Are you up?

I am not. I mean I am up. But it feels like my head needs to catch up. I went to bed at 7pm last night. I tried to stay up until the 9.30 lambs feed but failed. So I went to bed and my inside alarm woke me at 10pm and again at 2am. He is growing so fast and is so strong now.  Bounding through the house on his Elton John heels.


Sheila is not up either, while we are plunged back into the deep cold weather pattern that does not deserve a special name, she will only pop her head out her door if she hears a truck come up the drive, (she is the greeter)  or if I call her name, otherwise she is staying inside, doing the housework, working on her bed or sleeping in it. When it is warmer we will walk again, we say to each other and nod hopefully.


LuLu and Scrapper in the cold sun.1127-009

The compost heap has begun. But no work on it yesterday. Too cold for me yesterday. 1127-027

I was inside, working on Sheila’s calender and watching the children play.1127-033

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm,


54 Comments on “Are you up?

  1. Can’t say that I blame Sheila…too cold to go out here this morning, too…just wish that the Small People were as good at entertaining themselves as she is…
    Hang in there, Farmy Folk! Spring has to come sometime!

  2. I cannot believe the length of Marcel’s legs. I know they look extra long because his body needs to fill out a bit, but he looks like a cartoon exaggeration of a lamb! And the lovely Sheila’s pink nose is the colour of 1970s frosted pink lippy. I know, I was there!

    • Marcel does have very long legs, another reason for hoping it warms up soon, he is growing out of his crate, and will JUMP out of anything else. Which would be fine but he has no sense next to the woodstove and will cook himself.. He needs to be in the barn.. c

  3. I am up! At 4:30am…bloody cats! They seem to think that 5 hours of sleep is enough, and these 100 yr old doors don’t really close properly…and they know it. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can chuck them both outside for the night. Marcel looks so unreal on those long legs of his. I see the lambs in the fields you know and it’s at such a distance usually that I don’t really “see” them, you know? It’s such a wonder to watch Marcel. Good morning C, hope your day turns out to be a lovely one. 🙂

    • I have been trying to get a close up of his face but he is never still. It will be a lucky shot! Love your cats.. c

  4. LOL Up at 4:30am, too… not cats but a dog who got his spring sheering a little too early. He gets cold, gets up, and demands breakfast.

  5. Hi Celi! I am so glad to know that someone else agrees that there are deep cold weather patterns in the winter who do not deserve special names! Stay warm! We’re shivering down here, too, Alabama-style – lows in the 20’s and highs in the 50’s. It’s the 20’s for the last two nights that are the problem. I had just seen some of the daffodils blooming the day before it turned cold again.


  6. I totally agree with you and Nancy that the weather does not need a name. It is sufficient to say it is miserable and cold and snowy. Enough already. Marcel continues to amuse me!

    • Oh I have a name for this weather but can’t share it in polite company! It was so very dastardly cold out there doing chores this morning I’m about to run shrieking down the road. Maybe then someone would put me in a warm cozy place. (Like a straightjacket?)

  7. I am so sorry that it is so cold in your part of the world. I watch it on my TV and I think ‘ that is where Celi is , trying to do her farming……or it is near to where Linda is in Colorado…. but I am sure that Spring is just around the corner. I am looking forward to having a Sheila and Farm Animal calendar…I shall keep it forever more

  8. Oh yes, I’m up. About every 2 or 3 hours, mostly to keep the wood stove hot but I’m a light sleeper at the best of times. -28C here this morning and I’m out with the sunrise to put a fire in the bake oven for today’s bake. Let see, sourdough breads, some cookies and a pie our two 🙂

    • Although the weather in Ontario sounds positively chilling the thought of bread fresh from your oven would tempt me out! Having you as a neighbour must be fantastic!.. c

  9. Definitely up! Checking in with you first thing! This Sheila shot would be a great one for the calendar! Already I’m looking forward to it! Are you thinking of publishing it for 2015?

    • What I am thinking is that I will have it start in April (since March is not going to be spring after all). for 12 months. I find that with farming, it is more useful to me to have a spring to spring calender. What do you think? c

      • I say definitely yes if you mean for this year, 2014! But to get out and on the shelves in the years to come, then maybe a 14 or 16 month calendar starting in January. This way they can be available in January when most folks are getting their New Year calendars.

  10. I’m home from work with a stomach bug today but have checking on Marcel and the rest of your crew every day on my lunch. I am so glad Marcel made it. He’s he sweetest little fighter with his own guardian angel, Boo.

