I love Snow

I do. Especially getting up in the morning to a clear morning. With the fuzzy moon just setting…


And the sun just rising. Everything has paused. Every single ear in the barn tuned to the click of the back door, and the squeak of my boots as the dogs and I slog through the snow with the buckets of water and bowls of vegetables and fruit.


I love snow.


And when the sun does rise -the world sparkles. I have always thought that snow is a great leveller. Everything looks good in fresh snow.



That is until a man and a snow- plough gets a hold of it. They don’t just love snow they love to shift snow. Dominate it and move it out of the way. Stack it tidily in a corner.


Until the snow plough breaks and you have to drive home backwards. The problem with working with old and second hand gear. It is a struggle to keep it going.



Then of course is the second favourite thing which is working on the broken gear. Toiling away in the workshop all day. Fixed now apparently. All over my head that mechanical stuff. I just like to play in snow.



I love snow. As long as it does not snow on the day I am due to fly out of Chicago. Which is next Wednesday. Very soon.  If it snowed on that day I would not love snow at all.

Last night the temperatures were meant to get to  -7F (-21)  (1f) when I got up. And it is blowing.  The high today is  meant to be -4F (-20C) so I guess it is still dropping and then tonight we go down to -14F(-25C).  I am a bit worried about Godot. Boo found him unmoving under a bush. He stood up, but let me get close enough to lift him which is a worry. I brought him out from the bush, was he caught in there? got too cold and lost his bearings?  and he tock tocked at me then flew with a woop to the barn, banking perfectly before zooming straight in the big door. He ate for a long time sitting on his feet. I think he just got very cold. By last night he was back up in the ceiling of the barn roosting properly. Still. He is going to find the next few days hard. I may have to set up a heat lamp for him but you know what terrible fire risks they are. And the animals lose hardiness. Maybe just for this cold spell, I will offer him a lamp, I will lock him in the Peacock Penthouse with it.  But they never roost under them, they always go back to their own favourite bed roosts at night when it is coldest.  So it is a dilemma.

Off I go.

Enjoy your day.

Your friend on the farmy



61 Comments on “I love Snow

  1. Boo loves snow too, bless him. Look at the snowflakes on his eyelashes, and that’s one huge stick he wants thrown. Beautiful, beautiful photos of snow. The Land of the Long White Cloud has just come out from under one Long White Cloud and another is heading its way. Take wet weather things… But whatever the weather, it won’t be so cold as what you have now. We’re having wonderful, wonderful rain – not yet a tropical downpour, but it’s heavy, wet and HERE!

    • Ah, well I might get out an alternate dress for the wedding.. being an outside wedding in New Zealand one must always be prepared for rain.. thank you kate!.. c

  2. your temperatures are not even thinkable….brrrrr…I thought that we were cold at -15 let alone -25. I know that sometimes it does get very low In Bulgaria and before we came we were warned of frostbite to fingers and toes. The first year my feet suffered but now they are always planted firmly in red socks….
    Poor Godolt…what have you done in previous years for peacocks……using a lamp is not the ideal I think but is there any alternative. I thought that birds fluffed up their feathers to keep warm..isn’t he the same?
    Snow looks fine when it is new and fresh but not when its been pee’d upon and pounded down into solid lumps…and out on the road it turns brown and slushy only to freeze again at night.
    Stay warm and safe dear friend…..

    • The big birds do do fairly well in the cold, though you will remember that we lost Kupa to pneumonia last winter.. c

      • What about a box similar to nesting boxes but bigger,that might keep the heat in for them

        • they do have things in the barn like that, but they are Free birds.. and I have to trust their instincts..

  3. Beautiful pictures Celi! It’s always a lot of work and animal concerns in this bitter cold weather but it looks like Boo and Ton still have all their energy!!
    I hope Gudat is ok ~ can’t imagine how he can take being out in this weather. He better sit on Sheila’s back and warm up his tootsies! Stay warm.

  4. Burrrr!!! And I thought it would be very cold at 28 degrees here tonight. But then we are not use to the Cold down here is “Sunny” Florida.

