Laying in Wait

Molly waits for her food with her feet up on the wall. The others clamour and drool but she lays in wait (and drools). She puts her head down and pretends to be the sweetest pig in the world then when I am close and (hopefully) not concentrating she will lunge up off the wall in the hopes of upsetting all the bowls of food into her own mouth.  hereford pig

She has quite the wicked glint in her eye don’t you think?

hereford sow

We are still waiting for Poppy to show whether she is pregnant or not. We need to remember that this is  only her second date. She may farrow in either  eleven days or thirty-two. And no-one is saying.

I was going to get The Cadet to sit with Txiki Chick to give you some idea of how small the calf is. But she fell asleep up in the Peacock Penthouse much to Geraldine’s delight and was not available as a hand model.

Maybe today I will think of something.

Lady Astor

Lady Astor sure does a baby in that belly though.


I hope you have a lovely day

love celi

PS When I describe this blog to people I tell them it is like Soap Opera with Animals. It is true too – the plot lines move really slowly, no-one says terribly much, you can watch any day and be up to date in one viewing and I could swear some of the cast are wearing wigs!

34 Comments on “Laying in Wait

  1. But who, Celi, could actually see the soap opera, no one but you. These animals suffer from a large case of anthropomorphism through your eyes. When I tell people about this blog I am at a loss for words sometimes, I try to explain your charm and the love that you show the animals but even though I have a BA in communication I’m still at a loss for words. Much love to you, everyone on the farmy and everyone in the fellowship. Your Gayle, smoochies too.

  2. Goodness, I hope it doesn’t end up going the way of the BBC rural radio soap opera “The Archers” which has moved at glacial speed for decades and then in the last eighteen months or so develped a story line of domestic abuse that culminated in a stabbing this month.

  3. It’s like reading the Hatches, Matches and Despatches in the paper! Only with personalities, photos and opinions…

    • Haha — never heard that phrase before, “Hatches, Matches and Dispatches”. That’s such a good one, I will use it in future, thank you… lol

  4. i’d love to see the hand model. Txiki looks the same size as our salers angus crosses this year. Last year, they were HUGE!

  5. That must be the cutest pig picture ever! That Molly is just too much! We had a very stressful pig farrowing day yesterday. Ellie Mae had only 4 piglets, and one of them didn’t make it. It took hours for her to deliver them, and she was stressed and panting often during this time. We kept waiting for her to pass the afterbirth, but never did see it. Finally about 6 hours after it all started she got up to have a drink and then rushed back to the babies. It just seems so weird that she only had 4, as she was huge!

      • Yeah, four with only three surviving was so strange, after her being so big. But after more research, we think that next time she must be thinner, and thus should have less problems. And we must build a new, bigger farrowing house to accommodate her girth. It seems they just grow bigger and bigger, as verified by Sheila as well! 🙂

  6. Yes, Poppy definitely has a wicked glint in her eyes. Lady Astor looks as though she doesn’t have long to go. But the star of this post is definitely Tziki: she’s going to be loved by all.
    Have a super day.
    ViV xox

  7. Farmy soapy is far happier and much more wholesome than any soapy I have attempted to watch briefly. Lady Astor sure looks like she might be next , but then maybe Poppy will be our next surprise. Looking forward to Aunty Del first calf too. Laura

  8. Yes a nice gentle soap opera, without the obligatory shouting and cursing that seems to be the staple of the ones in the uk.
    I can’t watch them, but I can read you every day without getting the slightest bored. 😀

  9. But if you don’t watch every day you miss the really good stuff! At least here we can go back and catch up if we miss some.

  10. I predict that Txiki is going to grow up gorgeous, and be the pretty petite princess paramour of Carlos the GIANT. They are going to birth a slew of tinsy tiny curly long lashed lovely moppets that you will be able to keep as house pets. Wigs or no wigs. I too kant wait until the next morning comes so I can tune into the next installment of “As the barnyard turns”

  11. A soap opera is a good description. Also maybe a camp for wayward toddlers. They all behave like 2 year old’s wanting their own way.

  12. Your soap opera description is too funny and true. But we are all fascinated. Your pictures and observations are something I look forward to, everyday. Thank you!

    • I think it must depend on who it is describing the activities. For example, I do believe Ms C’s animals create a great deal more drama than mine would 🙂

  13. That calf is just so beautiful, especially in the sunshine soaking up the warmth from it. But I was looking at her hooves and suddenly became very thankful that human babies don’t have hooves. When I was carrying my second, before birth, he kicked and moved around so much, the very thought of a baby with hooves is downright frightful. On that bright note… lol… hope you have a lovely day as well ~ Mame 🙂

  14. Methinks most of us would not admit to watching a soap opera even if some did . . . . but this one, if termed such, with great pride . . . . and we probably wear our local friends out giving them a blow-by-blow account of Poppy and Sheila and Boo and now Txiki in the greatest of detail . . . . 🙂 !

  15. Our cat is Molly too….and he’s giving me the cold shoulder at the moment as we’ve got our daughter’s two dogs staying with us at the moment….Molly thinks dogs are the work of the devil….she looks at them with an expression that says “..if I was bigger..”…luckily he’s not or we’d all be toast:)

  16. I would call that an impish look in Molly’s eyes, not wicked! She’s quite the character! And Txiki is SO cute. Dexters are a breed I love, and if I had room for cows, the breed I would keep (along with yaks). Sigh.

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