A sundoggy day

“I can’t feel my face.” Amanda said to me after we had spent a good deal of the afternoon cleaning downed branches out of the electric fence across at the West Barn. All the little branches were carried to the growing bonfire heap and all the big limbs were sawed up for next years fire wood.


The dogs watched the traffic of branches just in case one should come loose and become “The Stick. ” They could not care less about the cold.


It was only a bit cold (we are below freezing now for a while) but the cold was made worse by a stiff wind.  Even I was not speaking much by the end of the afternoon. Earlier we had been sitting by the fire trimming Tima’s nails. Giving a pig a pedicure in front of a warm fire seemed much more of  New Years Day activity wouldn’t you say? Though Tima was well behaved but not amused.

Good morning. We got Tima back on her feet and out the door and after clearing the trees,  the electric fence was turned back on and the cows on the other side could come back into their winter field again, Molly the little pig got lost, was found and returned to her house again, Tane walked so far out into the field I could barely see him, Poppy said No Thank You I don’t particularly want to have sex with Manu today if that’s ok with everybody watching, Lady Astor yelled loud and long because her bale of hay was not up to her standards and then Jake came round, we made dinner and  ate too much again and now I swear I am going on a diet from tomorrow!

But look at this!


I think that is a sundog,  what do you think?

Last time I saw one out here was the day after Sheila got in a fight with that mean boar in 2014.  Do you remember that? That incident is why I am being so careful with Poppy and Manu.  (There has been a little shoving but no nasty fighting. Mostly they are separated  by the gate waiting for Poppy to come into a standing heat.)


I hope you also had a good day. Today I am taking Amanda back to the airport to fly home to Texas. Sad, me, I am.

Love celi



70 Comments on “A sundoggy day

  1. Now that is definitely a sun dog! How brilliantly bright it is! It looks so cold, everything sort of tightened up and folded in on itself to stay as warm as possible. Except the dogs, of course. I’m glad Tima was ladylike about her pedi, and Poppy clearly has a bit more modesty than we all gave her credit for. I feel sorry for poor Manu, he must be standing there with his tongue hanging out, with all that ample beauty parading up and down but not coming to the party! I hope both your faces defrost properly, bon voyage Amanda!

  2. That’s definitely a sundog. Do you really only get them as unusually as that? I see them here (England) maybe a few times a month or even more than once a week sometimes. But I guess it’s all about when a change is coming, and being a relatively small island a lot of weather changes come in a small area quite often. 😀
    Happy New Year!

    • Technically we do not get sundogs every time we get a weather change here – I only really see them when the sun is very low and it is very cold and ice crystals have formed low in the atmosphere .. interesting that you get so many – are they coloured? c

  3. I love the photo of ‘the dogs’ waiting the The Stick. Good morning, c, and a very happy weekend to you.

      • Haha, when we first got Mac, my little schnoodle? who’s your daddy dog we were trimming a few tree branches. Mac was ecstatic as they fell, I’m sure he thought he landed in a place where chewy STICKS rained from the sky.

  4. That is one beauty of a sundog, yes ma’am. I have to force myself to work out in the cold, but when I do I am then SO happy I did. Makes the coming in by the fire all the better.

  5. Fabulous sky pix – inspiring.
    Poppy’s “No Thank You I don’t particularly want to have sex with Manu today if that’s ok with everybody watching,” does not surprise me – I wouldn’t want that with the handsomest sexiest chap in the world with everybody watching!
    Bye bye Amanda – it was good to see you again.
    love from saturated Normandy. It’s pouring because Sally and family have to drive across France to Zeebrugge in Belgium for their ferry home.
    ViV xox

  6. I have never seen a sundog, but your photos are amazing. I can feel the cold with the two dogs waiting and wishing for a stick to fall. Sorry to hear Amanda is heading back to Texas, but I am sure she is already planning her next visit. You have only a month to your own journey to the airport for fun, family and adventure. Knowing you, there will be plenty to keep you going in the meantime.

      • The shelf is a great idea, on a tough day go touch the stuff on the shelf… evidence you are going away! In the meantime… enjoy the dancing pigs, dogs looking for sticks and the fowl chorus each morning!

  7. Learn something every day, they say (whoever ‘they’ are)…. and I have. I had to ask Mr Google what a sundog is and received a rather thorough explanation. I don’t believe I have ever seen one…. or at least, if I have, I never knew what it was.
    The photo of the dogs could be titled ‘Great Expectations’.. it’s a wonderful shot. Also the one of Amanda.
    Cold here too… just dipping below freezing a little until Monday when it is predicted to plunge down to minus 11 c. before creeping up to just above freezing again for the rest of the week. I figure anything over freezing this time of year is a huge bonus and I accept it with humility.
    Sorry your friend is leaving today but, as Grannymar reminds us, it is not long before you, too, are off on your mid-winter adventure to the other side of the world. Once Amanda is winging her way south you will likely move into preparation mode for your trip. I can hardly wait… I have always wanted to visit Australia and, even more, New Zealand.
    Have a great day! ~ Mame 🙂

  8. Yes I’d say a sun dog. A good omen for Amanda’s travels. Maybe it will put love in the air for Poppy? Who knows. Just wishing good things for you and your farm community for 2016.

