Alex – the Dexter

I very, very seldom go outside with the Camera House intending to take a specific shot to match an idea. In fact I never do that. My mind is usually quite empty as usual. So I take photos during the day as I see them, then load them into the post before dinner, then when I awake in the morning I write the words. And as you also know often the words have nothing to do with the photographs either.  I just have more words in my head in the morning for some reason.


In fact sometimes I take a few different photographs throughout the day and then when I load them and look at them I am surprised that this memory was only this morning. By evening the mornings seem so far away.


So last night when I loaded the images from that day I found quite a few of Alex, the Dexter heifer.


She must have caught my eye more than once yesterday for some reason. She is getting a little rounder but so is everyone frankly. Have a look at Queenie’s Bobby a few images down.  The other thing I am noticing with Alex is development in her udder. I can see teats now when I am sure I have not seen teats before.  She is a heifer, she has not had a calf before and heifers have to actually grow an udder.  Cows (who have had calves before) seem to fill  up with milk in the last few weeks. I have noticed that heifers start to grow their udders a bit earlier.  Sometimes up to four months earlier. Very,  very slowly.


Alex was field bred to a Lowline Angus. So I have been given June as the month but no real date. The Lowline breed is interesting too. Another miniature and developed by the Australians. They are not milking cows like the Irish Dexters, they are just for beef.  I will be interested to see her calf.   If it is a heifer Carlos IV will have himself a little miniature herd.



Fat Bobby.

Lady Astor

I was mucking out and tidying in the barn for a number of hours today – it was so warm – Lady practically leaned on the side of the barn watching me.


This is the culprit. Sheila is getting lazy with her toilet. She is unapologetic.

Today is still warm (above freezing is always warm in the winter) and so I am going to continue in the barn. There is some fierce cold coming so I want to get the kunekune bed ready.  I am going to roll over  that big blue pig house – the old fish tank that I cut a hole into. They can sleep IN it in their corner of the barn. That will keep Tane a lot warmer.

I hope you have a lovely day.

love celi





37 Comments on “Alex – the Dexter

  1. Dexters are very cute and Queenie’s Bobby is a handsome chap too. Sheila’s adorable, as always 🙂

  2. Everyday you help bringing a smile to my face : Yesterday the flying piggy and today it’s the cat sitting behind the wheel. Oh my! Kind of a nice circus you have here… So funny.
    Still love the cheaky haircut of Alex. Do like to run my fingers through… – Love the barn shot with it’s wide open sky.
    Glad that you help Tane getting warmer. – Have a beautiful day, Celi!

  3. She’s a very pretty girl, that Alex. Her eyes are such an interesting colour in the photos – almost a greenish bronze, a sort of topaz colour. Darling Sheila is looking a little rumpled, quite a bad case of bed hair there, but the twinkle shines through despite being disturbed from her lovely nap.

  4. I’d rather clean up after animals than people. It’s very satisfying looking in a well swept building with the bedding neatly piled up. Quite an inviting bed sometimes too!
    Fabulous sky in the shot of the barn.

  5. This collection of photographs put together, shows a kind of family resemblence – notwithstanding that porcines, canines and bovines are not really related. I think it’s something to do with expression in the eyes from being cared for gently and sympathetically by friend Celie.

    Kate C and I were chatting this morning, talking about your impending get together. We tried to find a collective noun for bloggers, and nothing was quite right. Jock and I were talking about this at lunch, and came up with a BLETHER OF BLOGGERS. What do you think?

    Have a lovely day
    ViV xox

    • Viv, for alliteration purposes a Blether of Bloggers is splendid! I had to check, and Google lists blether as a variant of blather. Are we really talking and talking and never saying anything of substance? I personally think that we manage to add great loads of insight and useful words here in the lounge. Not always mind you, but on average we are an informative group 🙂

  6. What a rare sight, to see Sheila’s eyes, which are typically covered by those drooping ears. She does look rather put out, but accommodating to the interruption, just not as curious as the cows as she really has no care for your routines Miss C.

  7. A nice warm winter day. What a treat! I love the expression on Sheila’s face as she gets housekeeping in to tidy up her room. All of the residents look healthy. Your animal husbandry/wifery is going well. A great start to the new year and I wish you continued success in 2016.

  8. Here is is January 8th and above freezing! TOUCH WOOD, LOTS OF IT! We are up o 66 today and I see green grass all around our building here in Texas. I’m happy for the warmth, but I know winter will be here soon, but with Mom’s daily trips to radiation treatments – I really could SKIP the wet slippery stuff this year. (FYI: Mom is doing great even with the Chemo once weekly – 2 weeks down, 4 to go and she says she fell so much better than a month ago….touching more wood after that statement!)

  9. Oh dear, now I’m totally confused about whether I’m a pig person or a cow person! They are all SO BEAUTIFUL! I cannot resist cow eyes, but I also cannot in any way shape or form resist Sheila. She is MAGNIFICENT!! (Someone should feature her in a book, wink wink.) xxx

  10. A friend tomld me that his new year’s resolution is to pay attention each day, to look closely at the world and be open to its wonders. I was reminded of that conversation as I read here this morning. ‘m going to tell him about how you don’t go anywhere without camera house, and how later-on-looking (as we all get to do through the kitchensgarden windiw) can surprise you into thoughts and feelings. It certainly does that for me. So many of the images you post stay with me and enliven my day. I won’t send my friend a link to your site (yet)–he’s a city person, born and bred–but I will suggest the camera idea. (Although I think I know why you call it camera house, I won’t use that term but I’ll try to explain the idea. It’s a really good idea.)

  11. Are you concerned about Sheila’s newest behavior? Or maybe she is feeling her age?

    • I think it is her age and also she is still is not happy with having to live with the Twins – miserably she is teaching the twins her new had habits – ROLL ON SUMMER! when they are all locked back outside..

  12. it matters not what images you take- but the fact that you always travel with it- as do I- if I don’t I may miss capturing something to share !
    Your images today of Alex, Bobby and Sheila underline my point exactly ….. two minutes later that quality of light on Sheila could have been gone.
    Have a lovely day.

  13. Dexters are very photogenic, and curious. The G.O.’s cousin has a herd we pass on our walks. I’m the grand-daughter of dairy farmers, and it does my heart good to see cows, as from an early age I’ve had an affection for them.

  14. It is interesting how folks write their posts. We all have designs and ways of crafting to put words and photos out there. I never know how you manage the northern weather. I wasn’t tough enough for it growing up in Nebraska… I always knew I would move south but it was a long (and rather unconventional and unorodox) route to get here. We are expecting a blast of winter again tonight and into the weekend, but nothing near what you’ll deal with. Keep warm if you can… 🙂

  15. Pretty sure that some days my hair looks like Alex’s. Looks good on her, though. lol Love the photo of Queenie’s Bobby today.

  16. A fine day’s photos. Alex is a lovely girl. Sheila looks like she doesn’t so much mind the housekeeping as long as she doesn’t actually have to get out of bed.

  17. Hey Celi. Have you ever seen this type of weather graphic that shows the upper level air masses? I’ve found it quite useful lately – as in this weird winter we’re having – to see ahead to some of the weather coming. Fascinating to see the ‘blips’ of red bursting out of the Pacific’s El Nino … Seems two such bursts arrive on your doorstep next weekend …?

  18. Alex has a pretty, fluffy coat. All eyes are on Miss C working in the barn. What a blessing to have above freezing days!

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