Not ready to breed

Poppy is not ready to be bred yet. She made us wait last time too if you remember. Except last time was a straw – this time is a real boy pig. Maybe today.


She stays in her corner pen for the most part and a few times a day I take her for a walk past Manu and out into her courtyard to have a look around. She will not let him breed her until she is ready so we all wait. Manu included. If the girl says no the girl means no.

poppy in pen

Hugo’s chickens are very happy in the West Barn with their pig friends and big cows.

cow and heifer

The cows are glad that the ground has finally frozen again so they can get back outside.


You can see Not So Difficult still munching away – making up for lost time.

Sheila and her twin nieces are finally getting on. They still sleep in their own beds but Sheila is not dealing out the spankings quite as often.

Good morning. I hope you all had a quiet or maybe a rowdy New Years Eve, we were quiet. Very quiet actually. A Great Weariness descended upon me and I sloped off to bed early. We cleared a lot of fallen branches yesterday and made two batches of soap.

Last night Amanda cooked and tonight Jake will cook so I am getting a few nights out of the kitchen.

We had lots of fun and wonderful moments in 2015 didn’t we, I wonder what 2016 has in store!?

Have a lovely day,



30 Comments on “Not ready to breed

  1. Celi, I hope 2016 has more than a bagful of good things for you, the farm residents & visitors as well as the fellowship of the farmy. May the weather be kind, the animals fruitful, with fun and learning from your wise words for all of us.

  2. Happy New Year to all who visit the farmy, in thought or deed or foot prints in the dirt!

  3. That Poppy is just a Great Big Tease…. I’m glad you allowed the weariness to dictate your evening, I think you must have needed a big sleep. And of course, among all the other potential delights of 2016, Miss Celi Goes Visiting! I wish you joy, energy, wisdom and contentment in the coming year, and I wish we may be allowed to share it with you! xxx

  4. You had me ROFL again! I could just imagine Sheila putting the poor little pigs over her knee 😉
    Happy New Year – it’s good to hear that your head does not ache like mine.

  5. Happy New Year and a productive 2016. Thanks for all the adventures in 2015 and I am looking forward to 2016 lessons and discussions. Laura

    PS It looks like you were sitting just above a rock pool at the beach in top photo 🙂

  6. I think that great weariness descended on us all. It was time (wasn’t it?) for 2015 to be over. I love the New Year for that….that feeling of a new start even if the 1st of January is very much like the last of December. There is, still, a freshness. Deep breath, here we go! And I hope yours is especially good. You’ve brought us all so much joy. I hope it is given back to you many times.

  7. No idea what 2016 may hold, and for me I think that it’s better that way. No need to get worked up before one needs to I suppose.Thankfully one constant is the farmy, and Miss C of course, sharing her life with us.

  8. Best Wishes for a great year ahead for you on the farm and also for the entire Fellowship. I have so enjoyed your ‘moments’ this year and look forward to 2016’s with great anticipation!
    Your photo looks like a great flood… hope it has a chance to drain away before the deep freeze sets in. Good luck with your breeding plans! Have a great day! ~ Mame 🙂

  9. Happy New Year to you and yours. The winds (quite high) of change are blowing here. I too, called it an early night. I think we are going to need our rest for all the adventure to come this year. Happy New Year to all your Fellowship as well.

  10. First of all: A Happy New Year again to you and to the Fellowship! Now it’s really 2016… We’ll see what it has to offer to all of us. Let’s hope that there will only be nice and lovely things…
    The first pic in the post (not the Header pic) looks like a devastated landscape! Oh my! – And you’re so right with that one: If the girl says no the girl means no. Poppy knows what she wants.
    What a cute shot of Lady A and her daughter… (it IS Naomi, isn’t it?) and so sweet Naomi and Alex so close together.. Not So Difficult is that one standing further away by the fence, no?
    I have a quite blue day today….

  11. Well, it’s been quite a year. I read about a book called The Happiness Handbook by a dr. at the famed Mayo Clinic. He says the brain cannot tell the difference between what you think happens and what actually happens. It responds in the same way. Every cell in our body responds. Am I making any sense at all? Oh dear. Probably not.
    Anyway happy new year to you Cecilia and all your friends. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing life with us, and thank you to the lounge for sharing your lives.

  12. Cecilia, I hate to be such a pest but please add the many new members to THE CAST. I so enjoy reminiscing. And also need reminding. I just saw Auntie Del and can’t remember the last time she was featured. Is she still with us? Does she live with Lady DI and Naomi and Not So Difficult and Alex?

  13. We did have lots of fun and wonderful moments in 2015 and I’m sure 2016 willl hold many more! I’m looking forward to it and being able to share in the life of the Farmy for another wonderful year! Life is grand, isn’t it?
    Happy Near Year Cinders!

  14. All the best to you and the fellowship for 2016.

    Yes, we all went to bed early. Sally cooked tonight as it was her Duncan’s birthday, and to give me a rest – but I might just as well have cooked as I kept having to get up and find things, and she’d never used an induction hob before, so it was all a bit hit or miss! The lemon drizzle cake she made was great.

    Come on Poppy: let Manu do his stuff – we want to see some piglets.

    ViV xox

  15. A happy New Year to you, Celi. I’m still discovering wonders around here, like that belted Galloway. (I think it’s a belted Galloway?) Like many, I’m happy for a fresh start — not because of any trauma in the past year, but only because inertia seems to take over after a while. A stopping and starting again is said to be good for our tech devices, and I think it’s good for us.

  16. how does your very small field not turn into a mud field with all the animals on them?

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