  9. Beautiful skies. Miss C there I was thinking you were going to build a hugelkultuur bed with all those branches. Dig a trench ( is ground too frozen now?) pile in all the branches cover with compost, cover with topsoil and later in spring you will have the most wonderful organic bed for summer veg plantings. Bye Amanda, shoo this was a flying visit, over too quickly. Laura

  10. Amanda only just got there! Surely it has only been a week or even less…or is time passing me by! Also cold here at -15 C and I am wrapped up but I am still cold. Take care Miss C…don’t be sad..look forward instead to the next volunteer..you never know it could be me

  11. I’ve never seen a sundog and your photo of one is simply beautiful. Wow – you worked hard yesterday…. but probably no harder than you work everyday. I’ve never heard of cutting a pig’s toes…. is that because she comes into the house and would ruin the floors? Sad to hear that Amanda has left, but happy to hear you’ll seen be spending time with your family and friends. There’s nothing like that!!! ; o )

  12. Oh yeah, a sundog. Great. I always was wondering about a song in Beethoven’s Winter Journey why the lyrics were talking about “three suns”. Never understood until I saw a sundog in 2015 and fotographed it too. Rainbow coloured.. And then I read all the informations available about it. There are a lot of super beautiful pics on the web (at Google pictures). So it must have been a sundog in Beethoven’s song. I think the expression Mock Sun means the same. It’s such an interesting phenomenon… That one of 2014 is gorgeous, thanks for the link, Celi! So beautiful!
    Bye-bye Amanda…

    • Sorry, sorry for the Beethoven – it’s Franz Schubert (1797-1828) for sure. I’m getting sooo old now…

      • You’re not old until you’re well into your 90s, irmi. I’m sure Franz would forgive you and Ludwig couldn’t have heard you anyway. Frohes neues Jahr!

        • Thank you Aquila, you’re too kind…. Made me smile. Franz & Ludwig RiP –
          Ebenfalls frohes Neues Jahr!

            • I so would agree to sit with you by the fire having a glass of wine or two and listen to some good music. And maybe lateron I myself would sing some of these songs (Winter Journey and others) to you as a gift – just out of an impulse or a deep urge from my heart… I’m not a singer – no. You just made me “Dreaming of a white Christmas” you see… 😉

  13. perhaps a UFO? It’s bitterly cold here too- stay warm- there’s a reason we eat more in the winter! Cheers and HNY!

  14. A great treat on a New Year’s Saturday to read about the pigs, feel the dogs’ excitement, and see such a sky! I am continually thanking my little screen for bringing such delights into my living room. Grateful to you too, Miss C., for faithfully posting. Best wishes for a happy farmy year.

  15. I’ve seen several wonderful sundogs, even have a couple decent photos of them. Those are really bright that you captured.
    It’s cold here too, never liked being cold. I guess Poppy will be ready when she decides to be, at least she and Manu are behaving and not being nasty. Smoky goes nuts for “Stick” he has to have it thrown for him almost every day. Stay warm.

  16. Am so glad to see those bluish skies on your photos – half our newscasts seem to be full of the rains and floods both in the British Isles and central US – have even had the Governor of Illinois on on a few occasions about the tragedies in the State. Uhuh: had to go talk to Mr Google about sundogs also – absolutely fabulous picture but don’t believe I have seen one either . . .

  17. Oh … didn’t get here until late tonight! Your cold wind arrives here on Monday. Whipped right up through Lake Michigan – set right to chill it down even more! Great sundog! Those are ice crystals up there! Brrrrr!

  18. The anticipation of “The Stick.” Dogs are fun. It seems Amanda just got here! Time flies, doesn’t it?

  19. I’m so sorry Amanda is leaving already. I’m sure the cold is easier to take with the warmth of a friend nearby. Keep well, and Bon voyage Amanda.

  20. Your sundog photos never cease to amaze me, Celi. I’ve never seen one and would need to head to the Lake to do so. Given that they only show up on or coldest days, that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. If only they weren’t so damn inconvenient. 🙂

  21. The last sundog I saw we were living in Calgary 17 years ago. That winter we had the coldest weather recorded and the most snow. In the spring we moved back to Vancouver. Hurrah!!!!

  22. I had to laugh at the first line. Only if you have been there does it make sense. Glad you’ve had some warm company (Nothing more serious than a dog on guard for a stick, is there?)
    Amazing skies. It was clear here today, too. Ran out to soak it all in and store to get us through the next stormy front on the way. Button up

  23. We see sundogs here mostly in late summer, sometimes late winter. In fact, these very sundogs are how I chose my blog name. I’ve always been fascinated with them. Are pigs not afraid of fire? For some reason I thought both wild and domestic mammals feared fire. I wonder if Amanda is basking in the 50 degree temperatures this week! Texas is always about 10 degrees warmer than Oklahoma.

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