  5. Love snow but hate the cold especially when it comes with a fierce wind! Which is a problem as we have no snow, just the cold and wind! Animals are a problem when it gets this bad. Have put loads of straw in the chicken hut so hopefully they will be fine. Dogs of course don’t know what I am worrying about and want in and out of the flippin back door every five minutes (what do you mean we can’t keep the door open all the time?) My poor little heater in the kitchen has a hard time keeping up with the cold blasts every time the back door gets opened. Cats have their own door, so come and go as they please (Sam wants his own door too, but being as big as he is can you imagine half the wall gone and the north wind blowing through the doggy door!)
    Stay warm my friend and tell Godot he is grounded until the cold goes away.

    • It is lunch time now and the wind has swung to the North and is blowing hard.. I am dreading going back out.. Sometimes i think it is better to keep away from the barn when it is cold so they all stay in the warm spots and not get excited.. the air is cold.. c

  6. The photographs are spectacular. The white gone blue. The gold of the moon against the frigid sky. It is really spectacular. And the doggies are lovely, especially Boo this time with his face covered in ice. We know where he’s been sticking his nose. My Mom and I use to call snow the great leveler too. It falls on us all the same. NO SNOW NEXT WEDNESDAY! We’ll click our heels and repeat it three times.

    • Thank you.. much clicking of heels.. I have been stranded at this airport more than once trying to get out in the winter.. this is why i fly out a day ahead, to accomodate any hold ups.. c

  7. The snow is beautiful, I agree. This year I have found a lovely older gentleman with a bit of a handicap who does snow blowing for folks. He showed up last night to do my sidewalks and had a frozen beard. I insisted he come inside for a cup of hot coffee to warm up a bit and we chatted about how demanding some of his customers are about getting their walks cleared immediately. I told him I liked to look at it a bit before it got cleared and there was never any worries with me —I know he will get to it. It was a lovely conversation on a very cold night with a man who is a great example of someone who is willing to do hard work despite his disabilities. It may have been a small thing but I was able to enjoy a few minutes with a man who is a “snow mover”. Stay warm today. Minus 5 feels like minus 23 right now with lower temps coming.

    • How lovely, just those small incidents of real human contact can be so uplifting.. for both of you.. We also have a wind chill of 22.. I hate the wond chill number, it always makes me feel colder just hearing it.. c

  8. I love the photos, they are terrific, even if they made me want to put the heating on (at +8 degrees!) I wanted to jump into your photos and play in all that snow, run about, be a kid again it all looked magical. Like you, I love the snow before someone comes along and messes it up then it just starts to get dirty and spoilt. Poor Godot, hope he warms up and that is all that was wrong. Stay warm all of you – well as warm as you can. Thank you for sharing lovely photos and lovely thoughts with us.

  9. yes, please do be careful about the heat lamps, I have had a fire, and it was disastrous. Such tragedy, although mine was not from a leaping bird, it was because I overloaded the circuit cord, a stupid mistake. I hope Godot can hang in there..Stay warm, keep on loving the snow through pictures in your charming way!

    • Oh you poor thing, that must have been awful.. I am holding off as this cold snap looks to be quite short and i think moving in and out from a warm spot is more damaging to the health.. What i need is a warm room – I need to work on that.. c

      • yes a warm room makes so much sense. We were thinking of building a little insulated brooder building (a warm room!) some day, as we brood hundreds of ducklings at a time,and the heat lamps freak us out now. PROJECTS!!

  10. Oh poor Gadot!!! Wish we could fashion him a Pea Coat… (okay that image and pun made me giggle…..)

    Boo is a NUT! Ton’s look is comical when you compare it to the goof playing with a LOG!

  11. Although I do not like to deal with snow, I agree that beauty lies therein. And you’ve showcased the beauty of snow in a lovely way this morning.

    Minus nine degrees in southern Minnesota this morning with windchills in the minus 30s. School is starting two hours later here in my community. In some other towns, schools are closed.

    Hoping for no snow on flight day. We have that worry too as our son is slated to fly out of MSP for Boston soon.

  12. I love snow too, but we don’t get a lot of it here and if we do the whole country comes to a standstill! 😀 have a lovely snowy day x

  13. gorgeous! The kids so want it to snow. Damn sun ;). Have to open the doors to warm up the house.