  11. Marcel seems to be dancing to that song “Put your little foot, put your little foot, put your little foot right there….Put you little foot” (Much more graceful than the Hokey-pokey – and more prairie like)
    Foggy/misty/drizzling this morning in the 50’s but Molly needs to walk me. We may get 1 nice day before the cold,winds, and rain blanket us for days (but it shouldn’t ice here this time)
    Just FYI notices multiple flocks of ducks sheltering in the little cove this morning – they show no sign of moving…not so dumb.
    Stay warm
    And wanted to let you know how proud I am of how well you are doing with the farmy. It’s not easy. YEA YOU!

  12. We had two days of above 20F weather a while ago (now back to 0F), and I took the opp to clean the barn, one trug-o-muck at a time, as the snow is too deep to get anywhere near with a wheelbarrow. I carried each trug out to the garden and tried to scatter it as I dumped, but some of it just landed in bushel-sized lumps. Next day, when I took a kick at one of the big lumps to scatter it, it was too late: frozen solid, of course. Don’t know what I was thinking! Oh well. It’s a start…

    • Oh my Quinn that did make me laugh! I know exactly what you mean. i put something down one day, it is frozen solid the next and I say exactly the same thing as i try to kick it off the ground! What was i thinking! c

  13. I’m with Sheila, we’ll walk when it’s warmer! Elton John heels–LOL Too cute. Nothing as warm as furry kitties.

  14. It must be very cold if Scrapper is looking to cuddle up 🙂 Lovely looking compost heap, I am quite envious. Really hope that frigid weather blows away soon – just as long as it doesn’t come our way. Laura

  15. Just look at that gangly little lamb. So sweet.
    I actually read something I didn’t know the other day — that pregnant women should keep away from lambing sheep, as the animals can transmit some virus or other that damages the human foetus. Have you heard this? Is it true? Not much fun for sheep farmers’ wives.

    • I have heard this too, women are recommended to wear gloves if assisting a lamb birth, cat faeces us another.. but I have to admit i don’t know what the actual bacteria or something is that can cause harm.. c

  16. No matter what state of mind I am in, which is always a combination of gratitude and grit, I feel pierced with joy when I open your blog, and my ribs go up and down in silent laughter. Elton John heels; and the photos; I am very partial to the lamb, Boo, and Sheila, is my all time love; at the moment; stay wonderful – you enrich lives.

  17. Sheila’s a very wise pig, but I bet she’d like to come inside and sleep with Boo and Marcel by the fire 😉

  18. I’m up…good morning…..thanks to my neighbour who goes off to triathlon training at 4.30 and is very inconsiderate when it comes to revving the diesel and banging the gate open. But I’ve fed the chooks, cleaned the cat run and changed the litter and inspected new seedlings…no need to water this morning as we had rain in the night. Lambie looks like he’s learnt to play like a dog, with bowing and stalking. Keep warm.

  19. Celi, you are over working. Try to take it a little easier, it has been a tough winter and you need to mind yourself as much as the animals.

  20. I’m up. Later than usual. In an unfamiiar bed. In a hotel room in St Kilda, Melbourne. After a longish day and lateish night visiting with my sister. Today we are off to her side of the city to explore and stay. But before I do any of that I needed to visit the Farmy.

  21. You are so very clever! I love reading your posts and seeing your photos. What an amazing talent you have and a super eye too! Thank you so much for sharing … 🙂

  22. Celi ~ with the plethora of different thoughts and plans for the future in your head no wonder the brain wakes you every few hours . . . we all have those nights. I taught myself breathing and meditation exercises – was not a ‘natural’ with them, but learnt . . . Lovely steady rain woke me at 7.30 this morning – yes, well, I can . . . you may not be able to give yourself time for physical breaks, but perchance you shoud just try and switch off mentally for 24-48 hours every week . . .said with love . . .

  23. I’m thinking of my darling, Hairy McLairy, pa of this sweet Marcel. Do you ever hear from him? He had a certain je ne sais quoi about him–a certain insouciance, a devil-may-care cool. I know he was Trouble, but I loved him too. I’m so glad I downloaded pictures of him when I could.

  24. Great shots today, Celi. I hope you can get Marcel to go without his middle of the night feeding. You need to get some rest and he’s a big boy now. It seems like the fields around the farmy have little snow on them. That’s so unlike here. The only grass I see is on the edge of the walk. Everything else still is heavily blanketed and along the street, where people had to dig out their cars, there are snow piles 4 feet high in some spots. And more to come today/tonight. ((Sigh))

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