It’s a Girl!

Meet Txiki. (pronounced Chickie).


I know! And she is so strong! She is kicking up her heels already.Txiki

Gasps of delight from here too. And she is not black she is a dark chocolate brown.  And Alex is being a stunning mother. She has not left her baby since she was born and licks her and croons to her constantly. She is besotted.

cow and calf

Plus. And this is the good bit. She does not mind ME doing the same – well not the licking of course but this baby is SO tiny it is impossible not to touch. Alex watches me sternly of course, her head as close as mine to the calf but there is no aggression at all.

cow and calf

Her full name is Hartz Txiki. This means Little Bear in the Basque language. Even though Basque country is in Spain their language is totally different from Spanish. In fact this region is a fascinating study but more on that later.  Txiki pronounced Chickie is so easy to say and my mother used to call all her babies chickie or chick too so I love the sound and also how the name looks.  I loved having Inaki and his sister involved with the naming. This international life we lead is just marvellous. Here are your pictures – as promised this morning.



The sun is out! Talk to you in the morning!



68 Comments on “It’s a Girl!

  1. What a beautiful momma and babe. Congrats on the birth and the well being of both!!

  2. oh my goodness, how beautiful can you get!!! I can well imagine you wanting to touch, and you have built the trust in Alex so she knows you won’t do her babe any harm. Alex appears so ‘blond’ in the bright light and next to Txiki. My grandmother used to refer to all the babies as chickies or chicks too, either that or lambs. Thank you for the photos ~ Mame 🙂

  3. a heifer!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!! and a whole new ball game with now being able to reconfigure the
    relationship with her mother. This is Great!

  4. Oh, hurray! She is very lovely. 🙂 Thanks for the treat of the extra post today for the update.

  5. She is a gorgeous baby girl and I just love her name. Great that Alex is being such a good mommy.
    Thanks for posting the pics.

  6. Such a darling face and long legged too. Her fur is so shiny and looks like it very soft. Good job Alex!

  7. Adorable Baby, Good Mama & I second Misky’s Congratulations to Celi & All at The Farmy. Thank you for the beautiful photos.

  8. Great way to start the birthing season. What a beauty! I would be licking all over her, too, if I was her mama.

  9. She’s just adorable! So glad it all worked out so well!!!!! Sorry I don’t comment more often. I read every day and love your pictures, the farm and animal personalities, and your voice: practical, dreamy, loving, hard working, kind, appreciating beauty in the obvious and the not-so-obvious. Thanks so much.

  10. Yes, along with you and all the rest of the Fellowship, I am madly in love. What a grand name, too. Happy, happy sighs! ❤

  11. She’s really cute – what a nice and beautiful baby! Good luck to the new Family.

  12. OMG!!! This is GREAT we didn’t have to wait until tomorrow for these spectacular shots–especially the ones with the two of them showing their relative sizes. Don’t ya just love the spin of hair on the top of her head–just like her mother’s? I am SO HAPPY for all of you. Tixki!

  13. Miss T is absolutely precious. (My computer won’t allow me to spell her name correctly.) I love especially the spin of hair on
    top of her sweet head–just like her mother’s! Congratulations to all of you for a job well done. The happiest days are
    the days babies appear.

  14. Two doses of wonderful news this morning 🙂 I got the first one when I got up at 1.30am to get the Husband off to work, and then the photos when I woke again at 7.30 am to start my own day shift! Iñaki is a very clever boy: tell him she’s “txiki haurra eder”. And what a bonus that she’s a little heifer, to add to your tiny Tiny herd.

  15. How absolutely wonderful that everyone who stays on the farmy leaves a little of themselves behind! Inaki will always remember that little [actually not SO little!] lively heifer born and named in his time in a true Basque manner! And it IS heifer and so beautiful ! I daresay ‘Chickie’ may become ‘Cheeky’ in time – how many names did Boo have in the beginning – but this IS a very special day for you and us!!

  16. What a beauty! I wonder if she’ll get the cute bangs that her mama has,

  17. I just want to kiss and hug the little one! Please do so for me. Lots and lots and lots more love! Spread it around, will ya ? Gayle, so happy to see her granddaughter, Leah, 4, after a three week absence while I was in Washington state visiting friends and having dental work done. Sound teeth be hanged, I did not bite a one of them. So proud of myself for such restraint.

  18. Oh, and since baby’s name is not pronounced as written, how is Inaki’s name pronounced?

  19. Oh so sweet! Congratulations on your precious, new addition to the farmy!

  20. This is wonderful news! I’m finally caught up with your busy place and roller coaster weather. Hopefully spring has sprung! What a beautiful baby. Good job, Alex! I’ll have to get a picture of my writing space together for you, if it’s not too late.

  21. I can only echo everyone else’s thoughts at this point (coming in late, as I always do). Adorable, beautiful, precious! I imagine she will lighten up as she grows and look much like her mother. I raise Shetland sheep and the moorit color (a brown) are born the same – dark chocolate color as lambs, and lighten to a cinnamon or taupe-y brown as they grow. I will enjoy photos as Txiki grows, and welcomes Lady Astor’s calf in a week or so. Your herd is growing! FUN!

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