Pigs like buses

I was sitting on the veranda steps in the afternoon, head down, tying up the laces of my work boots when a large slow moving shadow passed across blocking the sun. “Out Boo,” I said, “you are in my light.”

“Grunt” said Sheila steaming past me and disappearing by slow degrees around the corner.

Boo moved up behind me and sighed.  Ton immediately took off in hot pursuit of the resident farmy whale.

“Ah.” I said. (Luckily Inaki was close by and took this  shot for you with his  phone.)miss c and her pig

Sheila is a very good pig.  But she is also a PIG – headed pig. She will only change course if she believes this is the best direction for her. And when she is steaming along in a particular direction, like a large ocean going liner, it takes her a long time to negotiate a turn. And she has to really, really want to turn. Unfortunately the direction she was heading in was to one of the newly planted vegetable gardens. So a turn had to be engineered. (Do you know those buses that are so long they have like a concertina wheeze box middle. Sheila needs one of those).

vegetable garden

To turn she leaves her back feet in one place, kind of treading water, while she slowly moves around with her front feet – sideways -following her head, her front feet taking bigger steps. Like a compass I guess, her back feet being the sharp end and her nose the pencil.   After a couple of apples and the power of the bucket I was able to get her to turn all the way around and then we led her back to the barn with the promise of a nice cold mud puddle.


pig in mud

I do love this  pig. It was warm yesterday –  lovely and warm.  Perfect day for mud and pigs.

dog catching stick



And today is Saturday – today we hope to sow four acres of pasture.  A busy day for the tractor driver.

alex and txiki


I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

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  1. Oh my word! That photo of Alex and Txiki – seeing her size compared with the chooks makes you realise she is really, really tiny. Small, but perfectly formed. Unlike our darling Sheila, the Queen Mary of pigs, whose stopping distance must be many, many times her length. Wonderful description of her turning technique, and an even more wonderful photo of her blissful wallowing expression.

  2. Happy summer days … Sheila smiling in her wallow, a tiny Txiki in the sun and Tima and Tane consorting again. Have a lovely weekend. Laura

  3. I love the photo that Inaki took! And I especially love the perfectly-arranged bouquet of chickens at the end!

  4. Oh my gosh! The perfectly arranged ‘chicken bouquet’ as Anna has appropriately named it is fabulous!!!

      • Ellie Mae has finally come out of the farrowing hut and is eating and drinking, thank goodness! And the three babies are doing well. A plus is that they are all girls, so no castrating this time. That is a horrible process, that I hate with a passion!!!

  5. Pictures today are inspiration for a book, perhaps a first reader for the granddaughters…See the BIG pig! Funny pig…muddy pig! Jump Boo, jump! They will love these pictures 🙂

    • Yes. Every year I make all the small children within my realm an animal book but without the words, their parents make up the stories as they go along.. I hope! c

  6. A colourful garden of pictures!! Love being able to see you and Sheila in one shot. And what was making Ton jump so high? Spectacular shots. Thank you!

  7. Every one at treat, specially Inake’s pic of you, and the two kune kune lovebirds. Does that four-headed chicken lay eggs with four yolks? Jock asked. He was peeling spuds when I took your fabulous pictures over to show him, and that’s no yoke, he added.

    ViV xox

  8. What a delightful post filled with prose. Sheila the articulated pig could be a lovely children’s story along with Sheila the whale of the farm. You made me smile today. Every photo tells a wonderful story.

  9. amazing photo! your words would have painted it, but it’s nice to see what a pig by the porch really looks like.

  10. All the photos are great today, especially the one of you and Sheila. Good heavens, she’s a big one, and your description of her changing course is priceless… loved it. Hope you have a great day too ~ Mame 🙂

  11. Someday, I’m coming to that farmy! The picture of Sheila steaming by you sitting on the porch steps gives me joy.

  12. Txiki doesn’t look much larger than a chicken! Love those kunekune faces. Sheila looks delighted in her puddle. I think everyone enjoyed the warm day!

  13. Wow… free range pigs, free range peacocks etc. etc. It seems you never know who’s gonna show up at your front door. If I remember correctly, the peacocks aren’t ‘free range’ anymore…. or am I ‘misremembering’ it all? ; o ) I, too, loved the photo of you and ‘The Slow Moving Farm Bus’ very, very much!

  14. Fabulous photos today – really get the size of Shelia when compared to you! But I can also tell that she doesn’t know she is bigger than you. Kind of like how your mother is always taller than you, even when she isn’t anymore.
    Love the pic of Boo in mid-air, he looks like he was on a trampoline! And of course the fan of chooks – like a Hindu goddess.

  15. Oh me, oh my – well, we all knew Sheila is a somewhat corpulent lady, but that beautifully framed picture of Inaki’s really does put matters in proportion 🙂 !

    • Late, but you have always said to ‘pinch’ a photo if we liked it! OK – for the last few months I have been on a park road behind Apollo Bay, Victoria tho’ now I suddenly cannot get past an Inaki-styled pic of Celi and Sheila! Unreal!!!! OK – this must belong to somewhere where all the ‘other people’ in the world have access! Celi could easily make ‘Vogue’ in any country – I do not quite know the porcine equivalent in print or on line tho’ 🙂 . . . What glorious fun and thank you and my screen says so too!!

  16. Some very funny comments in this lounge today. 😆. The animals bring out the best!

  17. Now if you could just convince Sheila to let you ride her you could enter her into the reining competition at the local horse show. Sounds like she does a wonderful roll back and wouldn’t that just set all the horses off? I believe I’d pay to see that!

  18. Such beautiful pictures! Love the two piggy snouts. And Sheila next to you! She is an ocean liner!! but so much thinner. Please tell her she looks quite elegant. A “Milanese” pig. Boo is wonderful doing aerial acrobatics…Love taking these tiny vacations into your world every day.

  19. Those photos are a sight for sore eyes. Literally. Each time I try to return to my regular round of blog reading, some new problem raises an ugly head. Give me time… I can do what my Granny told us: “If you cannot read the words, read the pictures! 😉

  20. I get the impression that your pigs “rule the roost” around your place – lol! I would be chasin ours down if/when I caught them out of their pens.

  21. A thoroughly delightful post! Much love, Your Gayle

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