Dress Ups

On days like this it takes me an age to put on all my clothing. I do not like to be cold. In fact I can take the heat a lot better than the cold.  I come from the beach remember.

My feet have two layers of socks, my legs have three layers, my body sometimes three or four then the clown suit and then the jacket, my head has a hat then the two hoodies. My hands have a pair of gardening gloves then the warm gloves. Then the boots of course. So I walk a little funny  and unrecognisable but I am not cold and that is the main thing. And this is what I wear always, whether it is 20F or minus 10F or 0F. They are both just cold. So I dress for cold.

By the time I have dressed and then clumped outside with my six 5 gallon buckets  (filled in the kitchen sink as the outside tap does not work in the cold -three times a day), I am as warm as the proverbial toast. pig in straw

pig in straw

That was Molly tucked down under the straw with her head resting on Sheila’s ample rump. You can see Sheilas ears if you look hard and a little of her red colouring.

peahens http://atomic-temporary-24806851.wpcomstaging.com/

We had abundant sunshine yesterday and it was just lovely. A good day.  John was not working so I had help. Which left me time to work on my lemon confit. It must be the winter because all the dishes I am teaching myself lately have a citrus component.  Or maybe it is the colour that is attracting me. This lemon confit was eaten with home grown pasture raised chicken last night. And it was great.

lemon confit http://atomic-temporary-24806851.wpcomstaging.com/

lemon confit + http://atomic-temporary-24806851.wpcomstaging.com/

Two cats in the sun. Vandal and Marmalade.

cats in sun+http://atomic-temporary-24806851.wpcomstaging.com/

Tima and Tane are excellent burrowers when it is cold. And both will lie still while I cover them in the night.


I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


63 Comments on “Dress Ups

  1. I think the pigs instinctively understand the principle of haybox cooking. Insert your warm pot (pig), pack well with straw and leave to cook (sleep) for several hours… I’m so glad Sheila is being more tolerant of the rackety twins. They may be noisy children, but as everyone knows, there’s nothing toastier than a nice warm child in your lap!
    I love the description of your layers and layers. You have dressing for the weather down to a fine art.

  2. Good morning! The cold and the animals – a very nice photo stream on that. Together with our snow I’ve caught a cold, not feeling well at all.
    Keep warm, Celi! Have a lovely day, too!

  3. I love the idea of you tucking everyone in. How are the cocks’ combs this year? I remember them turning black with frost burn that last go-round. Out of curiosity, how many pounds of clothing do you think you are lugging around?

    • I have one chicken with a large comb and she caught some frostbite the other night, I found her and put her into the warm box but it was too late, she decided to roost right in a doorway, icy draft.. c

  4. That has got to be some kg’s of clothes … rather you than me. Keep warm any way you can. Laura

  5. Good morning, c. Glad that you layer-up, and stay toasty. Love the photo of Molly (the first one). That’s a very special pig. >

  6. I’m a great believer in warmth and comfort over style, but there must come a point where enough layers for warmth mitigate against comfort. Are your layers all natural fibres? I looked for a warm sweater this morning, but everything was at least 80% acrylic, so I stick to my ancient wool aran sweater. It’s just as well I didn’t find anything, as the next stop was to choose my new spex, and they broke the bank at 856 euros

    Have a good day and I hope you have unshine.
    ViV xox.

    • I mostly layer cotton on cotton and wool.. but wool jerseys are so hard to find – my sister made me one but this winter i cannot find it anywhere – so sad.. c

      • When you are in NZ next, look up McDonald Textiles in Thames. http://www.mcdonaldtextiles.co.nz. They make merino jerseys that last for years. A little pricy but worth it! They also use possum fur (you would know that they’re a pest in NZ), which makes a brilliant warm garment 🙂

        • Oh Miss Kitty! Thank you. I might do some ordering and have them delivered to my sons house! Wonderful. I bought some possum gloves in NZ once and gave them to my mother in law – I have always envied her those gloves.. so soft! c

            • Yikes is right – I had forgotten they were quite so pricy – I bought my jumpers at their annual sale. I don’t think Norsewood is still going, but one thing NZ does well is wool! I had a quick Google for you, another place you could try is http://www.woolovers.co.nz, they look a little more affordable, but I’ve never bought from them so I can’t say what the quality is like.

  7. i’m with you Celi, I’d much rather it be hot than cold!!! I wear long underwear both inside the house and out in the winter, and still struggle to stay warm! 🙂

  8. Aw, I never thought I would say this, but those are some very cute/sweet piggies! The Lemon Confit sounds interesting. I’m all about oranges, lemons and limes right now. I’m trying to keep my vitamin C intake up too.

    FYI: I’m looking at the January calendar at my desk this morning. The basket of kittens with Boo’s toes – can’t help but smile when I see it.

