Not the only show ..

There are still  plenty of other things happening on the farm or so these little chicks thought as they mounted yet another escape.
rhode island reds?

These were labelled Rhode Island Reds at the feed store but I am not terribly sure what they are now-  they should be redder than this by now but their feathers are growing in quite a different  shade- however they are good and strong and layers (I hope).

rooster I love my worn out roosters.

The sun shone all day and Sheila was happy. DSC_1034

Oh ALL RIGHT then.  I was just tricking. You don’t want to talk about mystery chicks or happy pigs. You want to see more of Txiki the other Chickie.

Back to Txiki and Alex then. txiki

This is one of my favourite shots of Txiki and her mother Alex. The calf is feeding well and doing everything expected and the level of care from her mother is extraordinary. Not obsessive or negative, just gentle and constant.  A joy to watch. And thank goodness I can get in close too. This is the strongest calf I have ever had born here – she is literally jogging about the yards on day one. calf and mama
cow and calf

I am worn out. But today Inaki and I will begin to turn Poppys big house into a farrowing pen. Everything but the two panels that I will have prepared and will put up in the last few days.  I am not 100% sure that Poppy  is pregnant yet but as proven by Alex it is better to be ahead of the game.

I hope you have a lovely day.

I will.

Love celi

33 Comments on “Not the only show ..

  1. Such excitement. Sending virtual hugs to all parties! Those chicks: I hope they don’t turn out to be black leghorn cross (wicked escapers), but in the main picture they look pretty Rhode Island-ish to me.

  2. Txiki is of course the flavour of the moment, but I still love hearing about a contented Sheila and adventurous chicks. I love Viv’s new photo, too! Who will be next, do you think: Lady A, or Poppy? It seems due dates have become a moveable feast…

  3. I love how Alex lies down and guards sleeping Txiki, most cows leave the sleeping babies and go off on their own mission. I am content to inhale whatever you share on the Farmy, I love it all. I don’t want to jinx anything but it appears you have got two fine animals (3, counting Carlos) as the foundation of your beef herd. I would of course spend my day leaning on the fence post lapping up all that cuteness. Laura

  4. Brilliant news! Sorry been tied up past couple of days so just catching up with everything. Such a beautiful calf, love her colour!

  5. Txiki makes me smile; she looks like she has a huge personality. I know that’s attaching human characteristics to an animal, but just look at those eyes! Sassy.

  6. We are still on piglet watch here!!! She is now six days past the day she was due, and we know the date as we witnessed the breeding!!! It just has to happen today!!!! Having Poppy’s place ready is a super idea! We have certainly been surprised by early piglet births as well!!

  7. Alex sounds like the perfect mommy. It must be so reassuring when a baby is so strong and doing so well. Off to prepare for a group cooking lesson starting soon for 5 ladies from the US.

  8. It’s crunch time on the farmy! I remember how tense calving and farrowing season were when I worked on the college farm. I don’t miss the 4am checks in the bitter cold.

  9. Can’t believe looking at Txiki that she is only a day old! I’m so glad that Alex is such a good mother, one less thing to worry about. It’s lovely and warm here today too. Have a great day. 😊

  10. Great photos! So much activity now with spry little ones racing around and the adults contented to bask in the warm Spring weather. We lost three of our supposed Rhode Island Red chicks… and the remainder do not look anything like I think they should. I wonder if this happens a lot? The farm store tells you one thing and you end up with something completely different! I just hope they’re all good egg layers!

  11. That rooster is stunning..with his multi-colors! And Miss T is adorable.

  12. Suddenly I can comment again….after writing the history of the world 4x yesterday. I just loved the drama of yesterday–Alex not knowing what happened “back there”–then a full-blown panic and then the light and the sweetness.

  13. Oh, you ole trickster, you! hahaha… of course we want to hear of everything on the farmy. But you’re quite correct to assume that, as Kate says, Txiki is the flavour of the moment. It’s wonderful to read about such an attentive Mum and that baby! Phew! She looks to be a real beauty. I love the gloss of the coats that all your calves seem to have. Is it indicative of the breed that they be particularly strong? A beautiful start to the new season! Have a great day! ~ Mame 🙂

  14. Loved seeing baby chicks trying to escape and a happy Sheila. 😉 Mom and daughter are just lovely and delightful. Do get some rest. Sounds like you are going to need it.

  15. C. Is there any way you can get a shot of little miss T. next to another farmy member or human, just to get a size comparison? Do you think Inaki could possible take a shot of you and baby…with your back turned, of course! 🙂 Would love to see just how really tiny she is! Those eyelashes…Oh my!

  16. Actually, it was wonderful to see Sheila smiling. The new baby is really gorgeous with those long, pretty lashes. And Alex looks more calm than she has ever looked.

  17. That little calf is just beautiful! I always love a cow/calf, pig/piglets. and chickens in any form!


  18. Txiki is lovely, she reminds me of a fine bar of dark chocolate. Strange thing to say about a just born calf, but there you have it! Motherhood seems to suit Alex, she is looking fine as well. Delightful to see Sheila, matriarch of the barnyards, smiling.

  19. Few things are more heart-warming that observing animals instinctively caring for their babies. And Sheila looks like she doesn’t have a care in the world.

  20. Chicks, calves… all good here 🙂
    Last night there was a foodie TV show (Manu from MKR) exlorijg France-Spain-Basque region. Basque food is amazing! Great to be able to create some with input from Inaki & his sister.

    • Yes, wasn’t it great! Methinks we are so lucky in Oz with the quality of our ‘food shows’. I am a ‘Masterchef gal’ myself [now quite formally designated the best in the world – much of Europe gets it years later but prefers it to that of their own!] and it has taken awhile for me to warm up to Manu Feildel and MKR, especially since I don’t care for Paleo Pete . . . have learned a lot this year . . . Oh, Txiki has already marked her presence on the farmy, no doubt of that!!

  21. I’m finally set up with my computer unpacked. 4 days after arriving home. I slept for two days straight. Txiki is a beaut and so happy that Alex took so well to mothering. I’m wondering if her allowing you access to Txili, if her acceptance of you will grow. Lots of love, Gayle

  22. The chicks are still adorable, no matter what they are. That is one handsome rooster. I’m glad Sheila had sunshine. So glad Alex is a good mama.

  23. Glad that Inaki was still on the farmy to meet Txiki. I know how tall your fences are and you’re right. That calf is an itty bitty thing. 🙂

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