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Dirty Windows

Dirtier windows. Do your pigs make a mess of your windows? And how about your kittens? Do they sleep in your feed bags? Does your cow have a fringe? (They call them bangs in America). Elsie is about to go Bang if I take… Continue Reading “Dirty Windows”

Boxing Day

Though Poppy did get some Christmas left overs her manners leave a lot to be desired.  This is her latest trick. To rear up and plant her feet straight on top of the gate or fence snorting and shrieking and drooling. Not a pretty look… Continue Reading “Boxing Day”


Yes! For the first time in Months, we had a sunny day all day. The whole day.  And tomorrow is the shortest day.  Oh JOY! Here is something I found on the internet. I don’t know what half that means. All that is really… Continue Reading “SUN!!!”

Tima Tanga Moana

Tima has taken to her new boyfriend like a duck to water. And poor old Tane is the water.                             She just rolls all over him. This shot is for Heathers… Continue Reading “Tima Tanga Moana”

writing farmer

No prettying this shot up. I spent most of yesterday  working on the children’s book. The one where Daisy  and Poppy and Kupa and Sheila and Marmalade and TonTon all go to Milan and crash a fashion show, and Poppy overcomes her fear of… Continue Reading “writing farmer”