Zero Visibility

Yesterday really did dawn bitterly cold without a touch of sun all day. zer-011We heat the house with one fireplace as you know (the bedrooms are unheated) and yesterday  the warmth did not reach the glass house so we took all the pots into the house but the plantings in the beds had to just brave it out. Unfortunately there have been losses.  All good learning though as this is the first winter we have had the glass room attached to the house.

The wind picked up as it snowed and the day looked like this.  Close to zero visibility. zer-001

What can you do.

Oh  – here is what you can do!inside-017

Sleep on top of your mother.


Oh thats it!

By 5pm last night my legs were jelly from fighting this wind and snow.  I was never cold because as you know I wear a lot of clothing. I dress for the winter. Thanks to my New Zealand sisters I wear wool.  And wool is the best thing for keeping a body warm. So I am not cold – but the wind was blowing and house did not warm up (we got as high as 56F (13C) in the house) and when I was outside the wind slapped me in the mouth at every opportunity.  I had to run a new line out to the sheeps water and everything got tangled and my language deteriorated. I was out there fr too long. Even Boo was a little shocked. The kittens were due to be taken to the vet for their jabs but my little car would not have made it to the end of the track so that was re-scheuled.  And my hairdressers appointment was postponed. Yes I have a wedding to attend and no I have no intention of attending it looking like a Wild Man from Borneo..  (A very sad story at the best of times those two little wild men  – they were strong though.)

Contrary to that popular catch cry – “They can take me as they find me”  I do care what I look like and refuse to look like a worn out old farmer.. so I will crawl through the snow to get to the hairdressers if I have to!  Though I may not have to as the weather is supposed to get better.  Thanks Gods as My Godmother used to say.

When I go outside I line up everything that I need to take to the barn by the door. That way once I have my boots on I can just reach in the door and grab what I want. (You cannot take things out too early – they freeze.) So I lined up the pig feed (soaked beet shreds, carrots, eggs and grated apple)  and the waters and my boots and gloves (Eva’s Canadian mittens covered in Kim’s fingerless mittens )  and went to get my clown suit and jacket hanging by the fire and here is what I found when I returned.


Do you see? Boo had added one of his squeaky toys.  The opportunist supreme.  But this is an inside toy and so we had to sit down on the floor so I could explain to him that he had to take it back the the toy box. We do not take toys outside. He knows this and put it away very reluctantly.  With very bad grace actually.  He hates the toy box, it is a little too proletarian for him,  Tidy is so Tuesday! He is such a snob this dog!

Godot is aloof as usual yesterday. Sheila was cold but sturdy. Poppy is in heat and wrecking things. Queenie looms enormous, Tima and Tane wander about scavenging and Elsie asks for food in her little cow-girl voice. How I wish I could really show you the oasis that the barn is when the weather is bad.  It is where I want to be. It is a little chilly heaven.

I hope you all find loveliness today.

your friend





42 Comments on “Zero Visibility

  1. Egads! The cold, white, blustery landscape chills me just looking at it. And then there are kittens piled on their Marmie mother. Excellent transition from bleak to blissful. Sorry BooBoo, inside toys stay inside, otherwise, old man winter will bury them until spring. Good try tho.

  2. Cripes! that looks and feels really cold…with no heating in the bedrooms , do you use hot water bottles..I cannot sleep if I am cold….
    I really hope that the weather will ease and that you will be able to get your hair done..when is it you go to NZ?

  3. The scene on your porch reminds me of the movie “Dr Zhivago”. Stay warm. xx

  4. If the house didn’t get above 56, I would never ever get warm and eventually the stress of that would do me in. You are a brave, hearty woman….I would have crumbled, long ago, from the bitter cold.

