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Imagine coming back from your walk to find that a fat golden pig has not only been eating your dinner but gone to sleep IN it!

Taking the sun

Though it is cold enough for me to be wearing my winter farm jacket now, Poppy’s babies still came out with her today to play in the autumnal sun. Tane and Tima have shifted into their winter home. It will a bit of a… Continue Reading “Taking the sun”

Tima! Come Home!

In the mornings when it is sunny (and not too muddy yet) I let the kunekune’s Tima and Tane out for a walk.  Tane goes straight out to the South field. Tima heads the other way – down the drive right to the end and… Continue Reading “Tima! Come Home!”

Alex – the Dexter

I very, very seldom go outside with the Camera House intending to take a specific shot to match an idea. In fact I never do that. My mind is usually quite empty as usual. So I take photos during the day as I see them,… Continue Reading “Alex – the Dexter”

The Day of Pigs

On the loose. Hugo and I made a dash for the feed store and the the grocery store (which was not as successful as I remember – it has been so long since I was in the supermarket that they have changed everything around.) So… Continue Reading “The Day of Pigs”

Dying with the Full Moon

Sadly, Harlequin died yesterday morning. She just could not keep herself alive anymore. The scours have see-sawed through her body since the beginning, never really letting up and the poor wee thing just got weaker and weaker.  So she left. Pneumonia took her away.… Continue Reading “Dying with the Full Moon”

Did you Find Your Voice?

I learnt an awful lot at the Press Publish Conference in Portland on the weekend. I am going to share as much as I can with you over the next week.  As usual these things will weave themselves in and out of the fabric… Continue Reading “Did you Find Your Voice?”

Every thing in its proper place

This time of year, as we gear up for the busy season, everything is re-placed in its proper place, House AND Barn and woe betide anyone who borrows something and does not return it.  I work alone  – so that would be ME whose… Continue Reading “Every thing in its proper place”

I had a thought –

– running through my head all day yesterday. For you.   But I did not write it down. Roger and I have similar problems, whereas he cannot remember a word, I cannot remember an entire concept. There was something I was going to tell… Continue Reading “I had a thought –”

Trotting Pig and Running Cow

Yesterday Tane was observed trotting down the drive, at speed. He would not let on as to where he was actually heading but he was going there at a good clip.  A case of “I don’t know where I’m going but I’m making very good time.”… Continue Reading “Trotting Pig and Running Cow”