  14. When I tell people that, they usually have a long list of complaints towards snow! Your words describe perfectly my feelings toward this season & your photos fit beautifully too! It is indeed a nuisance when you have to travel but appreciating it’s poetry, sparkle & purity of colour, in my eyes surpasses all the inconveniences 🙂
    Enjoy it & my very best wishes for a brilliant healthy happy year 2015!

  15. Ah, lovely photos. My family and I also loved the snow, at least the first day or so when it’s made the world look so lovely. I’ve never been more moved than one morning in Ohio when the children saw the fresh snow sparkling on a hillside and spontaneously broke into applause, saying ‘Yay, God! Great show!’

    Having said that, I’m happy to live in Southern California now and only take short trips to snowy regions for holidays.

  16. Stunning pictures, it’s too cold for me. No snow next Wednesday ! We Our heals and repeat three times.
    You and I are going to be in the air at the same time.

      • Thanks, we had a nice funeral, one my mother would’ve liked. There is more to do but I’m ready to go home. I let my great nephews pick out things that would remind them of their great-grandmother. Hannes, the middle one, picked out a book of poetry in which each of my mom’s friends had hand written a poem to remember them from the old School days. The other two picked out pictures and knickknacks.

        • That poetry books sounds beautiful.. what a special remembrance, i am glad you were there… and home in a week.. hope your weather stays settled too.. c

  17. Those photographs bring back memories of Nebraska. It’s beautiful, but oh so bitter. I will never forget the way the dry air seems to take away breath, literally cuts sharply as it plummets into one’s lungs. I remember the chapped skin and cracked lips, bleeding knuckles. Be good to yourself, Celi. It’s so easy to get caught up in the protection and comfort of the animals, but don’t forget to take care of self. 🙂

    • And the sore throat from the air.. yes. I am trying to leave the animals in the barn today so they don’t expend too much energy rushing about to see if i have food for them. Best that they just sleep the day away.. c

  18. I love snow too. Yesterday I reluctantly shoveled the walk–it seems to be an obsession around here, but I remember as a kid with a sled hating the neighbors who shoveled their walk. Besides,in my humble opinion, a shoveled walk is so much more dangerous than a snowy one. I don’t get it.
    TonTon is shoulder deep in your snow! Wow, we didn’t get that much. Chicago schools closed, however.

    • It is true that when that snow gets smooth it is deadly.. and the wind is not helping! Hope you are warm up there.. c

  19. I love the snow, but not the melt that follows. Snow is energising. Mud … well, I needn’t tell you about that. Enjoy it while it lasts. Your pictures are beautiful.

    • It will be a few months before anything melts here, she says gloomily, though the weather can surprise us.. c

  20. Beautiful pictures! I’ve always loved how fresh the world looks under snow. And then when you add the warm sparkle of a sunrise or sunset, it just turns magical.

  21. I like the look of fresh snow and the way it muffles all sound, but otherwise, my body rebels to the cold, it always did, even as a child, two minutes after going out to play I was crying to come back indoors.

    • I can just imagine you banging on the door MA LET ME BACK IN! My Mum used to chuck us out in the morning and tell us not to come back until lunch time.. no problem there.. c

      • We were so lucky… allowed the freedom to roam, play and let our imaginations run wild. I feel so sorry for youngsters today who are monitored at every turn.

  22. Your picture of Boo sitting in the morning sun with a snowy face is absolutely priceless! 🙂

  23. You have managed to find the beauty on a cold, snowy day. Boo makes me smile with snow on his face, reminds me of another dog I once knew.

  24. Extraordinary photography. I’ve never seen such magical wintry scenes – it’s been a while since some proper snow in London, I’m keep my fingers crossed but our winter has been so mild. How did you get the shot of the moon looking so misty and the snow so glowy and sparkly, it’s a real trick to capture in low light – you’ve done it brilliantly.

  25. What a fun blog! I love how you find anything and everything to photograph rigjt there on your own property! Course, it helps that you live in the most gorgeous and fun of places! Smiling!

    • It is true, every image is from my own few acres, except when we travel.. fun it most certainly IS! thank you for being a part of our Fellowship.. c

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