Mr Flowers and his Tail

Wonderful isn’t it. You would think that carrying that length of tail  around would be a bother but I suppose feathers do not weigh much. And it will keep growing yet. peacock

Last night the temperatures dipped down as low as -7F (-21C) . With wind.  Pretty cold. And the wind makes it bitter cold.

Everyone got an extra ration of warm mash last night and more of the same this morning.  Yesterday afternoon the sun came out which was very welcome (though our high was 7F (-13)  but with sun we have no clouds  and with no clouds  and a Nor’West we have cold. Still the sun raised all our spirits somewhat.

But this is our coldest spell so far and will not be for long thankfully. We have been lucky so far.

peacocks tail

I am not going to go and get everyone out of bed for breakfast until it is full daylight – why would you want to get out of warm straw for this.  The pigs will eat and go back to bed, same with the birds probably as usual the cows will be oblivious.

Today will be a bit of  a struggle. But I dress warmly and take my time. We have farmed in worse.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


61 Comments on “Mr Flowers and his Tail

  1. Those are Arctic-like numbers! Goodness me, please do keep your hands well protected and warm (if possible). >

  2. How about you, Miss C? Did you get an extra ration of warm breakfast before you went to carry it to everyone else in the bitter cold? Are you well wrapped in your clown suit, with a warm woolly hat and a tummy full of hot oatmeal? Or have you skipped breakie till it’s all done, making do with a scalding cup of coffee? I am glad you have the sun today to keep your spirits high.
    Today we’re cheerful. We’ve had solid rain for two entire days. The cane is green, the frogs are singing, and drought stricken central Queensland is getting a regular drenching 🙂

    • Yeah! That sounds wonderful!!! Queensland is such a lovely state! Do you call it state, or province, or something else? I loved backpacking around Queensland. So lovely! I was there almost 6 months, and actually wanted to immigrate at the time!!! So happy it’s raining!!! 🙂

  3. ooh no -21C that is too cold. Mr Flowers tail is coming along nicely, looking forward to his displays for the ladies in spring. We are overcast and 23C/73F and having a little rain most evenings – very pleasant for a change. Take a flask of something warming when you go outside and keep as warm as you can. I think I would be farming in front of the fireplace if it weren’t for the animals 🙂 Laura

    • By sunrise the temps had come back up to -1 (-18C) much better. But still quite cold. In fact it is so cold that after a while I feel quite nauseous. I am in front of the fire now for a wee while then back out to do the morning work.. c

  4. I was just saying a prayer of thanks this morning for our mild winter so far. (and I am touching LOTS of WOOD right now) It has helped with Mom’s treatments that happen daily. She is 3 weeks into radiation and chemo with 3.5 weeks remaining.

    It was good to hear the girls are starting to sleep nearer each other. And the chickens post yesterday was beautiful! I love chickens…. the sounds of them tickle me, especially when they are settling in for the night.

  5. Yes, it’s quite cold down here too, but nowhere near what you are dealing with! I’m so looking forward to spring already!!! 🙂

  6. Mr. Flowers glorious tail is a reminder that it is only a few months until more sun and spring and the beginning of warmth.

    • I love those sundogs – We have risen to 1F now – I think we get up to about 10 today.. lovely.. our farm is in a hollow so the cold sits down here too long sometimes.. c

  7. Morning. I was thinking Mr. Flowers tail looked a bit bedraggled but with beautiful colours. The promise of warmer temperatures will help keep you going. That’s the cold temperatures I ran away from. I remember putting my feet on the cold floor in Saskatchewan. Made it hard to leap out of the cozy bed. Good of you to wait a few minutes longer this morning. Hope your day runs smoothly and you’re back in the warmth quickly.

    • Mr Flowers has a different tail to The Duke. Probably because he is a cross, so his longest feathers have no eyes and seem lighter so they don’t look quite as sharp as Kupa’s used to. Bedraggled is a good word. But not quite yet I hope.. c

    • At least this winter all my systems are in place and working well. Nothing is perfect on a farm of course but it is not a struggle. I don’t mind the winter for a while. Spring will be interesting this year, with such a mild winter.. c

  8. I’d love to hear Sheila’s grunts of thank you. It must make you smile a lot…maybe laugh out loud!

  9. No winter lasts forever, no spring misses it’s turn. THANK god! 🙂 What a gorgeous tail which will only get more gorgeous I must say!

  10. Oh the burden of having such fabulous feathers! Mr. Flower’s reminds me of a Las Vegas showgirl – all of that pomp and parade – stunning tail, fabulous headpiece, and detailed eye markings. If you could ever catch him strutting around with that tail fanned out it would be a tremendous video to put to some old Rat Pack music! I can’t even huff and puff and blow anything warm up to you… it was 19 degrees this morning. That’s the coldest it’s been here this winter!

  11. -21C, my heart would not cope with that. Stay warm and listen to stern grandma Viv! That tail on Mr Flowers looks very interesting, I see a selection of exotic grasses.

  12. Methinks you have quite a few ‘stern grandma’s !! So all the anipals get warm mash but Miss C has to make her own: please do recognize as to who has to come first!!!

      • Huh! Was not quite ready for a race Signor Amici, but we’ll see – and, after all, I am always ready to allow a gentleman go first 😀 !!

  13. It’s a shame that Mr Flowers’ tail isn’t more flexible. It would make a dandy wrap in these frigid temps. I see the birds around here and wonder how their feet can possibly stay frost-free in these temps. It’s truly nothing short of miraculous.

  14. Good thing for Mr Flowers tail… distracts me from thinking how bloody cold it is there. I would be quite hopeless unless I was within spitting distance of the fire.

  15. I don’t suppose you have kittens to play with Mr. Flowers tail. It’s coming in nicely. A bit of snow here today (Virginia), but now rain, wind and possibly more snow Saturday.

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