  5. Oh gosh Celi, only 56 degrees inside all day!!! You must wear long underwear under your clothes all day long. I know I do, and have all winter. Our house, closest to the wood stove insert stays between 65 and 68, and sometimes higher when we really fire up the stove. I just don’t like being cold! Sending you warm energies!!! xo

  6. Brrrr! I’m a wimp! I would be lost without my woodstove! During extreme cold, try putting another layer over your inside beds in the glass house, but raised off the plants so they don’t touch them. Even a length of clear plastic will help. Our second layer is agricultural fabric (Reemay, Agribond.) It does wonders, adding a whole extra temperate zone, but lets in the light. The spinach and lettuce don’t grow much, but they abide nicely, even in this extreme cold, waiting inside the outdoor hoop houses under their extra layer, supported by hoops. When we (finally) get a sunny day, I will pull back the covers and all those glorious greens are there for my harvest! We are getting a small snowstorm here. We really haven’t had much snow yet, so we’re due. Hopefully you won’t have any more until after your plane takes off! Good luck getting to the hairdresser!

  7. Just popping in quickly to wish you all good things for 2015. Have had no telephone line since 24/12. Line now restored but no adsl yet, so currently on dial up – groan. Will catch up properly next week. Love to all, Laura

  8. Now that’s a decent pair of boots… I hope you survive the weather, make it to the hairdresser, and escape to warmer climes and swankier footwear. If your feet get cold, you can always push them into the basket of kittens, a fur-lined, centrally heated footwarmer in a fetching shade of ginger! Look after yourself, Miss C, not long now till lift off.

  9. Oh what a lovely basket of kitties! They look so very warm!

    I wish I could tell George that the toys are for inside, but alas, with a dogie door he will slip them outside. So each day, I step out onto the patio and have the discussion with him. Same one – each day – ‘George, the squeaky purple fleece bone is an “INSIDE” toy. And your little sister Peggy likes to play with daddy’s holey socks, and they are HER toys, not yours.’ He just wags his tail, runs over to the bone and throws it up in the air for me to catch. Yes, he throws his toys to ME so I can throw it back to him once we are back inside.

    George & Gracie are beagles – almost 10 years old. Peggy is a 5 lb Yorkshire who hates everyone but us and will steal a sock if the opportunity arises!

  10. We actually had a blizzard warning last night from 5 to 3 am and it was indeed a blizzard with all the interstates and main roads officially closed. I had houseguests—-a blogger friend who lives on a farm 25 miles out from me who is 6 days overdue with her 3rd baby. She and her hubby spent the night and headed to the hospital early this morning—there is going to be a baby today!!!! So glad they took me up on my housing offer. Brrr….it is bitter cold here but I keep my house much warmer than your 56 degrees. I am a wimp!

  11. “…my language deteriorated” made me laugh, as I too have been known to let the curse words fly when fighting hoses and water/buckets.
    Glad Godot was properly aloof. Must be that he got a chill and was stuck cold under that bush.

  12. Thanks goodness for wool. It is so much more comfortable in extreme cold. ( little use here, but when it;s needed, so glad to have it) You do have to plan when you have to go outside in such weather. Organization is important From a (warmer) distance (rain and 40’s) .
    the first 2 pictures are lovely – the reddish brown dark contrast of plants and ladder at the bottom of the second one -the solid dark objects contrasting against the vague blur softness of the snow.
    The dogs are getting bored this winter. Boo is so clever. Molly and RC are in suspended animation I think with all the frigid rain
    ATTENTION Farmy Readers: We must all concentrate so Ci can get her hair cut – focused intent has worked before. Bring Ci some sun quickly!

  13. Isn’t the cozy barn such an amazingly pleasureable place after making it there through the snow, wind and drifts! The wind in winter is maybe my “not so favorite”, I don’t mind the cold too much. I just love your optimistic dog! Stay Cozy!

