Have Feathers will Travel

Geraldine the hand raised peahen frequently sits in the bed of the truck and has to be evicted when it is time to drive over to the other barn. I have always wondered what she would do if I just drove off and left her there  on the truck- how long she would stay whether she would just hang out and enjoy the ride.

Well, yesterday I was driving the tractor down the drive, dragging the hay rack with a load of straw on it around to the other barn so my new woofer Romain from Belgium could help me stack it over there. I was toddling along and had got to the end of the drive when I turned around to see how Romain was doing on the trailer and there he was taking photos of Geraldine who was standing on top of the straw as we bounced down the drive, quite happy, just standing there posing for pictures, definitely enjoying herself and watching the world go by.

Romain has never been on a farm before so he was not sure whether to point out that a big bird was riding on the back of the trailer giving him the stink eye. Maybe this is normal he was thinking. geraldine the peahen

I stopped and told her to fly back home straight away.

geraldine the peahen

She gave me quite the filthy look and with ill grace she flew off the back of the trailer and commenced to saunter back down the drive with her tail in the air. We were leaving the tractor over the other side and walking home, that would not work with a peahen under my arm. But she refused to listen to my explanations.

dogs in long grass

Naughty bird.

The Mama Chook is teaching her chickens to roost. She still has all five too.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


42 Comments on “Have Feathers will Travel

  1. I’m convinced she thinks she’s the truck’s mascot… Perhaps it’s just as well she hasn’t taken to perching on the bonnet (hood). And I love that expression, ‘stink eye’!

  2. Ah Geraldine has. a great sense of humour…hopenyou apll have a good day too

  3. Seen from those angles Geraldine is truly huge. Not a girl I would want to be carrying around for sure.

  4. Romains’ life will never be the same after breathing and taking in part of the farmy life. Oh the experiences and characters that will stay with him forever in his thoughts-what a wonderful opportunity for him. Similar to this blog…it has become part of my daily routine and life is better because of the stories you share.

  5. Geraldine , the adventure peahen 🙂 What a good Mama Chook. Laura

  6. Wonderful post, it shows that you are not immune to the odd and entertaining things that happen in your farmer life. Having lived on small farms as a child, I know it can be just drudgery every day, especially in winter, but you have really taken the country life to a new level because of your own background experiences and the addition of all the wwoofers. How did a Belgian guy with no farm experience even find you?! Thank you for all these glimpses!

    • I have not been farming long enough to feel the drudgery – in fact i would rather be outside scooping than inside doing dishes – it is the weather that hits me I think – that extreme heat and the knowledge of the awful cold ahead – this is why i travel in the winters

  7. What a cute morning story. That set my day off right!! And what a grand adventure to be on a working farm for the first time!

  8. Yes to the above wonderment and wondering. How did he find you–and how wonderful of you to allow him on the farm. (This is the reason I don’t visit. I would be in the way–and I certainly don’t want to be a “guest”. And an old one to boot.)

  9. I am developing quite a soft spot for Geraldine. I like birds with attitude. Pheasants, geese and the like. She’s in.

  10. As is all too often true, everyone has said that which I would have said had I been here earlier. However, the trade-off is that I don’t have to function earlier in the day. Much etc. from same etc.

  11. What a different and memorable ‘holiday’ for a young man from a small country like Belgium: and great for you if he has the extra muscle 🙂 ! The US Prairies life would be such a contrast!!! Oh meant to ask: did Ton see the vet yet regarding that ulcer/growth? Perhaps I have read too fast . . .

  12. Good that you quickly put a stop to Geraldine’s traveling. If you hadn’t, it wouldn’t be long before she’d be going everywhere that truck went. Just what you need. 🙂

  13. Geraldine looks very much queen of all she surveys, on top of the hay stack. Once again I am playing catch-up. Saw the doctor again this morning and finally he is arranging for me to see an ENT Consultant. If I was an animal, I would have been sorted (or put down) long ago!

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