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The Herd welcomes Naomi

What is the definition of a herd of cows anyway? How many does one need to have a herd?  Because yesterday Lady Astor gave birth to a lovely tiny, tiny heifer. She also has no belt at all, just a tiny bit of white… Continue Reading “The Herd welcomes Naomi”

Every thing in its proper place

This time of year, as we gear up for the busy season, everything is re-placed in its proper place, House AND Barn and woe betide anyone who borrows something and does not return it.  I work alone  – so that would be ME whose… Continue Reading “Every thing in its proper place”

Cats in Hiding

The kittens have heard that next week they are off to have their ‘operations.’  So they are exploring hiding places. I can still see you, you know.  Hide again. I can still see you this time too. Egoli quite likes riding in the car… Continue Reading “Cats in Hiding”

I had a thought –

– running through my head all day yesterday. For you.   But I did not write it down. Roger and I have similar problems, whereas he cannot remember a word, I cannot remember an entire concept. There was something I was going to tell… Continue Reading “I had a thought –”

Trotting Pig and Running Cow

Yesterday Tane was observed trotting down the drive, at speed. He would not let on as to where he was actually heading but he was going there at a good clip.  A case of “I don’t know where I’m going but I’m making very good time.”… Continue Reading “Trotting Pig and Running Cow”


Yesterday the snow fell on and off for the whole day. But it did not have any  kind of real resolve, It was just there.  A half hearted affair.  Showers, flurries nothing much. So I cycled through my list. Getting the collars on the… Continue Reading “Turns”

The D –

I am up very early. I awoke at 2.30 anD lay in beD for a while thinking all those awful thoughts one thinks when you cannot sleep. AnD I am a granD sleeper, just sometimes after a trip away my sleeping pattern interrupts. It… Continue Reading “The D –”

Can you do without a weather report?

I have been considering doing without a weather report as my next personal challenge.  But maybe not. At least not in the Mid Western Winter. There is some kind of storm in the offing for tonight but we will see.  And the sun shone all… Continue Reading “Can you do without a weather report?”


This post is at an odd time of the day but I am just popping in to let you know that I am home. Boo is home.  All the animals are present and correct.  I have been around everyone and they are ll glowing… Continue Reading “Home”