  14. Gosh, I can’t imagine how cold. Actually, maybe I can. There is central heating in the cottage in E but we tend not to put it on (it’s oil, very expensive and not that great to burn anyway) and in the winter the house can be 13 degrees inside as well. But we’ve evolved a system of doors and heavy curtains…including a heavy velvet curtain which covers the stairway to the upstairs bedrooms, and then, the open fire heats the living room up and it’s nice and toasty and then we jump into our cold bed under feather quilts and cuddle. I love it. Here in the city we’re soft like city folks and heat the house during the day…what can I say…country it better. 😀 Terminal cuteness with Marmi and the babies.

  15. That is just too cold for me. My bones would scream and holler. It’s rainy and windy here in Germany but not cold , not yet at least. Have you tried a hot water bottle to warm your feet when you are in bed, that’s what I always do.

  16. Oh my 56 inside! I would be so miserable but I’m a wimp! Hope the weather changes so you can get your hair done, I think hair is so important it makes you feel good if it looks good, but a bad hair day is such a bummer and def not want you want on a wedding day! x

  17. Boo’s little toy by the door breaks my heart. His intelligence! I know I’ve mentioned before my cousin’s Doberman putting her toys in their open suitcase.
    I’m sorry my e-doctor idea was a bummer. Seemed like a good idea : (

  18. C, I don’t know if you realized, but I am Melissa on FB, and friends with Jodi and Mollyann. I had to be in Kankakee all day yesterday with Dr. appointments, etc. I was lucky my husband was ferrying me in the wind and snow. I hope you and the kitties can make it out soon.

    • Oh Melissa, no was not aware of that.. what a terrible time you are having.. hope your doctor appointments were not too arduous.. c

  19. I actually got shivers looking at that first photo. It looks cooold! If you can find joy in your circumstances, I will find joy in my day of floods and more rain here in the desert of Alice Springs. xxx

  20. A basket full of warm kitties to stave off that brutal cold stuff. I think it’s cute that Boo added to the “going out the door” pile. A barn full of love, that’s what you have, Miss C.

  21. I like the cold, but that is a bit extreme! There has been snow at my house in Italy and I can’t wait yo get back there to see how my garden is coping.

  22. Just a little thought for the glass house, something I read a few years ago for the little cold frames that you can harden off house-grown plants for the garden. It might help a bit. Fill a crockpot with water, plug in and turn on, leave the lid off. And let the heat and moisture raise the temp in the little room. Just have to be careful to keep the water level up, although it shouldn’t boil off too quickly when on low. If it’s a large room, might want to try 2 crockpots. Might need to put the lid on (or partially on, a little tipped) if the moisture builds up too much.

    Stay as warm as you can and get ready to fly.
    Chris S in Canada

  23. ‘language deteriorated’ love it – mine does that from time to time, too, not so proud, but sometimes ‘fiddlesticks’ just doesn’t cut it. Can empathise the cold in the house – we moved into our guest house 31 Dec 13 and stayed warm. (I still marvel how i can set the thermostat to 70 and the house will actually get to it!!). Our old house, in which our daughter’s NW bedroom sometimes contained snow blowing through the walls and onto the carpet, occasionally never made it about 38F. Finally, this past summer, the old house has been razed. Twenty two years of that was more than enough!

  24. How I love your farm family and the warmth you all share, even in the midst of frigid weather. You have the secret to finding “the beautiful things” in life.

  25. Brrr, it looks beautiful but so cold! The kittens are sensible to stay in bed!

    We don’t have snow here, but instead we have hurricane-force winds. In the far north of Scotland, 70,000 people were left without power yesterday and I heard that blizzards are on the way to the U.K.

  26. Good heavens, nothing like Mother Nature to throw a little adventure into something simple like a trip to the hairdresser! I think you’ll have to take on the motto of the postal service… an inscription I noticed on the exterior of the James Farley post office in NYC this summer, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” I can’t look at those first two photos very long… I feel like I’m back in Nebraska!! BRR!

  27. brrrrrrrrr and the kitten photo melted my heart…….not many more sleeps !!

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