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Goodbye Pictures

Lots of them! First the inhabitants in and around the Home Barn. Egoli trying to stop Geraldine from pecking at his haunches.  That is one mean peahen when she wants to be. Tima and Tane. I have just realised I forgot to shut their… Continue Reading “Goodbye Pictures”

A sundoggy day

“I can’t feel my face.” Amanda said to me after we had spent a good deal of the afternoon cleaning downed branches out of the electric fence across at the West Barn. All the little branches were carried to the growing bonfire heap and… Continue Reading “A sundoggy day”

Amazing shots of the sundogs , visiting Sheila and racking the wine.

The sun with his dogs.  Frankly I find these images downright spooky. These were taken from the field and yes it was cold.  Ads shooting straight into the sun creates some odd effects but there is something deeply supernatural about these.  What does it… Continue Reading “Amazing shots of the sundogs , visiting Sheila and racking the wine.”

Sundogs – like bookends for a frozen day.

Yesterday was officially freezing.  Real freezing cold. Not that fake cold when your dressing gown is in the dryer and you have to run to the toilet in your nightie and the toilet seat is cold and you shiver and say God that is… Continue Reading “Sundogs – like bookends for a frozen day.”