. I sometimes… Continue Reading “I made a cake”

Boo will have to mind the baby today, it will be a busy one.

Dawn across the sea of snow. Marcel is doing very well. By yesterday afternoon he was following me about the kitchen. Boo Nanny is having to adjust to her lambie rising up and standing and being almost a tall as his Nanny. Boo is… Continue Reading “Boo will have to mind the baby today, it will be a busy one.”

Sticky Face.

I thought I would be clever and upended the somewhat empty frozen gallon flagon of molasses, jammed it into Daisy’s feeder so it dripped into her hay and let them fool around with it for the day. OOPS! Then leaving Queenie to clean up… Continue Reading “Sticky Face.”

I can’t find Pania the Peahen .. now what could she be up to?

Tui  the peahen is still on her nest (her eggs are due to hatch on July 2nd) and Pania the other peahen has slowly become more and more absent.  And now I have no idea where she is. There are a few more hiding… Continue Reading “I can’t find Pania the Peahen .. now what could she be up to?”

Pigs love Milk

Beautiful Daughter, who you will remember is in Melbourne, still reads the Farmy pages every day.  She was on the phone yesterday. Write more stories, she says.  I said, it is summer here I don’t start the real writing until December 26.  I cannot… Continue Reading “Pigs love Milk”

Curdled cheese from grumpy milk

Hot chooks and their companion  trying to catch a breeze. Kupa always looks like he is wearing boxers! Here is an old shot of me -just out of interest. I came across this picture again yesterday. It was taken around the time I ended… Continue Reading “Curdled cheese from grumpy milk”

Let’s go Walkabout on the Farmy. Our favourite thing!

Take a break. Have a Kit Kat. These were taken just after dawn yesterday. In the space of about an hour. The cats are always waiting on the verandah for their feed. Hey, look at that! Over there! Suckers, says Thing Two. Daisy is… Continue Reading “Let’s go Walkabout on the Farmy. Our favourite thing!”

Caught on film with her head in a Pig Trough!

First we need a lesson in topping. I hate topping.  Topping is when you mow the tops off the pasture in the fields. We have more grass than stock this year which is good. And was in the sustainable plan.  We are not at… Continue Reading “Caught on film with her head in a Pig Trough!”

Love at First Sight. Kupa, The Romantic Peacock !

On our return from the Bantam Swap, I placed the cage, with Kupa’s surprise, into the still empty turkey enclosure and left the cage door open while closing the pen door.  This was so Kupa could see but not touch for a wee while.… Continue Reading “Love at First Sight. Kupa, The Romantic Peacock !”