I am sitting at my desk, in my nightie (which is the remains of an old summer dress) listening to that early morning shuffling squawk and bobbing dawn chorus babble of the chickens and roosters. The crickets  are finishing up for the night but no whispering birds.  The night birds have gone silent and the day birds are still sleeping. There is no sun. There is no moon.  The moon is so new that we cannot see it.  The world is all absence of light. 

It almost feels like dawn is never coming, not ever again.  As though the sun has quite given up in disgust, gathered up her skirts,  put her motor into warp speed and flounced off. This Earth World of ours just being one massive science experiment that she is bored with now. People being so stupid, she says. perfection-024

Have you ever wondered why pots and pans are round? The elements under them are round too but the stove top is square. So we are endlessly bumping these round pots around this square surface.  You cannot use the four burners at the same time with my big round cast iron pans. They don’t fit. I think it would have been a lot more sensible to devise square elements and square gas hobs and square pots and pans so that they could all fit together on the stove. And fit more efficiently in the cupboard.  We can change our stirring pattern so things don’t burn in the corners.  Roasting dishes are a rectangular shape why not the shiny pots? perfection-026

Is it all about the stirring, because we stir in a circle?  Everyone has always and forever stirred in a circle. Therefore our pots need to be in the round. Or was this another plot by the round sun and the round moon to see how long we slog along with the perfect circle just because that is the way it has always been before we wake up in the dark morning-night and wonder if the way it has always been is the best way.

Or is it about the washing up. God, how I hate washing up!!

Probably engineering though – a round pot being cheaper to make.  Follow the money they say.

I would buy a set of square pots. hay

Maybe the sun and moon  have both flounced off together: the morning-night is still quite black. The darkest morning of the lunar month I think before we begin the drift back up to the full moon.

I will dress and take camera house and see about a sunrise, if the sun deigns to show us another morning.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

Wednesday 09/20 10% / 0 inMainly sunny. High near 90F. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph.

Wednesday Night 09/20 20% / 0 inA few clouds. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. Low 68F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.


                                                                     6:38 am 6:53 pm


New Moon, 0% visible 6:54 am 7:27 pm


37 Comments on “SQUARE POTS

  1. I like the idea of being an experiment in the Sun’s petri dish…. You’ve probably got it right about things being round because of the stirring. Otherwise stuff would get stuck in the corners and burn. Rectangular pans with very rounded corners might work though!

  2. I think a round stove would be fun. Tho kitchen counter makers might not enjoy it so much.

  3. Oh, how i love to see the atmosphere, the mod, the sound of these birds, the felling and above all, the enjoyment behind it, you have stimulate my feelings for such moment.

  4. My Ouma had 3 triangular pots that fitted together to make one round pot. Your days are getting shorter. Laura

    • we had some when I was a kid … they came with one handle for the set of three which you slotted into the pot you wanted to lift up … they were diabolically AWFUL … you couldn’t stir anything in them because you couldn’t get into the corners … and if you dared burn anything in them you couldn’t get into the crevices to clean … we persevered with them for a couple of months then they spent the next ten years languishing at the back of the cupboard until my mother found the courage to bin them

  5. Gosh, I can’t believe you are getting close to 90 degrees today too!!! xo

  6. I like your musings. Dawn and just before does that to me too, although lately I’ve depended more on yours, hsving learned about midnight-and-after musings, which of course result in sleep-ins.

    Tired thought: square pegs and round holes– why not round pegs and square holes: because both take too much effort. Certain things are just round; some are made square by persons with ideas, bright or not.

  7. Lol, indeed the Potter’s wheel spins in a circle… And now the lathe spins in a circle; ) and you’re so right it would be, heck it IS horrendous trying to get that burnt-on gunk out of the corners of your typical four-cornered roasting pan (but even they have slightly rounded corners, thank goodness for small mercies!; )
    Thank goodness you don’t stay in that “forever dark” place for very long. Perhaps it wouldn’t seem quite so bad if we thought of it as the pause between a deep sigh and subsequent inhalation?

    • And such beautiful hay too, by the way! (If I close my eyes I can smell the sweetness – especially as the sun peeks in to warm the air in the mow and highlight the dust motes floating lazily by…

  8. Stones were first used as pots I’m sure – and to make a stone square would be difficult because you would use a stone to grid down the surface. (that’s my hunch anyway)

    But I’m like you – why not square drinking glasses and cups too? They would take up less room. I have an ice tea picture that is oblong and I just love how it fits in the fridge.

    I’m late these days because the post is later in the day…. Odd. But comments about the last 2 posts:

    Perfection – pffffffftttttttt. I strive for 99% on my payroll system, 90% on the budget system and 85% in my life unless it is something for someone else – then I go higher. The beauty is in all the chaos.

    As for Wai – would a cardboard box – HUGE one help? or an XL dog crate with a cardboard box as insulation? You could glue some of that sliver insulation material onto the cardboard.

  9. My grandmother too had three triangular pots that fitted together to make a circular one. I vaguely remember her saying they were from the second world war when they had to economise with everything as much as possible, including fuel.

  10. Possibly to limit the number of seams in the pot? I have never thought why but when I use my large cast iron frying pan, I can only fit 3 pots instead of 5!

  11. Apparently there is scientific data that indicates humans have an affinity for curves, finding them more aesthetically pleasing than boxy shapes… according the Smithsonian.com, so of course that tips practicality when it comes to design & manufacturing with a view to marketing. Personally, I prefer a world that’s a conglomerate of size, shapes, colours, tastes, preferences ♡

  12. Don’t mind round cooking pots: well, the on-stove grill pans are all square . . . . but love all my square garden pots: look kind’of modern and stylish . . . .

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