The camera sees all

I may have discovered the source of Godot’s strange behaviour. white peacock

What do you think this is? One leg is black.

Here is a close up.  Is that dirt, from when he was stuck under the bush the other day? or something more sinister. cold-032

He was fine yesterday. No limping, active. Eating drinking, Flying. Is it dirt? It seems to be mostly on the back of the leg, where he rests it on the ground. And if he had been down long enough to melt the ground a little .. well.. I don’t want to catch him. It is awful to shock wild birds like that, we can watch it with the camera. Taking an image of something like this then enlarging it later is such a useful tool.

white peacock

I will do it again in a few days, we can have another look.cold-035

The others seem to be doing fine in the cold. Everyone got an extra helping of dinner  last night to see them through this cold night. Sheila’s bed is so high, we have to watch that Poppy does not just step out of their pen and make a run for the verandah.

Tima and those eyes.

The kittens and dogs were allowed inside all day yesterday. Having a wrecking party.

dog and kittens

Mischief makers.

dog and kittens

dog and kittens

Boo is not taking his eyes off them. No-one sleeps when there are three rascally kittens sitting next to your head, bent on mischief.
dog and kittens

Bitterly cold last night but thankfully not so much wind.  I have not looked at the temperature. Knowing does not help. And cold is relative – once it is very cold, even colder is still Very Cold. I will let you know after I have been outside. Today the wind will swing back from the North to the Sou’ west again.  And though still cold for the next few days, it will not be as bad as last night.  The pig porridge is on. I make them warm feed on these mornings but they have to eat very fast. No-one gets finished before it starts to freeze to the sides of their bowls.

But they are stoic, yawning and stretching in the mornings just like any morning. Especially the kune, they show no signs of cold at all. Steaming through the snow like little trains.  Tima is showing signs of being in heat (at the same time as Poppy too). Best we note the date just in case. (Three months, three weeks and three days remember).  She is only just old enough, but I have no intention of seperating them in this cold. I doubt very much whether Tane is fertile yet, but we shall see.  Tima is a big girl, robust -‘Rubenesque’ even.  I don’t mind a surprise.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm


39 Comments on “The camera sees all

  1. I hope that’s not frost bite on Godot. Whatever it is, how strange that it’s only one. But both feet look a little dark. Rubenesque – I love it!

  2. wonderful pictures…Is it possible for Godolt to have frostbite…i don’t know about such things like you do but I know that when my toes had frostbite they went black…..maybe he needs legwarmers!!! Shall I get the knitting needles out?

  3. Yep you are right about the Very Cold – and even if it gets colder still being very cold. It’s the same with very sweet, add more sugar and it is still very sweet LOL
    I think it is just dirt on Godot. Do peacocks have dust baths like the chickens? I know when mine come out behind the butterfly bush (up against the the south facing side of the house where it is dry and warm) they have black legs like that, and it stays for days. Best keep an eye on it though. However I always think that as long as they are eating and drinking then can’t be too big a problem. I know my animals, if something is wrong, first thing they do is stop eating.

    • The ground has been frozen solid for some time, so no dust baths. But I am thinking dirt, it looks like it has moved in between the scales/natural cracks in his legs.. c

  4. Is that the colour of your soil? Try rubbing some of the dirt from the spot where he sat directly on your finger, and see if the colour is similar after it dries. Is it the same shade and coverage?

  5. Rascally kittens? They look so innocent…ha Staying by the warm stove, I would imagine. Pretty little Timatonga with her very expressive eyes. Feed me, love me, scratch me. It is below freezing here in central Texas this morning, but it will warm up and we will have sun, I think. The moon is bright, making everything silvery outside.

  6. Godot’s leg looks alarming, but when I enlarged it on my smartphone it kind of looked like dirt, there seems to be a couple of tiny specks the same colour on the feathers above. Keep a close eye on it, I do hope it is only dirt.
    Tima’s little eye peeking over the fence looks like she is say “can I come in with you tonight mama?” I think she has a little babe sort of voice.

  7. Brrr. It is so cold, isn’t it? The kittens and Boo are adorable as always and I keep looking at my cute little Mixbook to see more of your lovelies. Can’t wait to send the copy to my great niece. 🙂

  8. i know nothing of wild birds but this looks rather like mold to me. so….let us hope it is dirt as that would be much better. it has been bitterly cold here for too many days

  9. Looks like BLACK dirt…… fingers crossed.

    So 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days -> that is approximately May 3rd. Spring! It is so grand to just think in small numbers (3) it will be spring again with bright green leaves and bees going from flower to flower? The memories of spring is what gets us through the dimness of winter I think.

