Flying pigs

Not this pig. Sheila does not fly. She too much of a lady for such things.

This pig. Molly. She would fly.  Molly has the most red on her body.  Red legs and the whitest little face. She is a beautiful wee pig.

Very energetic like her mother.  Speaking of her mother. Here is Poppy with Manu. I am so proud of them – getting on so well.

manu and poppy

Now that Poppy is (probably) pregnant she goes onto a strict diet. Up to and No more than four pounds of grain a day. Two eggs, tons of hay,  vegetables and lots of exercise.  Because she is sharing with Manu he is on the slim diet too.

The peacocks love Johns red truck.  This is Mr Flowers and Pania. peacocks

And the cats love anyones truck. The other day the UPS man had to come back to make a return trip to deliver one of my cats back home. He found it sitting on a box in the back of his truck when he stopped at the next delivery after mine.

cats and dog and truck

Alex has a Teddy Bear nose.


She is still not terribly friendly but I am not worrying about it. She comes when she is called now and I can move around her without her startling.  If Aunty Del is pregnant (and I think she is) then I will not need to milk Alex.  But if her baby is a heifer then I will work on training it with the others.

Good morning. We MIGHT have three calves this year – if all goes well – touch wood and all that.  Won’t that be fun!

Time to start work.

Have a lovely day,



42 Comments on “Flying pigs

  1. Look at Molly fly err … run. I’m pretty sure I have never seen a pig gallop around a field like that. Is Marmalade still around she hasn’t been mentioned in a while. We are scary 36C/96F here today with no hope of rain in sight …. too hot. Laura

  2. Are fem. pigs generally bigger than male pigs? (I think the terms are sows and boars. Is that correct?) Poppy looks like she cold boss Manu around a bit.

  3. Molly the flying pig… we need to get someone talented to doctor one of those photos and add a pair of wings! And then add it to a future calendar! Marie is right, you’re going to be tripping over babies everywhere. I wonder what the Poppy/Manu hybrid will look like: fluffy Herefords, or long-legged kunekunes…?

  4. Yes, wonderful animal photos today! The flying pigs are so much fun… just adorable!
    I think you’re very lucky for that special UPS driver the other day. Many, upon finding a ‘stray’ cat in their van, would simply shoo it out and carry on their way. I think he deserves the gold star of kindness for making the return trip.
    Hope your day is going well! ~ Mame 🙂

  5. Snorts with piggy laughter. Mom tells me all of the time that with enough thrust, I could fly for certain. XOXO – Bacon

  6. May your day be filled with all the wonder of a flying pig. 🙂 I love that the UPS man brought your cat back to you. They are always rushing here barely stopping the truck to unload. I’m smiling as I leave here. Thank you.

  7. You know what they say about cats and curiosity. A nice UPS man to bring the little bugger back home. Perhaps he should get some eggs for a thank you in case it happens again! ha Alex is such a pretty cow, teddy bear nose and all. How are Sheila, Molly and Tahiti getting on, still separate sleeping quarters?

    • Hi Kim. Yes Sheila still hogs the pig pile of straw and the twins sleep in the corner.. But this weekend we go down to 3C. I hope she will relent by then. c

  8. A feast of a post – such lovely pictures – handsome piggies peacocks and pusses.
    I am being seduced away from the computer by the glorious smell of my shin of beef, lambs’ kidneys and marrowbone stew invading the house.
    love, ViV xox

  9. Yes the kind UPS man! What’s so funny it reads like a sidebar to the post, a mere moment in the day on the farm, along with flying pigs, and pregnancies galore.

  10. Heartwarming pics of your pigs! Great, great, great! Stunning shots of Mr. Flowers & Pania, of cats & dog. And Naomi & Alex with her super haircut. How beautiful is that all! Beautiful shots and beautiful animals they are. All of them. You’re so right being proud of them! You just have to…
    Hm… three calves and lots of piglets…. 🙂 Can’t wait….

  11. I literally have a pewter necklace of a flying pig; I wear it to teaching writing classes a lot and just generally; it is always oohed and ahhed over!

  12. Laughing, not being negative – maternity wards take a lot of work . . . . but it should be an exciting spring and summer of cows and piggies – don’t think anyone else will get much of a mention 🙂 !!

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