  9. I rgought I knew cold having been raised In alberta but then I lived in nwt and Nunavut, so cold you wear eye coverings as the moisture in your eyes can freeze.. so cold that your spit can freeze before it hits the ground.. o boy.. I do not miss that kind of rare but it does happen kind of cold.

    but I loved the photos of the pigs, I always smile when I check on them in winter and you know you did it right, when all you see is steam coming out of the bedding and maybe some shifting, the way they steam as the rise up for their feed an fresh water..

    we are cold here today on my little farm, -30ish is what the weather man says, I will be layered inside an out..

    • Like you I think it is better for them to have lots of bedding in a cold barn than sleep on a grate bed in a warm barn. Pigs burrowing into the bedding is priceless! c

  10. You’re right – you DO have to dress for the cold. People in Quebec sure do – they have no choice!! Great photos today – as always!! ; o )

  11. I saw your weather forecast and shivered! I like the cold more than heat, just not that cold. Brrrr. We like the sun here too when it shows up in winter but that takes the cloud cover away and lets in the cold air. So gloom it is but a bit warmer. It could almost be spring here, it’s so warm. I did see Sheila under that straw and she seems happy to have her portable heater attached. Would love to see a photo of you in your clown suit. What will they all do while you are gone?

  12. My husband used to laugh at me in my winter uniform: thick socks, leotards, t shirt, blouse, sweater, a throw over my knees. I don’t like the cold either. However, the heat and humidity in Mexico in November isn’t much fun either. Getting down to your birthday suit is better when it’s warm, as I’m sure Sheila can confirm!

  13. Yesterday I made 8 jars of yummy Blood Orange marmalade- we have citrus in our tummies every day in one form or another! Your energy is amazing and I just love your piggies- I look forward each morning of seeing what your farmy is up to! Cheers!

  14. Definitely citrus season here! I’m reminded of a German saying I believe it was, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothing.”

  15. Ha! The first photo looks like the sort, “Find the piggies. How many do you see?” I never realized they burrowed down but, of course, it makes perfect sense.
    I have been searching around for comfit, recipes and uses, online (only associating the word with meat in the past) and am delighted to find some good explanations and recipes. It seems lemon comfit is used for savory dishes while orange comfit is mostly used with sweets… really interesting and I am going to give both a try.
    Cold here also… down to a high of minus 6c. for today and much of this week. I figure that’s pretty much a seasonal norm but we have been so lucky this year with milder weather that it seems frigid out there. Fortunately I don’t have to go out for extended periods of time… sometimes wish I was a bear and could just sleep this winter away. Hope you have a lovely day too. ~ Mame 🙂

  16. I too dress in layers. The problem comes when you start doing chores and start heating up. I have a very steep hill that I have to walk up carrying my groceries and haul wood into the house (I heat exclusively with wood) and almost always end up over heated. You may think of New Mexico as south and sunny but at 7500 feet it’s sunny, snowy and down right cold! Stay warm

    • Exactly – then you can take a few layers off.. dressing in layers is key! Though I am not fond of steep hills with loads of wood and groceries.. not fun for you at all.. c

  17. Have decided I am a real spoiled brat – love our long mild and gentle autumns and to some degree our windy springs . . . this week’s 40+ C do not suit at all, but reading your winter temps should definitely not complain about going to our -2C min 🙂 ! Hardly ever more than I-2 layers and a change from teeny-weeny-polkadot bikinis to something which actually has somewhat of a leg 😀 !!

    • Yes, I have seen that one and it always shocks me what a small space those pigs live in – but maybe it is just their sleeping area.. there are generations of pigs in there.. c

  18. You will feel light as a feather when you shed the layers and hit the Southern Hemisphere… although being Melbourne you’d best pack some just in case 🙂

  19. It’s no wonder you are so slight, you’re probably wearing an extra 20 lbs of clothing to battle the cold! The sunshine is lovely though, isn’t it? I’ve missed it so much this winter, it’s been so drab and dreary for the most part. Today, we had a little bit of everything, blinding sun (bring it), snow flurries, grey skies and more snow flurries! But at least we’re not getting the massive amounts of snow we have had in the past. I can’t complain! Now I’m off to check out Onion Confit recipes…not heard of that one before.

  20. I’ve been carrying around one of those rice bag warmers all day. I’m the biggest wimp when it comes to the cold. In my next life I think I’ll be an island girl! 😀

  21. I had to look up lemon confit—the images were so pretty, but cooking is a foreign language for me. And what a simple process for something that sounds like a delicious way to enhance foods, but also something I know I’ll never do. I love that YOU do these things and tell us about them. For me, it’s the same as when you go back to New Zealand—wonderful sights of foreign lands.

  22. Nice to see the piggies all snuggled up. I’m glad you are able to put on enough layers to stay warm out there, but I imagine it does take a bit to pile it on and take off.

  23. The cold weather certainly brings it challenges but we farmers seem to get through it every year. I believe it makes the other seasons so much more the sweeter.

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