Yesterday was divided between long periods of sitting waiting as I flew impossibly through the sky and then short periods with long corridors of full out “excuse me!, coming through”! RUNNING.


ON my return trip from Fresno airport to O’Hare, Chicago, my first plane was delayed just enough to cause everything to come crashing down but by some miracle after two planes, and two trains and a lot of sprinting through airports and underground tunnels I made every connection WITH my suitcase full of California lemons and got back to Chicago to a flooded end of the line railway station.  Then with some ducking and diving and sloshing and imaginative parking,  from the pickup man, I finally got to the truck and we drove the next hour home in heaving rain.

We have had a lot of rain in my absence. And then this was the warning for last night

*Freezing rain possibly mixed with sleet at times. Ice
accumulations of up to one tenth of an inch and minor sleet
accumulations are expected.

The freezing rain came in shortly after I arrived back on the farm.  So we arrived just in time.

I don’t even want to look out the window this morning.

But I am home and, ignoring my suitcase, and after chores, I will start by sorting out the animals left out in this slush.  I will clear out some spaces in the barn and get them into the dry. Get more straw into beds. At least the rain is finished for the day.  But more falling ice is forecast for tomorrow so Molly and Sheila are being relocated for sure. When the ground starts to melt their bed melts too.

Thank goodness the boys got the first load of hay in while the ground was still frozen. The second load will have to wait until the ground is hard again. There is no getting a truck close to the barn for a few days maybe longer.

I hope you have a lovely day.  I am not exactly sure what my day will be like but I do know I can feel citified running muscles that I do not usually feel in the morning.

Back to work then.

Love celi

Wednesday 02/21 0% / 0 in
Mostly cloudy. High 34F. Winds NNE at 10 to 15 mph.

Wednesday Night 02/21 20% / 0 in
Mostly cloudy. Low 27F. Winds NE at 10 to 15 mph.

6:38 am 5:34 pm

Waxing Crescent, 30% visible 9:54 am 11:42 pm



39 Comments on “THE WATER HOLE

  1. That’s hitting the ground running! You’ll set things right in no time.

  2. Phew, I’m quite out of breath trieing to keep up with you 🙂 Glad you are back, pity the weather is so inclement. Laura

    • The weather is the weather – this is what it does – the basement is flooding of course. Basement flooding season is upon us – rain on frozen ground has to go somewhere..

  3. We’re having a very very wet heat wave here. I remember bringing back a bunch of lemons I picked from a tree in Arizona. Soooooo good! Morning miss c…. t

    • We used to visit my Grandmother every year and woe betide the child that turned up without lemons tucked in the suitcase with their clothes. She was too far South (NZ – another hemisphere) for lemons to grow. The original lemon scented clothing.

  4. Just thankful you are home safe ~ and I heard all the Farmy Kids celebrating last nite too!!! Yahoo!! She’s home again!!

  5. Who was taking care of the animals whilst you were away? It sounds horrendous journey but l for one am glad you are home again…nothing is ever the same when you go on visits. Who was left out in the slush?

    Keep smiling .miss C ..your sterner stuff comes to the fore when all goes haywire.

    Lots of love from very cold BG

  6. It is very cold at our home too. Plus we have had even more snow! Our basement tends to become damp during breakup too. It’s only by the miracle of modern electricity and the continuous running sump pumps does our basement (and all the contents) stay dry. Oh how I wish I had a suitcase full of lemons~ lucky girl!
    Stay warm!

    • Our sump pump goes non stop too – but it never keeps up with this time of year. The basement in not well designed and slopes the wrong way etc.. happens every year so i don’t panic anymore – just do what i can..

  7. Hi, Miss C! Thank you for bringing your rain and snow with you to California. We really, truly appreciate your sharing! Glad you are home safely.

  8. Oh I had a mad dash through Sydney airport on Sunday, a 20 minute trip took over an hour and the departure lane was backed way up, so my son dropped me at the express pickup quite a way away from the terminal. Then there’s the equally long dash to the gate. I still missed it, by a whisker. I know what you mean about feeling ‘running muscles’. welcome home.

  9. Welcome home, they sent us a warning of freezing rain but so far we have gotten very lucky on the farm, just rain, no freezing, no flooding yet but sump is running regular, still got lots of snow cover in gardens but melted out paths.. all in all so far so good.. but I would not trust the ice on my local waterways at the moment.. no ice fishing!

      • I grew up here in Wi. where ice fishing is almost sacred but I’m with you, the thought of all that cold water……… We are drowning too, I have an ocean in the backyard and yesterday I watched the water run over the top of the driveway and across the road. Personally I could live without winter thaws!

  10. Glad you got back okay, Miss C. I spent part of yesterday watching the water run down the hill in front and in back of the building, so far no ice, fortunately. I’m sure Sheila and Wai had words for you, they didn’t get to go along for the trip. I got words from Smoky and all I did was go down to the utility room doing laundry and I got talked to each time I came back upstairs. Stay warm and dry if you can.

  11. Oh heavens above: I cannot keep up with you – you only just left and now had a most wet run back!! Planes, trains and automobiles . . . . honestly, Miss C – will you ever just lie back in wonderful sunshine with a good glass of white and a pile of books, for say, a fortnight . . . 🙂 ?

    • Ha ha ha ha – Poor you – No – not yet! Though (very quietly) my daughter does have a teensy plan to get me to do just that in the early summer – we will see!! (and have not told the hubby yet!!) ..

      • *laugh* Thought Sophie had the smarts!! And, obviously the love . . . And methinks Big John will also agree . . .

  12. It sounds as if the Weather Gods were conspiring against your return, or perhaps that should be the Whether Gods were deciding Whether you should get home. I’m glad you’re back safely and I expect the animals are too; I’m sure they knew perfectly well what kind of weather was on the way…

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