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Pigs like buses

I was sitting on the veranda steps in the afternoon, head down, tying up the laces of my work boots when a large slow moving shadow passed across blocking the sun. “Out Boo,” I said, “you are in my light.” “Grunt” said Sheila steaming past me… Continue Reading “Pigs like buses”

When in Doubt – Bake Bread

Yesterday was stormy and cold. So I had a wee word to Daisy, who was looking restless, and told her Not Today darling, wait until the weather warms up.. Not Today. Then went inside to warm the kitchen by baking bread.  I inadvertently published… Continue Reading “When in Doubt – Bake Bread”

Are you up?

I am not. I mean I am up. But it feels like my head needs to catch up. I went to bed at 7pm last night. I tried to stay up until the 9.30 lambs feed but failed. So I went to bed and… Continue Reading “Are you up?”