Gorgeous and Gorging

Are they related?  Gorging and Gorgeous. This mob(all these hungry piglets) gorge on their food until they are stuffed like deer heads on the wall and they are rather gorgeous as well. Maybe we gorge on their good looks.

Geraldine, like the dogs, is never far from me. Waiting at the back door, or staring at us through the dining room window,  watching me garden or sitting in the back of the truck. Today I was in the shed right by the bags of feed and as an experiment I called her by name Geraldine.  “Come here, Geraldine – Geraldine!” and within seconds she swooped over from the barn and glided over the truck then slid gently to a halt at my feet. Peep, Peep, she said.


Clever girl. It is a dangerous game though – she is a heavy bird and long past landing in my lap like she used to.

My lovely milk cows. Lady Astor and Aunty Del.

Aunty Del

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

22 Comments on “Gorgeous and Gorging

  1. Those pigs are getting big! Gorge is French for throat and apparently gorgias is old French for elegant – both would have entered the English language that way. However, that doesn’t advance the connection idea much…

  2. You are one very lucky lady to have so many lovely animals…..yes..l know..its a lot of hard toil rveryday and everynight…which is why the animals are very lucky to have a lady farmer like you

  3. Just love Molly’s Mob! They are a bunch of handsome piglets, that’s for sure!!! 🙂

  4. “The name for a group of pigs depends on the animals’ ages. A group of young pigs is called a drift, drove or litter. Groups of older pigs are called a sounder of swine, a team or passel of hogs or a singular of boars.”

    Love the idea do a drove of lovely pigs…. 🙂 And I think both of your milk cows are serving Daisy’s memory well. They are beautiful animals.

  5. Your cows look so glossy and healthy. Geraldine is one smart peahen ! And those pigs are a picture of rumbustious health 😀

  6. Sad that no-one wants to film George Orwell’s Animal Farm …. casting the pigs would be a cinch 🙂 Sounder of Swine is my favourite collective. Geraldine is both beautiful and bright. Laura

  7. Hope you are having a lovely day too. I love all the photos of gorgeous piglets, smart peahens, and lovely milk cows. It’s a life I get to live vicariously. No stamina to do it for real. You are a powerful woman.

  8. I adore your lovely piggies, milk cows and Geraldine is a lovely pea hen! How lucky we all are that you share your life with us!

  9. Thank you for the shot of Geraldine. I am grateful to be able to see her headdress? What does one call the sprouting on her head? So curious! And I love rambustious!!! Much love, Your Gayle

  10. What a bucolic, idyllic post. Feeds my soul. Thanks!! I imagine you sensed I was thinking of you on Saturday when Richard and I took the most delightful little jaunt out to a couple of fairly nearby dairies to try out their raw milk and (not coincidentally on my part) have a good visit with the cows and calves. Such a pleasure, and yes, the milk from both places is superb. Jerseys rule at the first farm and Swiss at the second, though to be honest neither of us had the milk-sommelier palate to tell one deliciousness from another when we tasted them side-by-side once home! 😉 In any case, this post has all of the warmth and mellowness the season could offer, and I love it.

      • We’re just drinking this batch straight and luxuriating in the richness and mellow sweetness of Real Milk. Such a rare gift around here, these days.

        But when we get back from our jaunt to Washington this week/end (the choir R conducted up there for 18 years turns 90, and 100+ of the singers from his “era” will be reconvened along with tons of singers we’ve known from the other conductors’ eras) I’m planning to do more fun stuff with the milk.

        I’ll finally try out some of John’s cheese recipes (listening, John?), and I will definitely make custards (one of my great weaknesses, as you know!) and very likely, a bit of ice cream. The cream we got looks gorgeous, too, and I’ve not yet tasted that, so I might go the ice-cream route and put it up for our return so as not to waste its beauties. Maybe some cardamom-vanilla bean ice cream??? Bit of Scotch-based salted caramel on top? Uh-oh. Getting all het up, here…!

        Much love to you and the farmy gang!

  11. Love it when I can start my day right here. Enjoying the photos of Geraldine lately. And the pigs’ ears are so adorable. And colorful!

  12. Oh, haven’t these babies grown! If they only knew how gorgeous their faces do look!! Methinks we all remember ‘Babe’ . . . . now could some bright film director not think of a sequence to involve a distant relative who moved to the Prairies, had a parcel of babies and voila!! . . . . your food bills covered also . . . 🙂 !!

  13. Celi, this post was so relaxing. Like Geraldine, my goose Polly also comes to her name, though not from up on high. She’s just a bit too rotund for such antics. Isn’t it wonderful that what others would consider just a farm animal can show us their intelligence and trust and come to us eagerly when called?

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