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Yesterday was divided between long periods of sitting waiting as I flew impossibly through the sky and then short periods with long corridors of full out “excuse me!, coming through”! RUNNING.

Mr Flowers and his Tail

Wonderful isn’t it. You would think that carrying that length of tail  around would be a bother but I suppose feathers do not weigh much. And it will keep growing yet.  Last night the temperatures dipped down as low as -7F (-21C) . With wind.… Continue Reading “Mr Flowers and his Tail”


Yesterday the snow fell on and off for the whole day. But it did not have any  kind of real resolve, It was just there.  A half hearted affair.  Showers, flurries nothing much. So I cycled through my list. Getting the collars on the… Continue Reading “Turns”

The camera sees all

I may have discovered the source of Godot’s strange behaviour.  What do you think this is? One leg is black. Here is a close up.  Is that dirt, from when he was stuck under the bush the other day? or something more sinister.  He was… Continue Reading “The camera sees all”

Are you up?

I am not. I mean I am up. But it feels like my head needs to catch up. I went to bed at 7pm last night. I tried to stay up until the 9.30 lambs feed but failed. So I went to bed and… Continue Reading “Are you up?”

Fuzzy Double Sweetness

Marmalade has been watching Marcel the lamb very carefully. Thinking about whether he can be bothered making friends with  a barn person. Yesterday he came down off his perch to say hullo. It was a very quick kiss. Too fast for my camera to… Continue Reading “Fuzzy Double Sweetness”

It seems that the interwebs and my tiny machine …

… are scheming.  Most of yesterdays simple photographic offerings are gone. There are murmurings in the Desktop Depths. Good morning. I will take a wee break today  (and maybe tomorrow) to find out what the problem is. I may have to call the Computer… Continue Reading “It seems that the interwebs and my tiny machine …”

The snow stood still in the air.. thinking its little think

The wind died  down yesterday. I don’t care how it died frankly, as long as it was gone. We all crept up out from behind our shelters, sniffing the air. The snow gently falling, in no hurry to go anywhere. Did you see Mama,… Continue Reading “The snow stood still in the air.. thinking its little think”

Rocking the Barn

Not as in rock ‘n roll either. Just a’rockin’. The frozen winds were so strong yesterday that the barn was heaving in and out, like a giant loudly asthmatic bellows. Often I anchor the camera by leaning it on the barn wall or a… Continue Reading “Rocking the Barn”

Sticky Face.

I thought I would be clever and upended the somewhat empty frozen gallon flagon of molasses, jammed it into Daisy’s feeder so it dripped into her hay and let them fool around with it for the day. OOPS! Then leaving Queenie to clean up… Continue Reading “Sticky Face.”