  10. You are so right. Once we’re prepared, outdoor faucets are set to drip, animals are warm, a number on the thermometer doesn’t help much. Stay warm!

  11. I’m with you Celi, knowing the exact temperature doesn’t help! I know when it’s cold! We had a super cold night last night too, 3 degrees, but thank goodness it will warm up a bit more today! 🙂

  12. All that relentless piggy intelligence directed at one thing: naughtiness. Oh, and food. Stay safe and warm, Miss C, you and all your furry and feathered creatures. I’m thinking thawing thoughts (ooh, I LIKE a bit of alliteration) in your direction, especially at the airport…

  13. I studied Godot’s leg, and I think I can see a little raised edge, which would mean it is dirt. Fingers crossed! no wind here today so I hope I won’t have to carry my little poodle home from our walk…

  14. Boo and the kittens must be having a marvelous time. I bet the pigs love you for the warm porridge 😉

  15. Your Godot looks very much like he’s gotten into some dirt that is particularly clingy.
    Boo and the kittens slay me with their cuteness.
    I pray you and your animals stay safe in all this cold.

  16. You’ve warmed my heart this a.m. with those sweet images of Boo and his kitties.

    And I need plenty of warmth up here in the wind-swept, bone-chilling North that is Minnesota.

  17. Would it be possible to email that picture of Godot’s leg to the vet? In the Trib yesterday there was an article about “visiting” your doctor using your iPhone. He/she says, “Say ah,” and by looking in your mouth can diagnose and prescribe med. This will free up ERs.

    • goodness, e doctors, surely that is not a good idea.. imagine the miss diagnosos’ no .. that is not a good idea at all.. c

  18. Such beautiful pictures! The gang is looking great 🙂
    Take care and yes, we’ll have another look at that leg later on.
    Have a great day!

  19. Those photographs exude warmth and glow… so many oranges, yellows and browns… and fluffed feathers, thick tufts of fur, and bristly hair to keep the two- and four-leggeds warm during the bitter outdoor conditions. I think too, it looks like dried mud on Godot’s leg, but I’ll think positive thoughts about that. I think Mr. Wind headed south as we have it here, but alas, he has changed his mind about staying down here because now he’s headed in a northeasterly direction – back to you!! Even though the wind is out of the south down here, it is bitter cold – the coldest day so far this season! I hope you have warm clothes? Insulated pants and such?

    • Oh no, you are cold too.. I never go out without my insulated bib overalls and my big mans duluth jacket, mnay layers under that and two pairs of socks, -10 swedish boots and two pairs of mittens.. I do not like to be cold at all.. often I am very warm inside all my clothing.. c

  20. Yup, that looks like dirt to me too C. There is even some tiny flecks of it on his feathered part of the leg. Fingers crossed though! Just keep thinking Nz Nz Nz next week and that will get you through this cold snap! Those naughty kittens with Boo’s eye on them even with his head down is too funny and oh so cute! You must smile all day!

  21. I certainly hope that it is just dirt. If he is eating and not limping and his eyes look normal then lets just hope. I did a quick google of peacock legs and now my eyes are scarred forever, some sights should not be seen, ever. Especially not with morning coffee.

  22. When I looked at Godot’s leg after I enlarged the photo. To me it looks like it is probably just dirt that is caked & dried between his leg scales. If it were bleeding blood vessels or a bad bruise the pattern of discoloring would be more uniform/continuous & a darker color. Here’s hoping Godot just has dirty legs. Uncle Boo is such a good kitten manager. He does look a bit daunted by those kittens when they are full of energy & Boo is ready for a peaceful nap. How is Marmalade doing these days? I loved opening today’s post to see Tima’s eye’s peeping over the title this morning. I’m sure all the pigs enjoy having a nice warm breakfast in such cold weather. I know I would hate eating something icey cold out of a frozen bowl on a day like this. Stay warm & safe.

  23. usually frostbite involves swelling of toes, i dont let poultry outside when there is snow on the ground, after loseing poultry toes in the past.
    could he have been digging in wood ashes.?
    the oldtimers here used to keep hens inside henhouse when temps are below 40, i have noticed my egg production stays up with the 40 degree rule

  24. I love it–a kitten with a paw on Boo’s muzzle, the next kitten with its feet on the first one’s head…just too cute! Hope Godot only got some dirt on his leg. That shot of Tima is adorable!

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